April 2024 Photo A Day Challenge

Holy rainbows, it’s colour month!

This month you can paint your Instagram or Facebook in colour with these colourful prompts.

How to play Photo A Day

Playing Photo A Day is super simple, and an easy way to get creative.

📷 Look at the list for the daily prompt.

📷 Take a photo using the prompt as inspiration. For example, if the prompt is ‘The colour yellow’ you’d find something yellow and take a photo of it, like a canary, a banana, a yellow car… you’re really only limited by your imagination!

📷 Once you’ve taken your photo, it’s time to share it! You can share to Instagram, or Facebook (more details below).

📷 Enjoy the community. On both Instagram and Facebook (especially in our private Facebook group), we have a beautiful community. Each day we pick our favourite four photos to put a spotlight on. You can spend time liking and commenting on other people’s photos, and maybe your photos will get picked for the Fab Four!

How to play on Instagram

Simply check out the list for the daily prompt, and then snap a photo using that as inspiration. Share your photo, and be sure to include the hashtag #FMSPAD in your caption so the community can see your photos. We also have a daily hashtag list (see below) so that we can find your daily photos easier.

Follow our @fms.photoaday Instagram account. We love showing off photos from our community. You can look at the #FMSPAD hashtag to see all the great photos from the challenge.

How to play on Facebook

We have a fun, private FMS Photo A Day Facebook Group that you’re welcome to join. It’s a dedicated place to share your daily photos. We also have a beautiful team who selects four photos every day (the Fab Four) from each daily prompt.

You’re also welcome to share to your own personal feed, whatever suits you best.

How to remember the Photo A Day prompts

Remembering the daily prompts can sometimes be a challenge. You can bookmark this blog post to refer to, save the Photo A Day list to your camera roll (or even make it your screensaver), or you’ll find the list at the top of our Facebook Group. We have also added the prompts to our calendar, so you can download for an easy reminder.

For the calendar prompts: You can download the prompts automatically into your phone or PC calendar. For Smartphones & Mac Calendar, click here. For HTML for web viewing, click here.

  1. Something Pink: Capture the charm of a blooming cherry blossom, a sweet cotton candy treat, or the rosy hues of a setting sun.
  2. Something Aqua: Dive into the calmness of a blue-green pool, snap a pic of a turquoise beach umbrella, or focus on a refreshing glass of aqua-coloured drink.
  3. Something Purple: Explore the beauty of lavender fields, the magical tones of a twilight sky, or the deep shades of a grape-flavoured treat.
  4. Something Yellow: Brighten up your frame with the cheerfulness of a sunflower, the golden warmth of a sunny day, or the zestiness of a lemon.
  5. Something Blue: Capture the tranquility of a clear blue sky, the lively shades of ocean waves, or the coolness of a city skyline against a twilight sky.
  6. Something Green: Immerse yourself in the greenery of a forest, the lively shades of spring leaves, or the freshness of a mint-coloured accessory.
  7. Something White: Highlight the purity of freshly fallen snow, the simplicity of a blank canvas, or the elegance of a white flower in bloom.
  8. Something Black: Embrace the mystery of shadows in a dimly lit alley, the sleekness of a black cat, or the boldness of a silhouette against a dark backdrop.
  9. Something Red: Capture the passion of a red rose, the warmth of a classic red car, or the vibrancy of a red sunset.
  10. Something Brown: Explore the earthy tones of a wooden door, the comfort of a cup of cocoa, or the richness of autumn leaves.
  11. Something Orange: Showcase the warmth of a sunrise, the vibrancy of a ripe orange, or the energetic glow of autumn foliage.
  12. Something Grey: Find beauty in the subtlety of a foggy morning, the elegance of a city skyline against stormy clouds, or the sophistication of monochromatic scenes.
  13. Neutral Tones: Capture the understated beauty in muted colors like beige, taupe, and ivory, bringing out the simple and elegant aspects of neutral shades.
  14. 3 Colors: Create a visually striking composition by blending three distinct colours that complement or contrast each other, telling a vibrant and harmonious story within your frame.
  15. Mellow: Capture the calm and soothing vibes of a mellow sunset, a quiet afternoon by the lake, or the gentle hues of a pastel-coloured scene, evoking a sense of tranquility and relaxation.
  16. Stripes: Capture the playful rhythm of stripes on a deckchair, the classic elegance of a striped shirt, or the dynamic lines in a cityscape.
  17. Floral: Embrace the beauty of blooming flowers in a garden, the delicate petals of a single blossom, or the vibrant colors of a floral arrangement.
  18. Pop of Colour: Highlight a bold splash of color in an otherwise neutral scene, drawing attention to a vibrant object or element that pops.
  19. 1 Colour: Showcase the beauty of a single colour dominating the frame, creating a visually striking and focused composition.
  20. Pattern: Capture the intricate details of a repeating pattern on fabric, architecture, or everyday objects, showcasing the beauty in repetition.
  21. Matching: Explore the harmony in matching elements, whether it’s identical patterns, colours, or shapes that create a visually pleasing and balanced composition.
  22. Warm: Convey the cozy and inviting atmosphere of warm tones, capturing the golden hues of a sunset, the comforting shades of autumn, or the soft glow of candlelight.
  23. Cool: Evoke a sense of calmness with cool tones, capturing the tranquility of a blue ocean, the icy shades of a winter scene, or the freshness of a minty palette.
  24. 2 Colours: Create a visually appealing contrast by focusing on the interplay of two distinct colours that complement or juxtapose each other.
  25. Pastel: Capture the soft and soothing tones of pastel colours, whether it’s in a sunset, a bouquet of flowers, or a pastel-colored wall.
  26. Vibrant: Celebrate the energy and liveliness of vibrant colours, capturing the boldness and intensity in your frame.
  27. Clashing: Embrace the beauty in unexpected combinations, capturing colours or patterns that clash in a way that creates visual interest and excitement.
  28. Gold: Showcase the luxury and elegance of gold tones, whether it’s in jewelry, architecture, or the warm glow of sunlight.
  29. Silver: Capture the cool and modern allure of silver tones, whether it’s in metallic objects, urban settings, or reflective surfaces.
  30. Rainbow: Embrace the spectrum of colours in a rainbow, capturing its beauty in the sky, in everyday objects, or in a creative arrangement of colourful elements.