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Letter To Lacey: Twenty Six Months.

Fat Mum Slim /

Oh my little bundle of extreme cuteness, how I love thee.

I love you lots, and lots, and lots, and lots…but you knew that. There’s no harm in telling you though, is there? And can I tell you again tomorrow? And the next day too?
You’re my little dancing girl. You dance all day, and all night {when we’d prefer you to be tucked up in bed, fast asleep}. You twirl with pizazz, you tip toe everywhere you go, and you sing as you merry your way along.
The other night you got out your little Angelina Ballerina books, and we watched you open a page, and mimic her moves. Bless your little dancing shoes.
You like to play games. “Play game with me?” you’ll ask, and I wonder where my little girl disappeared to. You were only a baby just yesterday.
Your imagination just makes me ever so happy. You’ll play imaginary games as we go about our day, pulling a magical ticket from behind your ear and allowing it to take you where ever it is that you dream up.
You’re the magic in my life, my little girl. I ♥ you. xx