Swim Spot Guide: 5 beaches to visit on the Gold Coast & North Coast

Brought to you by Nissan X-TRAIL.

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This summer has already been particularly hot. Well more humid than scorching hot where we live. My hair is begging for a break in the weather. This is our third summer living up on the North Coast of NSW, and I feel like I’m finally finding my feet.

Over these school holidays we’ve been jumping in the Nissan X-TRAIL and searching the coast for the best swimming spots for families, and I am loving what we’ve found. We’ve been at the beach almost every single day, sometimes twice, and even when it rained {on a side note, the beach is often best when it rains, try it}. So if you’re every holidaying up this way, or if you live nearby I beg you to try these beach spots.

Our beach-searching ritual was to open up the sunroof, connect my phone to the car bluetooth and play the Unwind Radio Station on iTunes {it’s free and it’s my favourite} through the car.


1. Greenmount Beach, Queensland
Located in Coolangatta, Queensland is a beach that’s really popular with families. Out of all the beaches I’m sharing, this one has the most waves, so it’s probably for the more confident beach-goers. At peak times, and on really hot days in can be hard to nab a park, but when you do you can park for as long as you need {I hear council is changing that, so check the signs}. At the very south end of the beach, you’ll find shade {a blessing at the beach} so steal a bit of sand, park your gear and hit the surf. Every time I’ve been to Greenmount the surf has a strong pull. We lost our sand toys the other day, and if it was any other beach they’d be easy to retrieve but this beach sucked them up and sent them to Hawaii.

It’s the perfect beach for learning to surf {Lacey has been doing that} or even try Rainbow Beach next door. On the second Sunday of every month you can go for a swim and then stroll through the Coolangatta Art & Craft Markets. Or if you’re taking an afternoon swim, grab an ice cream at Baskin and Robbins across the road afterwards.


2. Keith Compton Drive // Tweed River, NSW
For the less confident beach goer, I can highly recommend a little section of Tweed River off Keith Compton Drive {there’s a sandy part just south of the turning circle}. Depending on the tides {high tide will mean less sand, low tide will mean more sandy bank} you can set up and go for a dip. There are no waves, only when a boat comes by will you get a bit of white wash. It’s such a beautiful spot that my Post Lady let us in on. It’s dog-friendly, and we’ve even spotted dolphins on a few occasions. If you like Stand-Up Paddle-Boarding, this is a great spot to head out. Hubby has paddled along with friendly dolphins. Can you imagine what a dream that would be?

There are no toilets nearby, so just know if you plan on heading out for a long period of time, you’re going to have no bathroom to use for yourself or the kids.


3. Fingal Mouth, NSW
I’m so hesitant to even talk about this beach because it’s so beautiful, and I’m not sure I want to share it. But here I am, writing about it. Sorry locals.

Firstly, this beach is located down a dirt road. You’re going to feel like you’re never going to reach it, but you will and you’ll be glad you made the trek. Parking is super limited, so be prepared to have to turnaround and miss out. Once you nab a park, you’ll either have to climb down some rocks or walk through long grass {and you might freak out about snakes, which I did} but when you get there you’ll discover bliss.

It’s just the most beautiful spot that I’ve ever been to. My neighbours {who’ve lived here all their lives} told us about it, and I just love it. It’s the sort of beach that you can float around in all day.


4. Kingscliff, NSW
This isn’t really a beach, but more part of Cudgen Creek. Hidden behind the Marine Centre, is a tiny little beach that is just so beautiful. We discovered it on the perfect day, and every single time we’ve visited we’ve had fish swimming around our feet.

If you’ve got people in your crew that love the waves and want to surf, they can walk 100m north and be on the beach, and then you can hang here and loll about in the water. This beach is perfect for Lulu, she happily runs in and out of the small waves, or I put her in a floating ring and take her out deeper.

If Hubby and I head out with Lacey, we often head out into the deep and catch the current down to a sandbank in the middle of the creek and then get off at the boat ramp.


Take floating devices, and sunscreen and be prepared to never, ever want to leave. Ever.


5. Cudgen Creek, NSW
I’m not sure how we found this place, but we’ve been visiting this spot ever since we moved up north. You’ll need to park near the picnic area and then walk through the bush to find it. It’s the perfect spot to set up camp for the day. You can grab a covered picnic area up on the grass, and then head down for a swim whenever the heat is getting to you.

Little people will love it, because it’s shallow and calm, and easy for them to explore. There’s also shade on the banks that you can seek cover under, and relax while the family plays.

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Thanks to Nissan for loaning me the X-TRAIL to go exploring in. If you have another beaches up this way that you know about and want to share, please let me know in the comments below.

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  1. As a born and bred local, all I can say is Nooooooooo. Lol.
    PS. It’s called The Ancorage , the sandy bit off Keth Compton. And Kerosine Bay is the locals safe , kid swim section of Fingal . Main beach of Fingal is a bit dodgy safety wise at times. I’ve only ever swam there a few times. My kids never. Greenmount is my hometown beach and It was our nighttime hangout place when we were teenagers. I live 30 mins from Greenmount now but I still drive there for my swims. Even though I have a perfectly , semi private beach 800 metres from my front door that I never use.

  2. Next Christmas no one will get a park let alone a piece of sand, everything you like about those spots will be gone….

  3. Such a great post- thank you! We have just moved to Brisbane (and trying to survive the QLD heat and have been looking for some new places to take a dip and cool down at. Will be bookmarking this post and checking them out!

    Lizzy from Nomad Notebook

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