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Little Moments App: What’s happened since the iOS8 update

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I wanted to give a bit of an update on all things App today. I’ll share a little bit about Little Moments and how the iOS8 update affected the App. I’ll be writing a post about where I’m at with making a decision on the Android version later today, so please leave all comments about the Android or non-iOS version for that post.

How did the latest update affect the App?

We try and keep across any changes that happened with operating systems and new devices too, but some things our out of our control. And this was one of those things. If you’ve updated your system to iOS8 you may have noticed that when you get to the last screen, the ‘USE’ button is covered up by the new predictive text bar. This means that people haven’t been able to publish to Instagram or Facebook.

We have submitted an update to Apple to have this fixed {over 10 days ago} but as you can imagine they have a bit of backlog with everyone updating their Apps, so it hasn’t yet be approved. We do have a workaround to use in the meantime though…


How to fix it

You can do one of two things.

1. Push the predictive text bar down with your finger, as seen in the image above. You have to use a swiping function with your finger to push it down and out of the way. Some people have had problems doing this, it might just take a few goes.

2. Alternatively, go into your phone settings {the clog icon} then GENERAL, then KEYBOARDS and then switch PREDICTIVE to off.

With either of those solutions you’ll be able to see the ‘USE’ button again, and publish your photos to whichever social network you please.

If you have any other issues with the App, please report them to me via email at [email protected] or leave them in the comments below and I’ll get back to you.

  • Kerry

    My image doesn’t save to the photo roll when I click “save” since I upgraded

    • Sorry to hear that. We haven’t heard of this issue before. What device do you have? And have you tried restarting your phone to see if that helps?

      • Kerry

        Hi Chantelle, just to let you know that I can now save my pics successfully, yay 🙂

        Not sure what happened/changed, but I’m glad something did!

    • Joelle

      Kerry, there is no photo roll anymore (anywhere). It’s called recently added now.

      • Kerry

        Oh yes, sorry that’s what I meant. It’s not there either 🙁

        Seems to just crash when I click “Save”…

  • Rather than go into settings you can turn predictive text on and off from the keyboard – press and hold on the globe icon and you will see all of your keyboards with the predictive text option at the top. Without taking you finger off the screen slide up to the predictive text option, release your finger and voila, predictive text is off. Do the same to turn it back on.
    If you like predictive text doing it this way saves the extra steps of having to go into settings to switch it on or off.

  • stephanie

    Hey Chantelle….just FYI the app repeatedly crashes on this iPhone. Everything is up to date but when i get ready to save to camera roll, publish to IG or FB it crashes when it’s almost finished. I love this app! Boo to broken! Lol

    • Kerry

      Yes, the same happens to me on my iPad mini 🙁

      I know the camera roll is now called “recent pictures”, but still nothing there after I click “save”. I’ve had to take a screen grab and then crop my image to get around this, bit still not ideal. Hopefully a bug fix coming soon 😉

    • Hi Stephanie,

      Are you able to tell me more about what device you’re using?

      Has it been happening since you updated? Has anything changed to make this happen?

      A little more info would be really helpful.

      Thank you. x

  • Sharon L

    When will Little Moments be available for Android phones?