• Thank you so much for starting this challenge! It has changed my life by giving me a creative outlet I so desperately need in my life <3

  • Charlie verrall

    I have enjoyed the challenges you have send, however I do not belong to twitter, facebook, instagram – instead I post my photographs on flickr. If i set up a Fat Mum Slim group on flickr are there any other followers of yours who will join that group?

  • Marsha Ingrao

    This is an awesome challenge. I have listed it on my reference page for Photo Challenges http://wp.me/P7tP3I-gS. I found you on Laurel Regan, who posted in Ultimate Blog Challenge.

  • CyndieKym Van

    I love this…I just started taking pictures September 2016. I just joined this week and find myself thinking that’ll be a good one for the this day and that day. I know there is no bumping…but what if it is a question for us amateur? Explain for the rainbow day I took it in a church w no flash…but I am still learning the aperture and shutter settings. May I ask those type of question when I originally posted?

  • Minh Duy

    Thank you so much for the challenge.

  • Oh just as I switched back from iphone to android I read about this cool ap! Although I do take photos daily so guess Im taking part anyways 🙂

    Love photography!

  • Geraldine Angove

    just love your story love photo a day keeps me hunting for a photo thank you

  • I am loving all the Grids & features going here so big and BRIGHT!! Getting featured just got a little cooler. It looks and feels unreal! Congrats xoxo

  • cpr

    Do you have a link for android phones? Do I need this app to participate? Thanks. ❤