13 thoughts on “Dancing In The Street.”

  1. Oh you sweet young thing. I am envious. Looking back to 30 makes me feel old!

    What made me smile today? Eggy toast. And my daughter declaring she can read…….(she is 3. Uh oh.)

  2. What made me smile today? When my 3yr old said “thank you very very much, Mummy” when I passed her drink to her.

    Oh and 30 wasn't so scary for me….but 40 is getting too close!

  3. i am so jealous.. wish i was turning 30 again:)
    what made me smile today was i received something from Etsy today after 4 weeks waiting patiently LOVE IT .Have great day Miss Chantelle and guess what i'm having my first giveaway pop over an check it out XXX

  4. i love this photo!

    and today i smiled because i got to do several things that i enjoy so much. i was able to do a photoshoot of my friend and ended up with some amazing shots. also, i was able to see some friends i haven't seen in a while and we all went to a movie. it was great! 🙂


  5. not much has made me smile today, I have felt flat and every little thing is pissing me off. possibly the freezing weather here in canberra has clouded my mood!!!!

    however, I did smile when I saw miss 4 sitting up straight and tall waiting for her ballet class to start. She was determined to be the straightest and tallest. she is such a suck up! lol

  6. That we got paid. Finally. Only one more food voucher to get us through this week coz it caught us up only half way on the rent but it's something!

  7. Something that made me smile was my own personal best in the stair sprints at bootcamp!! Go me!! I always said i couldnt run, but now I can fly! Best feeling ever!
    Hoping you have a fantastic birthday!!
    I feel old now thinking back to when I turned 30, but it was really not that long ago. I was nursing my first baby at 19 days old, my little boy, who will be starting school next year. Eeek. Where did those years go, and how can I get them back??

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