• Thank you so much for starting this challenge! It has changed my life by giving me a creative outlet I so desperately need in my life <3

  • Charlie verrall

    I have enjoyed the challenges you have send, however I do not belong to twitter, facebook, instagram – instead I post my photographs on flickr. If i set up a Fat Mum Slim group on flickr are there any other followers of yours who will join that group?

  • Marsha Ingrao

    This is an awesome challenge. I have listed it on my reference page for Photo Challenges http://wp.me/P7tP3I-gS. I found you on Laurel Regan, who posted in Ultimate Blog Challenge.

  • CyndieKym Van

    I love this…I just started taking pictures September 2016. I just joined this week and find myself thinking that’ll be a good one for the this day and that day. I know there is no bumping…but what if it is a question for us amateur? Explain for the rainbow day I took it in a church w no flash…but I am still learning the aperture and shutter settings. May I ask those type of question when I originally posted?

  • Minh Duy

    Thank you so much for the challenge.

  • Oh just as I switched back from iphone to android I read about this cool ap! Although I do take photos daily so guess Im taking part anyways 🙂

    Love photography!

  • Geraldine Angove

    just love your story love photo a day keeps me hunting for a photo thank you

  • I am loving all the Grids & features going here so big and BRIGHT!! Getting featured just got a little cooler. It looks and feels unreal! Congrats xoxo

  • cpr

    Do you have a link for android phones? Do I need this app to participate? Thanks. ❤

  • kourtney christopher

    I can’t see where to find where it said how to photograph a word for the photo s day. It was a word that is unsure of the meaning and not know how to take photos for it. It said to click the link and it has not said nothing bout examples of what photos to take for the specific photo a day words and how to post it etc
    Thanks hunny