November 2023 Photo A Day Challenge

Hello FMS Friends 👋 Let’s take a downhill slide into the end of the year with the November Photo A Day list. Filled with easy-to-do prompts, and a few curlies to keep you on your toes, I hope you love this list.


+ To play on Instagram, simply check out the list for the daily prompt, and then snap a photo using that as inspiration. Share the photo to your feed and include the hashtag #FMSPAD in your caption. We also have daily hashtags to find photos better {see below}. Over on our @fms.photoaday Instagram account, we love showing off photos from our community. You can look at the #FMSPAD hashtag to see all the great photos from our community.

+ To play on Facebook, you can share to your personal feed, or jump over and join our private Photo A Day Facebook group and share there.

We have a beautiful bunch of moderators in our Facebook group who select the photos from each day to highlight and give a little extra love in the community. It’s a fun, friendly place to get involved.


+ To make things easier, you can download the prompts automatically into your phone or PC calendar. For Smartphones & Mac Calendar, click here. For HTML for web viewing, click here.
+ You can also save the list as your screensaver or save it to your camera roll.

Need help with the prompts? Here’s some ideas for you:

  1. Here I am: Show where you are today. You could include yourself in the photo (ask someone to take it or do a mirror selfie, or a timer photo), or take a photo of your surrounds.
  2. Something small: Take a photo of something small, like an ant or a little toy or even a grain of rice.
  3. Something big: The opposite of Day 2, take a photo of something big. The way to make something look bigger is to get down low and shoot up at it, to elongate and lengthen the object.
  4. Brave: Show off something brave. Maybe someone doing a brave act (bungee jumping, swimming in the ocean), or maybe it’s an award that shows that someone did a brave act. Remember, we are all brave in some aspect, pushing boundaries. For some leaving the house is super brave, or for a kid it’s trying a food they don’t like. Brave looks different for many people.
  5. 2pm: Show what’s happening at 2pm-ish (doesn’t have to be exact! Don’t stress!) in your world.
  6. Trees: Take a photo of some trees. Simple as that!
  7. Favourite shoes: Take a photo of your favourite shoes. You could be wearing them, or they could be placed somewhere for a little photo shoot.
  8. Time: Take a photo of time. This could be a photo of a clock, or even a before and after to show time passing.
  9. Trio: A trio is three things. Take a photo of three things.
  10. Eyes: Take a photo of eyes. You could take them of a loved one, an animal or even on a toy or statue.
  11. Fluffy: Fluffy clouds, a fluffy cat, a fluffy bed, a fluffy toy… you pick!
  12. Petals: Take a photo of the petals of a flower.
  13. Older: Take a photo of someone or something that is older. You could show older by having two kids, with one being older.
  14. Minimalism: Minimalism is bringing the subject of your photo down to the simplest way possible, with lots of blank space. Try and create a photo that is as minimal as possible.
  15. I learnt this…: Share a photo of something you’ve learned, either recently or a long time ago.
  16. In the middle: Take a photo of something that sits in the middle, between other things.
  17. Lines: Look for stripes and lines. Power lines, lines on paper, lines on an older person’s face.
  18. Calm: Take a photo that represents calm.
  19. Sharp: Sharp edges, a knife.
  20. A goal: What are you working towards, or what’s something you want to achieve.
  21. Sugar: Take a photo of pure sugar, or something containing sugar. Or if you’re like me and live in the sugar capital, you could take a photo of sugar cane fields, or even a sugar cane factory!
  22. Apples: Simple as that, take a photo of apples! I wonder if anyone has an apple tree!
  23. What I’m reading: Take a photo of what you’re reading.
  24. A vice: A vice is something that is a little bit wicked that you probably shouldn’t be doing/eating/etc but really want to. Eating chocolate, lots of coffee, you get the idea.
  25. Leaves: Take a photo of leaves in or from a tree.
  26. Yummy: Take a photo of something delicious.
  27. I remember…: Take a photo of something that brings up memories for you.
  28. To-do list: What’s on your to-do list? Take a photo of it – either the list, or the thing you need to do.
  29. A view: Take a photo of a view that you see today.
  30. In my backyard: Take a photo of something in your backyard, if you’re lucky enough to have one.