The 9 best knee high boots for wider calves (finally!)

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Shopping for knee high boots can be challenging when you’re plus size, because it often means that you have juicier calves (like me). I’ve spent way too long trying to jam my calves into boots, in hopes that they’d fit (and even if they did, they were never comfortable. Gah). Now we have options! With a wider range of wide calf boots available now, winters can be fun, stylish, and even comfortable. I’ve rounded up my favourites, with many of them super affordable too.

Tips for shopping for wide calf boots

While it would be much easier to shop in person for wide calf boots, the reality is that most are only available online, so here’s my tips for getting the right fit when shopping for knee high boots.

  1. Measure your calf first. I know this is a boring detail, and I can never find the measuring tape when I need it, but knowing this is going to save you a lot of heart ache.
  2. Read the reviews. With most knee high boots, I size up because this essentially means more room in the calf for every size you go up. Reading the reviews will help you know whether they run small or big.
  3. Don’t forget the shoe width. Our feet grow as we age, and we often need a wider foot on the boot as well as in the calf area. Opting for a D or E Width Fit is ideal for those looking for a little more room and comfort.


Billini Wide Calf Boots

Ursonia Curve Boot, $139.95

I discovered Billini boots last year, and I was so excited when I did. I spotted plus size models wearing them for a shoot, and I wanted in. Immediately. I purchased the Ursonia in black, as well as an over the knee style (which they no longer stock). While they aren’t producing in leather, the quality is delicious, and the attention to detail well done. The width is a C-E width, and the calf width increases with the boot size – a size 12 has a 49.5 calf width measurement, which I found to be generous for my chunky calves.


City Chic Wide Calf Boots

Perry Flat Knee Boot, $69.98

I find it really hard to go past City Chic boots. While, like Billini, we’re not working with a lush leather boot, we’re also not paying leather prices. I find the sizing generous and comfortable to wear too. I have this Perry Flat Knee Boot, and love that it has laces at the back, which means I can make it fit to suit my calves (and others with juicier calves will likely find the same). The zip only goes up to the ankle, so anything above that you can tailor to suit by tying looser or tighter.


Duo Boots Wide Calf Boots

Saffron Knee High Boots, $570

I’m going to age myself here, but I got my first pair of DUO Boots around 13 years ago, and it was 100% joyful. Boots that fit my calves? I wore those boots non-stop for two winters. With one of the largest ranges, you can choose your calf width, ranging from 30cm to 50cm. While these are more on the pricier side, they are a quality boot that is designed in London, and handmade in Portugal.


Yours Clothing Wide Calf Boots

Black Faux Suede Over The Knee Boots, $140

Catering to the wider foot, with options in both Wide EE Fit and Extra Wide EEE Fit, Yours Clothing is nailing it with these over the knee boots. They feature a zip at the ankle and then a tie to tighten at the top (which is great because those suckers generally love to slip down!).


Woman Within Wide Calf Boots

The Larke Wide Calf Boot, $96

I love this cream boot, and would wear these with dresses all Winter long, and probably through Autumn and Spring too! With a 50cm calf width, they’re generous, while also offering an elasticated panel for comfort. They’re also available in sizes 7 to 12, and three width sizes too.


ASOS Wide Calf Boots

Curve Kalani over the knee boots, $58.80

A comfortable, slip on easy-to-wear option, these ASOS boots are both affordable and fashionable. I love a flat boot (I don’t have a lot of time for heels), so these are a comfortable boot idea for winter. They also have the ability to scrunch, for an under the knee look as well.


Wide Steps Wide Calf Boots

Lewis Boot in Black Leather, $224.95

While I have nabbed myself both the Billini and City Chic boots, I mostly live with a philosophy of ‘buy once, buy well’ – and that’s where these leather boots come in. One of the few leather wide calf boot options, the Lewis boot is well structured, and a classic style to wear season after season. Available in sizes 36 through to 42, and a calf of 43cm (which is slightly smaller than most of the boots listed here).


ROC Wide Calf Boots

Idaho Wide Calf, $279.95

ROC Boots has a whole section dedicated to wide calf boots, and I love the sturdiness of their range. The Idaho Wide Calf Boot is available in sizes 35 to 45, made to fit a maximum calf width of 53cm. This leather boot is said to run small, and ordering a size up is advised.


Free People Wide Calf Boots

Homestead Wide Calf Boots, US$115

I know I’ve already sung the praises for Billini Boots, but I wanted to end on a little Space Cowboy note, because why not? Fashion should be fun. I don’t know where I’d wear these, but I know wherever it was, I’d be having a whole lot of fun! With a generous opening, and a calf measurement of 48.5cm, these faux leather boots are fun way to stomp through winter.

A little note. For the past 15 years, I’ve loved writing and sharing my life, the good and bad, with you, my beautiful readers. Over those years I’ve often recommended products, and services that I’ve tested, tried and/or researched. Off my blog, I’ve always been the person that people go to to ask, “Do you know what the best X is?” I’ll often publish blog posts or guides to products that I’m having fun researching, and would recommend. Some of those posts, like this one, may include paid inclusions (where I may receive a small commission at no cost to you), but I promise to only feature products that I have or would happily buy myself. Honesty and transparency is, and always will be super important to me, because I know it’s important to you too.