George’s Deli: Seaside sandwiches and delicious donuts

George's Deli: Cafe Front


3/106 Marine Parade Kingscliff NSW


HOURS: Open from 7:30am daily

I’m a sucker for good branding. So much so, that when we took a road trip from Brisbane to Cairns, I booked the camping grounds based on their logos. I trust a good logo.

In that case, it didn’t always work out, and there were some swift changes more than once on that trip!

But in this instance, it worked out well. I’d caught wind that a new deli was opening up in Kingscliff, and I was hooked by first glance at the branding. That font, the simplistic one tone colour choice, and the clever graphics, my only hope was that the food would follow suit.

After dropping the kids to school, we headed down the road to grab some breakfast from George’s Deli. Located on the main strip of Kingscliff, parallel to the beach, the area was a-buzz with locals, tradies, and holiday-makers all fueling up on coffee and breakfasts.

George's Deli: Cafe Front
George's Deli: Cafe Front

After being open for just a week (and selling out on their first day, no less!), I was excited to be visiting and seeing how they’d settled into the neighbourhood. As we walked into the crisp, clean space, our eyes were drawn immediately to the donuts in the display cabinet, placed like pieces of art. But first, sandwiches…

George’s Deli offers New York styles sandwiches, as well as baked good with a Filipino influence (as George’s Deli’s owners hail from the Philippines). Shane went straight for the Reuben Sandwich which is layered with the team’s homemade pastrami, which is made over 3 days in-house.

As an avid sandwich lover and mushroom fan, when I noticed on the menu that there was a mushroom toasted sandwich, I knew I didn’t need to look much further, and eagerly placed my order.

George's Deli: A peek inside
George's Deli: Seating area

Shane’s Reuben Sandwich arrived first, paired with a solo pickle. While the Reuben Sandwiches we’d ever seen, mostly on American food shows, the pastrami is packed in, almost at jaw-breaking height. The reality here was much more modest, and achievable (bite wise!), and not overdone. It didn’t feel too heavy, and was a deliciously moreish start to our sunny Wednesday morning.

Reuben Sandwich
Reuben Sandwich

My mushroom sanga arrived on pillowy soft white bread, toasted with cheese, mushrooms and rocket, dolloped with a burger sauce. It was filling and hit the spot, but after having a bit of Shane’s (which also was adorned with burger sauce) I felt there was room for a little creative brilliance, and an opportunity to move away from the burger sauce for at least one of them. Because as all the chefs say, it’s all about the sauce!

Mushroom Sandwich
Mushroom Sandwich

Despite being at an almost uncomfortable state of full, I knew we couldn’t leave without a sweet treat, especially when the girls sitting next to us had declared, mid-mouthful, that they were the BEST DONUTS they’d ever eaten. I went in for the Dulce Leche Donut, with a creme caramel style topping, that was creamy, and delicately caramel, taking it home for an afternoon pick-me up, once the sandwiches had finally settled.

George's Deli: Takeaway donuts
George's Deli: Caramel Donuts

While George’s Deli, at just a week old (at the time of visiting) is almost infantile in age, I’m excited to watch it grow, and the menu grow with it. I know one thing for sure, I’ll be back for the donuts, because BEST DONUTS EVER.


The Bill

Reuben Sandwich: $20

Mushroom Sandwich: $19

Donut: $8

Total Cost: $47

We paid for all our own meals and drinks during our visit.