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The Fifteen Best Diaries For 2017

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Well, it was bound to happen but Christmas is a-coming, and the New Year is almost upon us. Almost. Before long we’ll be making New Year resolutions that we probably won’t keep, and popping the champagne. But… let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We need the new diary for 2017 before ANY of that can happen. This is one of my most favourite posts that I write each year, and I excitedly researched and put together this one for you and me. It’s the best dairies for 2017. There’s one for everyone; from cheap to not-so-cheap, from basic to super detailed. Enjoy!

The Best Diaries For 2017


This diary for you if you like a bit of colour, a little humour, and a little extra zing in your daily life. It has shopping lists, packing lists, sizing conversion charts, and lots more. Grab it here for $32.


This diary is for you if you like stylish things, clean lines, modern design and beautiful typography. It’s got monthly tabs, loads of room for creativity on your daily pages, and gold foil on black fabric cover. Grab it here for $59.95.


This diary is for you if you like planning the big and small things, lots of detail, being highly scheduled and being inspired. It’s got monthly check-in, inspiration for personal development and truth bombs inside. Grab it here for $44.


This diary is for you if you like dreaming, astrology, planning, thinking big and beautiful design. It’s got full coloured pages, quarterly brainstorming pages, and a beautiful gold foil design. Grab it here for $42.95.


This diary is for you if you want to be super organised, love customising diaries to suit your needs, like inspiration and care about little details. There are so many beautiful options with the Lifeplanners that you’re such to fall in love, and fall hard. Grab it here for $65.00.


This diary is for you if you like {simply said} getting shit done, setting goals and clean design. With different colours, half yearly reviews, and lots of quotes and good stuff. Grab it here for $29.95.


This diary is for you if like personality, a little cheekiness, fun, and added extras like stickers. This is the diary I have for this financial year and I love it. Grab it here for $26.00.


This diary is for you if you like well-thought out planners with room for meal planning, monthly goals and daily scheduling. Grab it here for $49.95.


This diary is for you if you like stunningly designed paper products, with lots of love and thought put into them. The Amelia Lane diaries are super gorgeous. Grab it here for $59.95.


This diary is for you if you like well-researched products, awesome usability, and quality craftmanship. I am so in love with this diary, that I am jumping on it for next year. Grab it here for $69.95.


This diary is for you if you like smooth paper, clean typography and fun design. Grab it here for $20.00.


This diary is for you if like perfectly designed out weeks, and months, and simple yet stylish designs. I’ve owned an Emily Ley Diary and I have to say that they’re really gorgeous, great to use and beautifully made. Grab it here for $58.00.


This diary is for you if you like easy, cheap and funky. Typo diaries are thoughtfully designed with everything you need. Grab it here for $20.69.


This diary is for you if you like bright, fun, clean, and awesome all packaged into one diary. Kikki.K nails stationery every time and this diary is no different. Grab it here for $29.95.


This diary is for you if you like luxury, silky paper, investment purchases and fancy things. Grab it here for $195.00.


And then one last one, which is a goodie. My beautiful friend Emma Kate has launched a kickstarter for her journal project, and it’s gone gang-busters. Get in now if you want to grab one – of course I did, in blush.









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  • I just got myself the Ban.Do planner (number 7) and absolutely adore it! But I think I would be happy with any of them from this list, they’re all so beautiful. x

  • I’m such a creature of habit, I have the Kikki K diary every year. Maybe I should try something diarily new for 2017… You’re such an enabler! Do you know that?!

  • Chanel White

    What an awesome list! Thank you so much for including the 2017 Amelia Lane Life Designer! xoxo

  • Natalie Caruso

    Must say though Chantelle, I love a good diary but for those budget conscious people Kmart is on point with diaries this year!! I’ve bought a rose gold planner for $10!!

  • Barb N

    .. hi Chantelle… I love all the diaries you have here…. I always plan to keep a diary and keep track of all my days doings … but it never happens…. I have given up on them… BUT … if I did keep a diary , I’d choose the Leanne Baker Daily….. sounds perfect… xxxx
    I have a journal beside my bed and it’s still empty a year later….
    The ‘idea’ is more exciting than the ‘doing’ …..
    … Barb xxxx

  • Jenni from Styling Curvy

    I ordered the Blush from Emma too ☺

  • Oh my gosh I already ordered a Forever New planner ( for 2017 but there are some gorgeous choices there!

  • Lucy @ Bake Play Smile

    This is my favourite post of the year!!!! I’ve been hanging out for it!!! Last year I bought the Emily Ley one and loved it, but this year the Erin Condren one looks great! Thanks again – you’re definitely my go-to diary guru!! xx

  • I have gone back to the old Kikki.k Cute diary this year. I strayed and payed this year. 2016 diary has been so disrespected because there is no love. Bring on December when Kikki.k kicks off again,

  • Victoria Stevens

    I too have gone back to a Kikki K for 2017. I had a EC life planner this year and found it too big in end. And it is for the USA lifestyle. (All USA holidays listed) Loved the space available in it to write and tabs, but wanted something smaller for my everyday bag.

  • Liz W

    Not on your list this year, but last year I used your recommendation of The Master Plan family diary, and it’s the first diary I’ve ever kept all year, and comes with me everywhere. I’ve already started my 2017 Master Plan.

    • Oh yes, I remember someone saying it had a typo in the planner last year so I didn’t include it – in case!

  • Reen

    I’ve just ordered the grey planner by Emma Kate! I always check out your guide to the best diaries, it’s become my yearly ritual!

  • So many wonderful choices, I usually go Kikki K but the Busy Bitch or Amelia Lane are calling to me!

  • MicheyMoo

    Oh Chantelle, thank you once again. I always look forward to your diary/planner nominations.
    I’ve previously had an Erin Condron (that was one expensive diary that I initially loved but …) and last year bought a Passion Planner. I really loved the colour and style of the EC but it was too big for my handbag (and too American, IYKWIM) and the PP was a great size (compact) and had plenty of space, but in the end I just felt like it so much hard work – though I know if I truly wanted to plan and think and strategise this was the perfect diary – I’m just not that person…

    Hello Emma Kate! What a gorgeous journal planner and EXACTLY what my life needed.
    I’ve ordered the grey planner (though I love, love, love the blush too) and can’t wait for it to arrive.
    Hello planner and journal and creative inspo all rolled into one beautiful space.

  • steph

    Such great choices and I decided to go with your friends amazing Kickstarter journal. You have a very talented friend 🙂

  • Catharine

    Hi Chantelle,

    I must admit that I was more than a little fascinated to review your list of 2017 diaries. Being a diary addict, I started my own search a couple of weeks ago. I have been scouring online stockists, bookstores and art shops for something that is gorgeous and being a new level of administrative delight to my world (mother, new startup owner, part-time lecturer, volunteer). Until this morning, I had found no pleasure in my diary searches.

    You know that little high you feel as you review the shelves of a new shop, with the sweet anticipation of discovering a new beautifully ideal. Your Emma Kate suggestion not only created the little high, but I am excited to get it into my hands. Watching her kickstarter video was like listening to someone who understands me, it was like she had designed the diary exactly for me. Thank you for the referral, thank you for the review, thank you for saving me from another 2 months of diary shopping exhaustion – Big Love Catharine

  • kailindstrom

    Just wondering if you have any advice or tips on making the most of these gorgeous planners? I’ve picked up a grey Emma Kate planner, because listening to her talk about her campaign idea made me think that she was talking directly to me. But… I struggle to stick with my planners from year to year. I start off really well and then tend to just stop. I think it’s because I get overwhelmed with the expectation to make it look amazing, or to keep track of absolutely everything, to write about goals and to do lists and how much water I’ve been drinking! I want something simple, easy, with no expectation… but I also want to try to be more organised… I need help!

  • All these are amazing! I Chose the Get to Work Book though, which sadly didn’t made the list.