7 Reasons To Visit The Tweed Coast

Just over four years ago we made the leap and moved up the coast to where we live now. Looking back I still can’t believe we made such a leap of faith, picking our suburb on a map and deciding that’s where we were going to live, flying up to choose a house within a couple of hours, and then making the move a month later.

It was crazy.

But it was also the best decision we’ve made for our family. The kids are so happy, we have a beautiful new home, and I’m lucky to have had half of my family follow us up and move up and call here home as well. Over the last four years we’ve spent time exploring and falling more and more in love with this area. The Tweed Coast is a popular holiday destination, but being just 40 minutes from the Gold Coast I feel like it’s the often forgotten about cousin of the glitzy GC. The Tweed Coast is calmer, slower paced, and naturally beautiful. I kinda want to keep it hush-hush from everyone, because it’s perfection and I don’t want it to become too busy or to change.

We recently spent a few nights at beautiful Hastings Point, with my sister and her family, and my mum as well. I think I said it various times over the stay, “We are so lucky to live here!” So, I wanted to share why you should explore it too.




We were invited to stay at the Big4 North Star Holiday Resort, in one of the villas. It’s a stone’s throw from the beach and rivers, and also close to all the other little coastal towns dotted around. When we turned up I expected to find a normal, caravan park villa waiting for us. I was wrong. It was huge. The villas sleep up to 10 people, have huge living areas, two kitchen areas {two!} and a bathroom for each bedroom. I was ready to rough it, and I was so pleasantly surprised. Best of all there’s something for every budget; villas for the fancier peeps, spots for tents, and also ensuite suites as well. We’d stayed there before with a caravan, and my sister had camped there before too. Anyways, converted! I like that the park is beautifully kept, has loads of facilities {an adult’s only pool, a day spa, cooking areas, gym, restaurant, water park, pool with slides and so much more} but you can make it work for you no matter what your budget.



I always get envious on the people living on the west of Australia who get to see the amazing coastal sunsets, but then I remember that we have amazing beachy sunrises. I crept out in the morning while everyone slept and watched the sun rise over the river.



Oh man, the seafood here on the coast is amazing. Most restaurants will have a seafood option on their menu and it’s always worth trying. You can buy fresh seafood in trucks on the side of the road in some places, or do as we do and head straight to the trawlers to get prawns straight out of the ocean. BEST EVER. These green prawns and salad are part of the menu at Paper Daisy and totally worth tasting.



Halcyon House popped up a few years ago on the coast, and it’s a hit of trendy among the calm and I really like it. It’s a boutique hotel, with restaurant and bar. The styling is impeccable, and a must see. Make sure your phone is charged, because you’ll definitely want to do a whole lotta Instagramming.



Oh man, there are so many beautiful spots to swim on the Tweed Coast. I shared a few in this post, but no matter where you go you can always find somewhere beautiful to swim. I love rivers best, cos they suit the kids and I. You can always find somewhere to paddle, surf, SUP or even snorkel.

Big 4 North Star Holiday Resort even has this killer water park…



There are so many beautiful walks to take on the coast. You can trek up Cabarita Headland and check out the amazing view. When we were there a man was running up and down 11 times, and getting a great workout… I walked at a much slower pace. You can also walk along the coast at Salt/Kingsliff, and take my favourite walk at Fingal Heads too. I’m sure there are loads more that I’ll discover over time.



The food! Oh, the food! There is so much good, good food here to try. To name a few I recommend Mis Amigos at Pottsville, Spice Den, Mahsuri, Kingscliff Beach Hotel, and Ripples does affordable breakfasts and good sweets.

I could go on, and on, and on… but I’ll save you time, so you can get busy and start planning your own Tweed Coast holiday. It truly is gorgeous and relaxing.


I gratefully stayed as a guest of Big4 North Star Resort.



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  1. my grandparents used to holiday at north star every winter, so I spent a lot of time up there as kids. Later an ex boyfriend was from M’bah so I would go up to visit him. I would move in a heartbeat, despite the chance of running into said ex!

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