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Little Moments App: Let’s talk Android!

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Today I wanted to share a little bit about a non-iPhone/iPad version of the Little Moments App, and where my thinking is at with it all.

I get asked daily about the Android/Windows version, so it makes sense to address it. This is long. Pour a cup of tea {or vodka} and consume it as you please.

Firstly, Apps are expensive to make and unless you’re the Candy Crush people, it’s not that lucrative in return. I’ve always been transparent and I want to be transparent with you guys about the App here. The App was never about making money for me, it was always about making playing Photo A Day easier and more fun, and fulfilling that need within my community. That was my dream.

Little Moments has been more popular than I could have imagined. To hear people saying they want it for their phones or devices is exciting to me. And if I won lotto tomorrow, I would make that happen for Android/Windows users. I wouldn’t even think twice about it {must buy a lotto ticket}.

Making an iPhone/iPad version of the App was a long and costly process, and to convert that into an Android/Windows version is much more costly and time-consuming. Because it needs to be created again from scratch and then made to fit all of those different types of phones. I’m not technical, and I’m not a developer so I’m explaining it in a way that hopefully you understand, because it’s the only way that I understand.

Creating the App for iPhone was a risk in itself, but it was a calculated risk. We’d checked how many of my readers use their smart phones to access my blog, and 98% of those that do, do so using an iPhone or iPad. The other 2% was other smart phones. We couldn’t calculate which types of phones were used to play photo a day though, we just couldn’t attain that data.

My developer has also made Apps for iPhones and iPads before. We knew people did pay for Apps, so we could recoup our initial investment over time.

Google Play is a mystery to us. To make the App for Android/Windows is around $50,000 {a rough estimate at this stage}, and then it needs to be updated regularly to add in new Photo A Day lists, new design lists and fix any bugs. Each update is around $2000, and then when you have to factor in all of the devices for Androids, it’s more like $6000 a time.

We’ve talked to people who have made iPhone versions of their Apps, and then Android/Windows versions and those people have said they wouldn’t do Android again. They didn’t recoup their investment, and the constant outlay is expensive.

Even A Beautiful Mess, who’ve sold 1 million units of their App, said when recently released their new App Party Party:

“So this is tough, because we know so many of our readers have Android phones and would love to support us and try out this app. Like we’ve talked about in the past, developing for Android sadly isn’t as simple as copying and pasting code to the Google Play store. It’s a completely different platform, so you’re pretty much starting from scratch. In other words, it’s a huge investment. And our A Beautiful Mess Android launch wasn’t able to recoup our investment. To put it in perspective, it sold 1/20 the amount iOS did. So right now, Android is too risky for us, but we’re definitely open to it in the future. We’re keeping an eye on Google Play for sure.”

So, where am I at with the Android/Windows version?

This is something I REALLY want to do. I want to make the App, but I don’t want to risk my family’s finances to make it happen. At present I HATE {and I hate the word hate} that I’ve divided the photo a day community and haven’t been able to bring everyone the App. When we were making it, Stuart and I talked at length about how it was a bit crappy that we couldn’t make it a well-rounded experience for everyone. That bit sucks. To be really frank, to hear people so upset and angry that I haven’t created an Android/Windows version has made my cry more than once. Yes, I’m a sook. But more so I hate disappointing people.

I do have a REALLY brilliant sponsor that I’ve talked to that want to part-invest in the App. They’re really keen and want to make it happen. My concerns is the ongoing costs of maintaining it. Because I think the only more disappointing than not having an App for the Android/Windows user, is having an App that I can’t afford to upkeep! Eeek.

We’ve talked about alternatively making a mobile-responsive website that you can grab your prompts and reminders from, and use to play Photo A Day… but I feel that you’d be disappointed in not having the whole Little Moments experience {i.e. being able to edit your pics and make them fancy!}.

A lot of people have recommended crowd-funding, which is a brilliant idea, but still the issue of maintaining and updating the App pops it’s head up. I’m not sure what to do.

So this is where I’m at. I would love to know from you, if you’re an Android/Windows user, if you are interested in a Little Moments App, and if it’s something you’d purchase from the Google Play store. It’s not about deriving an income, I’d just like to know so I can research as to whether it would make enough money to cover the costs of maintaining and updating. This feels like the only way I can figure out if it’s viable.

UPDATE: The survey response was huge, and I went through all the results and sadly only 2% of people said they’d pay for an Android version of the App if it appeared in Google Play. From our research and these results, we’ve found that the App at present isn’t something we can move forward on. We’re still always looking at ideas and seeing what we can do.

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  • I have your app on my old iPad with that crappy camera. Hardly ever use it because of the quality (non existing) of that cam. I would LOVE to have the little moments app on android on all my devices and I would not only use it for playing along with photo a day but also for sharing those daily little moments. Your app is wonderful, I love the design and the possibilities. It would be great to have it on android (oh I said that already)… This I want to say to you: forget about all the whining people who treat you like dirt. They are not worth a single thought and sure no tears. You’ve put a magical community online and did a great job. The downside of magic is: there are witches and bad apples. Don’t let them get to you! 🙂 Hang in there Chantelle. Love, from a big fan from the Netherlands – < you even inspired me when I was naming my little blog… Hug! Oh and I am Dutch but I do want to pay for your app 😀

  • Ira

    Android user and previously had your app on the iPhone.
    You can still play along and use the regular instagram filters. People need to realise that photoaday shouldn’t be something that you whine about, the only purpose is to slow down and admire small moments and take in small details while remaining active on instagram.
    Don’t worry too much, not everyone is as unreasonable. 🙂

    • I feel the same way – people whinging about this have completely missed the point. Yes, an android app would be nice. I was sad that I couldn’t get a copy of Afterlight after Chantelle mentioned it, but I got over it and kept using Instagram – same with Little Moments. Nice to have but not stopping anyone from playing. If you’re determined to have the fanciest photos, you can always take pics with digital SLRs, edit in an online program and photoshop and then transfer to devices like so many people are doing on Insta anyway.

  • It is so sad that a tiny handful of people have the ability to make your life miserable and stressful over an app. Apple have the best apps in my opinion and if I want one of those apps and if apps define my life then I need to buy an i-phone. I am one of the VERY few diehard blackberry users, their apps are so awful. I use my Samsung tablet to play FMSphotoaday and yes I would love if there was a little moments app for an android, but there isn’t one so move on it is a game after all. The fact that there is no app for android has not stopped my ability to play the game. I just don’t get how people can be so nasty and negative about something as simple as an app. You are a very inspiring person Chantelle, please don’t let a handful of people make your life miserable and to layout that kind of money in the hope that you will recoup it, is crazy. Family comes first and stressing over not pleasing everyone is not worth it. You will never please everyone

  • I’d say there’s more people using Android now nearly than there is iPhones. So it will definitely be worth it.

  • Have been an avid photo a dayer since June 2012. In short:
    Yes I am android user
    Yes I would love to have access to the little moments app
    No I am not upset that it isn’t available for android users…I sort of understand the tech issues behind why
    No I cannot understand how people could be so nasty and selfish in relation to this…for goodness it’s a phone app…first world problem people!!!!
    and finally:
    No it will not stop me participating in photo a day
    Yes I am hoping to crack the fab four one day, but hey not overly stressed if I don’t I just enjoy the experience
    Yes Chantelle you are doing a great job, keep it up my dear and try not to let the minority of small and nasty minded minority get to you.

    • Crystal

      As above 🙂

    • Thanks Debbie. I really appreciate your comment. I hope you crack Fab Four one day too! xx

    • Kim

      Yeah! What Debbie said!

    • Sharon

      Totally agree! Play along for yourself and have a bit of fun!

  • marie

    I have been playing along for almost 2 years. All photos have been taken on my android phone. I have a system of keeping track of the prompts that works for me. I will keep playing and having fun. My photos are just about life, fun and creativity. An app could be a nice enhancement but I’m not sitting here feeling left out. Give the haters the finger and move on!

    • I might just do that every time. Might be fun! Thanks for being so understanding. x

  • Maritzia

    I have an android and while I think it would be cool to be able to get the app, I really don’t think it’s a real problem that I can’t. After all, when looking at the pictures on facebook or instagram, I can’t even tell who is using the app or not. I’m sure it’s very fun and that the people who have it really appreciate it, but it’s not worth risking your family finance. Buy that ONE lottery ticket, and see its result as a sign? 😉 (just kidding)

  • Hello Chantelle, I’m an android user, and would love to buy your app if it came available. However I never realised how much it cost to produce/ release/ update an app. I would hate to think of you and your family struggling financially just so I could play with an app on my phone. You and your family come first, ignore the haters they’re not worth it, and maybe they have no idea either how much it costs either x

  • Amanda

    I’m an iPhone user, but I’m wondering if a Kickstarter campaign would be something that you could possibly use to help raise the funding to get an Android app off the ground. It’s a way to raise funds for creative projects. I don’t know the ins/outs of it but it might be worth looking into. Good luck!

    • Thanks Amanda. I’ve talked about that a little bit above {crowd-finding}. It’s something I’ve thought about, but it’s the ongoing costs that would be the main issue. 🙁

  • T

    You are such a lovely person, don’t even worry about all those negative people that whine at you! I’d love the app on android, but agree with with the above poster than iphone’s do have better apps. If I cared enough, then I’d get an iPhone, but I love my android so it’s not a big deal for me. Another idea (not sure if this is possible) but can you just make it for Samsung only at first? They have the biggest android population don’t they? Also, if you need any help with testing at all, I’m happy to help out!

    • T

      Also, thanks for mentioning that a beautiful mess has made it to android, I had no idea! I am in love already

  • First of all I am disgusted that people are hammering you Chantelle about the whole Android thing. If they feel so strongly about it how about they cough up the $50k for it. This is a lot of money people , DO.YOU.NOT.GET.THIS.? FFS. I had a similar experience recently where I had to have a certain teaching app for my work. It was only IOS , so I had to buy an Ipad. I just got the cheapest Ipad I could find so I could get the app. The creator of the app said the same thing and that creating her app for Android was simply out of the question . I didn’t feel the need to send her threatening messages I just accepted it and got the damn Ipad. So did the majority of my colleagues. My advice is to any sook out there that has an Android phone and doesn’t want to change to IOS then why not buy an IPOD , they are under $200 now and access the app through the apple store that way. Move on people.

  • I am not an android user but please, please, please do not make such a silly mistake as to get yourself and your family into horrible financial trouble to satisfy a minority. That may sound mean to some and it’s a shame they can’t get the app but unfortunately we can’t make everyone happy and certainly not at our family’s expense. You have your husband and beautiful girls to think of, that is more important than any app, photo game and load of negative people giving you grief. You have done what you can and have explained your reasons why it can’t be done. Leave it at that. I really hope these people don’t influence you into making a potentially horrible decision. If they are so desperate for the app then join the majority and buy an iPhone and move on from android which is always behind with apps. Maria x

  • Chelsea

    I didn’t want to throw out your survey data so thought I’d respond here instead. I’m a diehard Android user and won’t ever change back to Apple devices but at the same time, I’m not a heavy app user other than really Facebook/Facebook Pages/Instagram for both personal and client use. I’m probably not your target market as I’m not an active Photo A Day player and no amount of prompting or notifications will change that – I start out every couple of months with good intentions and still only make it to about day 3 faithfully.

    If you made an Android Little Moments app I’d only buy it to help you out – I have had A Beautiful Mess for awhile now and it does what I need it to do. I’m a freelance marketing & pr consultant and needed something that let me create graphics on the go that didn’t resemble something made in Paint in the mid 90’s. Frankly I’d rather Picmonkey or Canva released a phone app before you do though may check out this Rhonna Designs that a couple of people on the FB post mentioned.

    I love, love, love social media but it is a bit of a beast too and everyone is very quick to launch straight into comments without really thinking before they type or reading the detail and often it ends up being comments between other users that cause things to get really heated – or that’s what I’ve found on some of the pages I run anyway (I flinch when I get a notification that someone has responded nowadays because even the most exciting, happy of posts can get slammed for something totally left field – like on National Police Remembrance Day an offer a client was running for police got criticised because it didn’t include anyone else despite the fact that all other times there are discounts for all emergency services … which in turn gets lampooned for not including Drs and Nurses….).

    Hopefully having something to refer people back to in this post and survey + a little more background information will take some of the pressure off and tone down some of the replies and demands on both sides.

  • sue.falstaff

    I’m an Android user & yes, I’d love to have access to your Little Moments app … but like everyone else here has already said, it’s not the “be all & end all”, and I still play along each day using other means!

  • Margaret

    I have an iphone. And my iphone frustrates me. It fails from time to time and there are so many things that are technically better about some Android phones. BUT. I love the iphone apps. So I make a choice. I buy an iphone and I make it work for me. I don’t spend my time moaning about things that are not within my power to change. I make my choices, like all adults do, and I make them in the best way to suit my life.

    I love the Little Moments App. I rarely add the extra pictures, or images, or text on it, but I do sometimes. I love the filters, but the fact that it takes all the hard work out of remembering each and every day is such a blessing, that I think I will put up with keeping one ‘i’ phone/pad/something for the rest of my life – just so I can use it.

    Thank you. For everything you do and everything you put up with.

  • Oh sweetheart you are such a lovely soul – from the way I see it you have gone over and above in regards to this – please try not to take mean comments personally, if there are any. Your family’s future is more important than a few upset people who haven’t taken the time to think about how their reaction/rude behaviour might affect the gorgeous soul behind this App. x

  • Chiara

    Just wanted to say that an Android app would be lovely of course but it’s definitely not needed to play along as everyone who participates knows. I personally had no idea about the costs involved in creating and updating such an app so thank you for explaining! If there will ever be an Android app, I’ll be buying it but if there won’t be an app, I won’t be upset about it. I’ve seen the constant commenting about it over on Instagram and people nagging you about should just keep their mouths shut. Photo a Day is not about an app, it’s about so many different things! And people should be grateful in the first place that you even started this whole thing, have fun and not complain about not being able to have the app. So thank you for putting out wonderful prompt lists every month, keeping me inspired to take pictures every day and starting this in the first place!

  • some perspective: This is a GAME… something for fun and relaxation that also enables us to stretch our creativity and we have a great community of people ALL thanks to you, Danielle. There are no “MUSTS” here. I’m sure you want to be accommodating and Photo-a-Day has no doubt grown beyond your wildest imagination. The people that complain are more reflecting THEMSELVES than anything else. If they weren’t complaining about no Android app, I assure you they’d be complaining about something else. Seriously, folks… get a grip. I’m an Android user and so if it comes to pass, I’ll buy, if not. I’m fine. I don’t have to have ALL the toys out there. I’ll still play. There are many other Android users here that feel the same way as I do, you’re just hearing from the few loud squeaky ones that haven’t learned that life isn’t fair and ….. so what…. get over it, take a damn photo, post it and have a seat. Just like you used to do before the app was created. As I’m sure you know, you will NEVER please everyone, and thank you for your detailed explanation of WHY the decision was made to only do the Apple app. Cheers!

  • Chantelle,

    I don’t do photoaday every month, because sometimes I get so busy that I forget to take pictures or I think my pictures are rubbish, so it makes me feel bad and I stop.

    That being said, (and maybe this is controversial!!) I actually rarely use the app for my picture filters. Mainly because I don’t often use filters.

    One could even argue (ooooh, I’m sorry, more controversy!!) that having the reminders on can be a bit annoying! I often turn them off, even if I am photoadaying, as it takes away the element of surprise when you go and look for the prompt yourself. (What is not annoying, though, is how easy it is to turn them off and on! 😉 )

    Basically, what I’m trying to say is, not having the app is not stopping me from taking part in photoaday how and when I want to. It is a beautiful app, one which I enjoy using, but not one that necessarily stops me from being part of the photoaday community. You allow us to access that in so many other ways!

    Be very proud of your app, it’s just lovely. But don’t let other people get you down about not catering to their needs. You can’t please all of the people all of the time!

    You strike me as being one of those people who appreciate the beautiful, and not the technical. Like me 🙂 maybe it’s time to just bury the idea for now, stop apologising to people who complain – they’ve had enough reasons, and frankly, don’t deserve any more!

    You’re doing a great job. Don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise.

    Love from a fan xxx

  • Also, I started reading your blog when you first started writing about your app. You were so excited!! And I found myself getting excited. I bought the app when it was released in the UK, I loved how you responded to questions about it so quickly. I remember being so happy for you, because you were so happy! Don’t let complainers take away the initial happiness that you felt 🙂 xx

  • doreen

    It’s cool that you can download the prompts to Google calendar and you can use other photo apps to edit photos eg my beautiful mess. I wouldn’t stress about it. Merry Xmas, Doreen

  • I was sad that I couldn’t use the littlemoments app before because I didn’t have an iphone, but I did have an ipad and ipod, and when my blackberry died.. I went and got an iphone. and I won’t lie. A little part of me did it for the apps!
    Anyways.. I really appreciate you taking the time to fill us all in on the how it works section. I just wanted to let you know that I have been a photo a day player for about 3 years if not more. Whether it’s Fat Mum Slims Photoaday or I use to do 100 days on Flickr as well. I’m not a professional or a really good photographer, I just love doing it. Even though I don’t always post on the facebook page, I do post it to my own facebook page. Now that I have the app I post with the hashtags. and have even started on instagram as well. I know I’m late on the bus with that one. I also should mention I didn’t mind spending the $1.99 and honestly would have paid up to $5.00 for it so if it’s making money to keep you able to update it etc.. maybe up the price a bit.

    My husband who just realized that I had an app for my photo a day pictures was quite impressed. He didn’t realize how “HUGE” this picture taking fun I was doing was. 🙂 So congratulations on that too!

    Lastly I would just like to mention. The weekly prompts are fun it really does take a little pressure off and really it’s exciting because we don’t know what’s coming in the week ahead so it’s like a little Christmas present each week in January! 🙂 And if it continues the entire year yay to that too!

    Have a great day.

  • Nikole

    I’m not mad that your app isn’t available for Android cause I know how expensive they are to create and maintain. Honestly … I have an iTouch and I don’t actually have your app. I’m sorry! It’s just I use IG for it. And on top of that my IG is private so I don’t think it would matter if I used the app or not, since no one can see my photos. And really I didn’t realize you had one :3 I’m not the best at keeping up with these things! I just realized you put the prompts on Google calendar and that makes me happier than I can express without actual hugging.

    But I just wanted to say that while some people get all bent out of shape about apps, don’t let them make you feel bad. That is a lot of money that you may or may not really get back. I think most people get that. It is annoying that Apple seems to get everything first and that might be why some people are up in arms about it, but it’s your money, you can spend it however you like!

  • Courtney Beaudry

    I have the Galaxy S5 & I 100% would pay for The Little Moments App! I’m not very good at keeping up with the daily prompts & I feel like if I had the app, I’d be better at it! Plus it’s always fun to see others pictures. I know it would be a costly thing, but I hope to some day have The Little Moments App for Android 🙂

  • Rebekka Walker

    Must admit I could never go back to an iphone but there are a lot of apps that I want to Android haven’t got and honestly, it is BEYOND frustrating!!!! I would definitely pay for an Android app 🙂

  • Sara Simeral

    I would totally pay for the Android app. 🙂

  • Noeleene Steele

    I would most definitely pay for this app. I had an iphone once but hated it and went to Samsung and never looked back, but as others have said it’s frustrating that so many apps are made for iphone and not the android system

  • Isabel Brown

    I would definitely pay for the app!!!

  • Sabs

    I would absolutely pay for the app for my android!!!! I used to have an iPhone and had the app I miss it sooo much now!

    • Tricia Kolsto

      Me Too

  • Angela

    I would pay!

  • Deborah Myers

    Yes, indeed, I would pay for the app at Google Play store!!

  • Kathleen

    please bring this app out for Android 🙂 id 100% pay for it 🙂

  • I would pay absolutely and i have a friend who would

  • Tania Smith

    Please bring the little moments app to android. We’d all love it and I’d certainly pay for it 🙂

  • Katelyn Bennett Clark

    I would 100% pay for one for android. I just can’t stand the apple interface but I want this app for my photos so bad! Please bring it over to android.

  • Belinda McNamara

    does the little moments app have the calendar function like “collect”? if so depending on the cost of the app for a nominal fee I would pay for it. There is NOTHING and I mean nothing on Android that fills this gap to be able to do a monthly calendar of your photos 🙁

  • Amber Isom

    I would buy it. I miss it from my iPhone

  • Samantha Renee

    I would definately pay for it. I am bad at remembering prompts

  • Kristen Davis

    I’d buy the app!

  • Courtney

    Chiming in a little late, but I’d be happy to pay for the app for my Android too!

  • Heather Neely

    Omg…….. I would so pay for #LittleMoments app and a couple more apple apps (party party, collect, Pictapgo) I really don’t like iPhones at all and I can’t justify getting an ipod or something just for a couple apps. Sorry okay finished ranting? I hope one day I will get to have the pleasure of using littlemoments. Thank you so much for explaining it to us! Hugs, Heather

  • Ann

    Would definitely be more than happy to pay for the android app!

  • Rachel Ley

    I had an iPhone for the past 8 years a complete apple lover, but due to issues I have swapped like many people to android. I was sad this was an app I couldn’t take with me along with adorable. I would be happy for pay for the app again.

  • Beverly Mims Moore

    I would love to have the app for android, and would pay.

  • Carissa Macpherson

    I just went to purchase it and then discovered there was no android version. I have only just heard about the app.