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Winter Skin Survival Guide

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Brought to you by Olay Regenerist.

Last weekend I spent a few days down in the snow, and I have to tell you… it was brutal on my skin. I could see that it was affecting the people that I was with too. We were all reaching for water, lip balms and moisturiser. I guess people in other parts of the world would laugh at our winters, because they’re really not too bad, especially in the northern states. We’re pretty lucky.

Winter does have a massive effect on our skin. It’s a mix of those hot showers, coming in and out of heated homes, wind and low humidity that makes our skin freak out a little bit. While I might not be a pro when it comes to make-up and winged eye-liner, I am obsessed with skincare and making sure I take care of my skin properly.

Today I wanted to share a few tips to survive winter, and how to keep your skin glowing during the colder months. Ready. Set. Go.


Yes, it’s predictable, but important so it wouldn’t be right to dismiss it. It’s easy to forget to drink water in the cooler months, but we still need to have 2 litres or more each day. Add herbs or lemon to your water for more flavour, or try herbal teas {I love Tea Tonic and survive on many each day}.


Everyone has their own routine { if you don’t, start now! Immediately, if not sooner!}. As part of my morning routine, I rinse my face in the shower, and then moisturise. At night I cleanse, moisturise and finish by using an eye cream {when I remember}.

Not sure what products to use? The Olay Regenerist Overnight Miracle regimen {Micro-Sculpting Day Cream, Micro-Sculpting Night Cream and Miracle Boost Youth Pre-Essence} is affordable and it works with your skin to reduced wrinkles, and make your skin firmer and plumper {and starts working in just 5 days}. It can make you look up to ten years younger, which is never a bad thing.


Get a good lip balm, and apply regularly. Lips don’t have any oil glands, and they also don’t have a protective layer of thick skin so they’re usually the first to suffer when it comes to wintery weather. I have a lip balm in almost every room of the house, so that I can always apply on the go. I even have one in the car. Obsessed? Yes. I. Am.


I love feeling all nice and clean when it comes to my skin, but I know in winter I have to be a little less enthusiastic. In summer, I can cleanse as much as I like, because my oil glands are doing their work and I’m hydrated. In winter, I find it best to cleanse just once a day {at night to get rid of grime and stuff}, and then just rinse my face in the morning.

I’ve got a huge Olay Regenerist prize pack up for grabs for one person. It includes the following products {so your skin will be all beautiful, hydrated and plump!} and is valued at $333.94:

☓ Olay Regenerist Advanced Cleansing System – $34.99
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☓ Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Night Cream – $48.99
Kip & Co Toiletry bag – $59.00

To be in the running, simply leave a comment below answering the following question: What’s your favourite thing about winter?

Competition open to Australian residents only. One entry per person. Competition closes August 6th at midnight.










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  • Erin Strike

    My fave thing about winter is the wardrobe, I love getting out the scarfs and hats! Also sometimes I dream that it’s Christmas time cause who wouldn’t want a white Christmas just once as an Aussie!

  • My favourite thing about winter is snuggling up inside, having a special movie day with my 5 year old – big rugs, hot chocolate as a special treat and all the hugs I want because he can’t help but nestle into my side!

  • Sonal

    My favourite thing is to make most of the shorter winter cold days by making hot soups, hot chocolate, baking goodies in my oven and inhale crisp fresh air 🙂

  • Jenni from Styling Curvy

    Hot drinks warming cold hands, lazy Sunday afternoons snuggled up inside watching movies and winter fashion.

  • Jenni from Styling Curvy

    Hot drinks warming cold hands, lazy Sunday afternoons snuggled up inside watching movies and winter fashion.

  • Joanne McIntosh

    The joy – as a native Scot living in Sydney – of combining hoodies with sunglasses in winter. And as much as my skin really doesn’t appreciate the low-humidity, my hair is finally poker straight and manageable in winter #winning

  • Jeri Bee

    Muddy Camping, fires and marshmellows. Monopoly in the tent and snuggles listening to the rain

  • Bec Hope

    After a long day of work.. the sun is gone.. at 5:30 ? my most favourite thing to do is make a big pot of soup with crusty bread! And its something the kids eat without arguments either!

  • Yvonne B Brown

    Eating home cooked chicken and noodle soup for lunch.

  • Claire Newnham Munro

    Hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows ?

  • Viny Vabriany

    Hot chocolate while watching movie or reading a great book

  • christine morris

    I love winter as i love skiing down the slopes, the kids have a ball as well, they love to make snowmen an using their sleighs.

  • Nikki M

    That we have a break from the humidity in QLD for a bit!

  • Mellisa Siender

    Snuggly jumpers , boots , not sweating 🙂 , long , lazy days with my new husband relaxing at home . Xx

  • Elita Hooper

    My electric blanket, love jumping I got into a toasty warm clean sheet bed.

  • Lauren Thompson

    Snuggling up on the couch with the kids and watching movies in the weekends ?

  • Jillian Ives

    Snuggling under a blanket on the couch on cold winter mornings watching cartoons with the kids.

  • Belinda Dean Huxhagen

    I love the fact that i can wear a beanie to school drop off and no one knows i have just crawled out of bed.

  • Patricia Jones

    Fluffy jackets, snuggles, warm tea, extra long facials, boots and warm blankets!

  • Kaydee

    My absolute favourite thing about winter is my fireplace. Nothing like relaxing near a warm fire on a miserable, cold day.

  • Toni Crawford

    I love dressing in layers in Winter. I am more comfortable adding layers than in summer taking them off. Scarves are my way of going from drab to fab.

  • Melissa Kinnear

    My down jacket, it is so cozy.

  • Emily Livingston


  • Samara McRae

    Being able to snuggle on the couch with my family and watch movies.

  • Alana Dillon

    Snuggling up in blankets and having hot chocolates with my kids x

  • Tracey CM

    Slow cooker meals and snuggles on the lounge… bliss xxx

  • Kim

    Sleeping in without feeling guilty, fluffy bed socks, rainy days, oversized scarves, hearty meals and bonfires with loved ones. I actually could go on forever, winter is my jam!

  • Danielle Tassan

    Friday night movie nights with the family all cuddled up on the couch with hot chocolates.

  • Angela Jones

    I live in Queensland, what is this ‘Winter’ of which you speak ? LOL

  • Leigh Blaikie

    My favourite thing about winter is spending some snuggly, rejuvenating time keeping warm with my loved ones

  • Samantha Hanton

    Here in perth winter is pretty mild, but I’m enjoying snuggling under a blanket on the balcony reading in the afternoon sun ☀️

    • We have such a mild winter too, but I’m with you on that afternoon sun. I love how it kisses the skin. xx

  • Kimberley Collett

    Snuggling under a warm blanket with the kids while reading them a book

  • Sallyann Silver

    My favourite thing about Winter is watching Miss 13, Mr 19 and hubby play hockey, followed by a bonfire, drinks and plenty of laughs! It also means snuggling on the couch in front of the wood fire with a hearty casserole watching a movie with my girls.

  • Chantel Dyson

    I hate winter. (Live in vic) the thing I like about winter is if we go snowboarding every year. Or sitting on our big couch reading a book under the blankets getting cuddles from my fiance with the cat and dog. Or 4x4ing and finding lots of mud.

  • Kate Messenger

    Not having to shave my legs as often ?

  • Jennifer Robinson

    Love going out for hot chocolates with my kids & going to the park on a sunny winters day ? xx

  • Gabrielle Mary Morgan

    I am a thrill seeker….now closer to 60 than 50 I love the nightly manoeuvres when I dash from my warm bed to the toot…knowing I will have to break the ice in the toilet bowl before I can begin, (note to me …should have practised pelvic floors at red lights more)….you see I live in Canberra where -6 isn’t cold it is character building.

  • I love escaping winter and heading overseas to the sunshine! Winter is nice but warm weather makes me much happier HAHA

  • Michelle Nielsen

    If I am with my hubby and kids, either going to the snow or snuggling up watching movies, but if I am on my own then it would be snuggling on the couch under a blanket reading an awesome book with a cup of tea 🙂

  • Lauren
  • Kelly Arnold

    Winter forces me to slow down, take time to rest, relish simple days at home… Chilly mornings encourage an extra half hour in the warmth of bed, nourishing stews slow cooked on the stove, endless cups of tea with a good book, flannelette pyjamas and ugg boots!!
    Time to recharge before the rebirth of energy that comes with Spring arrives!

  • Chris Ampersand

    My favourite thing about winter is, ponchos!

  • Cat Bensein

    My favourite thing about winter is getting cosy – layering clothes, warm drinks, cuddles ?

  • Cat Bensein

    My favourite part of winter is not being too hot and being able to cosy up with layered clothes, throw rugs on the couch, warm drinks and big hugs ?

  • Tanya Bevern

    Ponchos, jeans, boots and movie marathons snuggled up on the lounge.

  • Bela

    I find my extremities perpetually cold in winter. So it’s hot water bottles for my feet and, my favourite thing about winter, hot chocolate for my hands. Yum!

  • kim kotevski

    Sitting beside the warm heater playing board games with my boys

  • Becky Lofdahl

    My favourite thing about winter is.. Being able to rug up and wear boots! I love open fires and binge watching shows. I also love the crisp air and snuggly scarves.

  • Megsbee

    Winter is snuggly. I like the blankets and doonas and hoodies and no leg shaving. The cuddling in bed and being toasty. And the having a hot shower and rugging up to stay warm opposed to jabbing a cold shower and immediately being hit and sweaty after

  • Jordana Hodgetts

    I love snuggly, warm, comfortable winter clothes! As an added bonus wearing leggings or pants every day means I can take a break from shaving my legs ? winter hibernation mode activated!

    • Hey Jordana. You’re the winner of this competition. Please let me know your postal address and I’ll get your prize to you. x

  • Melissa Bisgrove

    No (or at least lower) humidity!!

  • Nic

    Being able to keep warm and snuggle my loved ones

  • Kylie Stacey

    I know I should say snuggles with my kiddies but my favourtie thibg about winter is bringing out the ugg boots and rocking those boots all day long….all day mumma comfort ?

  • Trisha Makepeace

    Being able to run around after kids without sweating ??

  • Maryam Naeem

    The best thing about winter for me is coming home after a long day and a dreadfully slippy walk from the bus stop and taking off my coat, putting on some warm slippers, starting the heaters and lighting a fabulously scented candle. I love making me a cup of tea and sitting down and watching the candle wicks flicker, every now and then sighing with contentment.

  • Trudy Spreadborough

    Snuggling under a nice warm blanket watching Disney movies with my little princess x

  • Abbey Ridgeway

    Long lunches and red wine with friends! Winter is all about taking a breath and finding things that feed your soul ?

  • Cassandra Pocock

    Being able to get warm, even with 5 layers of clothing. There is only so much im willing to take off in summer to be comfortable.

  • Rebecca Caldwell

    Family snuggles in bed and then staying in our PJs all day

  • Alisha

    My favourite thing would be wrapping my hands around a warming hot chocolate listening to the rain on the roof knowing I get to be inside warm and dry.

  • Taryn Elise

    Long lazy weekend mornings cuddled up in a nice warm bed while it’s pouring with rain outside!

  • Kate

    I love snuggling up on the couch under a warm blanket with a nice glass of red wine and a book I can’t put down!

  • Sarah-Jane Tozer

    Scarfs, knits and woolie throws to snuggle under with my little munchkins!

  • Dee Margot

    Sharing a hot water bottle with my man at night, we could have one each but we put it between our feet and keep warm together ?

  • Emily Psaila

    I love the reprise from the humidity in cairns. We turn off the air con, we spend lots of time outside, light the fire pit, the kids love wearing their long pjs- it’s my favourite part of the year

  • Jen

    Winter. My favourite time of year… crisp, sun-soaked mornings and long, languid afternoons sipping red wine and enjoying a novel under several thick wooly blankets… lighting campfires, toasting marshmallows and delicious lantern-lit dinners…. fuzzy socks, fluffy dressing gowns and too much hot chocolate… early nights and late mornings and plenty of time for snuggling under the feather doona…

    But the best thing about winter? Not having my fresh makeup drip off my sweaty face after three minutes of applying it in the heat and humidity of summer! Just a few extra moisturising creams and serums, and my winter face can stay looking it’s best all day long!

  • Allison Scrivener

    Camping with my family & having camp fires & eating marshmellows ?

  • Lauren

    wearing socks around the house all day long
    and eating lots of comfort food…

  • I can’t narrow it down to just one favourite, so here’s a few (in no particular order):

    1. Reading in my car as I wait to pick up the kids from school. Sometimes, the afternoon sun shines in, creating a lovely, warm spot for me to defrost.
    2. Comfort foods (preferably made by someone else)
    3. Layering clothes, and wearing different scarves from my collection
    4. Flannelette sheets
    5. The increased chance that the jumper I wear during the day will also double as what I wear to bed.
    6. Bed socks and slippers
    7. Having family nights in, watching dvd’s/playing games/making crafts.

  • Emma

    The thing I love the most about winter (or the cold weather) is being able to wear my jeans and jumpers (and not melt!) In QLD we only get about a week of ‘proper’ winter, so it’s so nice to rug up for those few days 😉

  • Justine Bennett

    My favourite thing about winter is to be able to think about what I want to wear rather than wondering what on earth in my wardrobe is cool enough without showing wobbly bits. I love wearing layers and coats and all the wintery clothes. And I love it when my skin is well moisturised and glowing.

  • Lin B

    It’s the only time of year I can drift off to sleep with my husband cuddling/ spooning me. The rest of the year he’s a fiery furnace (and I wake up covered in his sweat, worrying I’ve contracted Malaria….)

  • Erin Morris

    Cosy pyjama days at home with my two boys!

  • Miriam

    I love slow cooked meals, a glass of a good red wine and snuggling up with a book or movie!

  • Kate Slack

    The crisp fresh air, i love going for a walk and taking in big deep breaths it definitely helps to blow the cobwebs away!

  • Kel Goring

    My favourite thing about Winter is the end of it! Bring on Summer! 🙂

  • DoulaJessica

    I absolutely hate winter – the only thing I like about it is getting to rug up in my pink trakkies and big fluffy jumpers on my days off!

  • Tessa

    Wearing the same long sleeve shirt I wore to bed the next day under a hoodie without anyone ever knowing!

  • Ruma Chakravarti

    I love winter because of all the peas, salad greens and beans I can pick and nibble on in the mornings before the rest of the house wakes up. Everything is so crisp and clean and fresh! Then it is inside to make a cup of coffee and thaw out with the dogs in the kitchen over the day’s papers. Nothing beats a winter’s morning to remind us of how lucky we are to be alive.

  • WaggaWagga

    My favorite thing about Winter is that it is the promise that Spring is around the corner 🙂

  • I generally hate winter, but if I must pick one good thing about winter is that it makes running a bit easier, even though it is super cold outside when I run I’m not cold for long…

  • Peta Nikel

    My favourite things about winter are snuggling up in bed with my electric blanket on and watching my boys play football.

  • Kristen McGlinn

    The clothes….well actually the scarves, I love me a good scarf, I’ve got so many…..which may be seen as an addiction but hey, it’s my guilty pleasure!! ??

  • Melissa Mikkelsen

    W arm blankets
    I nside out of the cold
    N ice hot chocolates with friends
    T ime to stay home with a good book
    E xercising on the treadmill
    R elaxing at coffee shops under heaters

  • Michelle Tully

    Winter is snuggling under a heavy doona, boots (oh how I love my long boots), layers of winter clothes and of course the most beautiful of all – snow. My favourite thing ever is snow. ❄️

  • Kelly Cotter

    In winter I absolutely love sunday’s they include baking with my kids, eating toasted sandwiches and watching our all time favourite movies together.

  • Liza Mathews

    Dressing gown, ugg boots, cup of tea and a Netflix binge!

  • Rebecca

    The best thing about winter is the food! It’s freezing where I live so I eat lots of warm delicious food like pumpkin soup, apple pie and peppermint hot chocolate. Yum!

  • Alicia Douglas

    Being on the couch under blankets watching movies, ugg boots and listening to the rain on the roof

  • A good winter rain! I had no idea how much rain would mean to me, my farmer husband, our family and friends and our small town from a great down pour!! Everyone smiles when the rain comes!! Plus, so many awesome memories are made in the rain – on various holidays, car breaking down outside Coles in the 80s with Nanna, camping with family and piling up in 1 tent as everything started to leak, riding to school and being late for class with frizzy hair! Plus playing in puddles in the rain ❤️??

  • Bettina McIntosh

    My favourite thing about winter is the extra snuggles under the blankets in bed or on the couch! Nothing like snuggling and feeling close when it is nice and cool!

  • Rachel Van Der Merwe

    Winter means minestrone soup! So filling and comforting!

  • Kaz Smith

    My favourite thing about winter is camping!!! Sitting outside the tent infront of a roaring fire with friends all rugged up!! Best times!!

  • Kayls

    I love winter because you can wear gorgeous scarves and jackets and get warm by the fire.

  • Kirra B

    The smell of open fires burning as I do my late night washing hang outs. .. And getting back inside to warmth, and either red wine or Mexican hot chocolate.

  • My favourite thing about winter is the cold weather being a great reason to snuggle up with my husband and kids on the couch under a warm blanket <3

  • Melissa

    I can slather on moisturisers and creams and my skin eats them up! Unlike summer where you sweat them off winter skin loves olay?

  • Sparkling Nanay

    I am not a winter-loving person as I feel so cold even at 20degC. ? However, winter gives me an excuse to have hot coco everytime I feel so cold..which is every winter day. ?

  • Lisa Jane Eskinazi

    The smell and sound of the rain as I’m falling asleep at night, calming and comforting

  • Tamara Rose Pincott

    Snuggling my feet into a pair of ugg boots with no shame ?

  • Sapna S

    Going to the snow and building a snowman with kids and have loads of fun .

  • Leanne

    I have a spot in the corner of my bedroom with a chaise lounge, cushion and gorgeous thick throw rug. It sits right near the window, so any winter sun warms the area a light and casts natural life. I love to snuggle there on a Sunday afternoon to read my book. It makes me feel warm, special, and relaxed to have me time. Funny, I only do this in winter!!

  • Samantha Stevanoski

    Long hot baths, even longer sleep ins with the occasional snuggle from one of my babies and warm creamy coffees!!

  • Shareen Frost

    I love watching the trees change from Autumn leaves to nothing left on the branches. I’m a winter baby!

  • Emily

    My favourite thing about winter is when it’s over! Bring on summer and that healthy summer glow! ??☀️

  • Anne

    Being able to get cosy on a cold morning snuggling in bed with hubby under the doona after finishing night duty.

  • Deb (Two Cheeky Monkeys)

    I love the chance to wear my knee high, leather boots! I love how comfortable they are to wear and how much warmer I feel when I put them on to walk my kids to school or the park. 😀

  • Lauren Russo – Love_Live_Loz

    Being able to spend time outside enjoying the gorgeous area where I live with my family, especially at the beach! Its too hot with too many jelly fish in summer!

  • Fi Raw

    Going walking on crisp cold days to try and spot whales making their journey to the birthing area and returning with their calves!

  • Bec Rose

    Blankets, jumpers, jackets, soups and hot tea!!

  • Danielle

    I love self saucing puddings,throw rugs,fluffy socks but most of all feeling the warmth of my family when they all get home safely and happy on these cold winter days.Some don’t have the love of family and my heart aches for those who are not surrounded by love and happiness.

  • Em

    I love the coziness! Snuggling up with a warm blanket, watching leaves fall and lighting candles to create hygge!

  • Lisa Abejja

    I love that we can go out for walks with the kids and I don’t come home a red faced, sweating heaving mess hahahhaa

  • Susie King

    Wearing my beautiful Boots. Living in Queensland, we have such short winters. I wear them everywhere, practically everyday! Have to make the most of them.

  • Samara McRae

    Snuggles on the couch on a cold winters day watching movies and eating popcorn with my family.

  • Tess Gibson

    Fire places, ugg boots and a good looking scarf.

  • Meg

    I’ve loved winter this year as I’ve done dry July for the first time and I feel amazing! My skin’s clearer I can concentrate better at work and my bank balance is thanking me. It’s kept away the winter grouches too ??❤️

  • Nomesy81

    Cuddles.. Morning warm up cuddles and evening sleepy warm cuddles.

  • Neha Gupta

    I love winters as I get to wear my overcoats, boots and scarfs and sip on my extra hot cup of coffee

  • Danielle rowlands

    Favourite thing about winter are those fresh mornings where you’re more awake then ever because your toes are so cold that you walk even faster ?

  • Haylie Durrington

    Family snuggles on the weekend mornings! Winter is when my babies come and jump into bed with hubby and I on cold mornings and we all have snuggles and giggles together! I hope it’s something they don’t grow out of too quickly ?

  • Ange

    Hibernating like a bear in a cave of snuggly jumpers, blankets and hot water bottles, with extra warmth/softness provided by my unshaven legs!

  • Lynda Delaney

    Scarves, warm coats, gloves and best of all my super spunky black leather boots!

  • Shadney

    The fashion! Layers of jackets and coats along with scarves and nice boots

  • chrissie fitz

    Queensland in winter means blue skies, sunshine and no humidity. Nights are chilly so you can rug up and there’s the smell of woodsmoke in the air. Best time of year to me.

  • Sharon Johnson

    Hot soup, Guinness pies, Hot chocolates and the chance to snuggle up with loved ones.

  • Fleur Oliver

    A glass of mulled wine by a roaring fire = perfection in my book ?

  • Humphrey Monro

    The sun! I can actually spend more than 2 minutes in the sun without getting burnt. Living in SE Qld with red hair and freckles, 11 months of the year I’m hiding behind my hat, sunnies and sunscreen, but July sees me sitting in the sun at lunch lapping up those rays!

  • Nicola

    Being able to sit by the fire and read a good book with a glass of red, after bracing walk outside!

  • Natalia towle

    I would say I love winter because I can wear Flannelette pjs and drink some fine port ?

  • Gemma

    My favourite thing about winter is snuggling up under a cosy blanket, with a hook and yarn in hand, watching my favourite shows, or a movie, with my family.

  • Fiona

    Open fires, comfort foods.
    Cosy late night movies, winter hues.
    Infrequent shaving, less than summer!
    Belly hidden nicely by my jumper!

  • tanya clarke

    I love layering up!

  • Cassie Jones

    Cozy nights inside with the fireplace roaring and the stove warming lamb shanks or a nice casserole. Then cuddling up on the couch with my toddler reading books under a knitted blanket.

  • mustangmum

    Not having to shave my legs or apply fake tan. As I rug up from head to toe, so the only thing on show is my hair.

  • Alana

    My favourite thing about winter is the clothes that I get to wear. Living in far North Qld we don’t get a lot of winter. So the few weeks that it is cold, I love that I am able to wear; jeans, scarves, cardigans and boots.

  • Kristy Winters

    I love the moody scenscape of winter, fog through the mountains on the horizon soft dripping of dew from branches the crack of the dew unter toe and the colours of the bare branches against a soft winter sky.

  • Julia

    I love how my birthday is in winter and hot chocolate is also a winter highlight

  • Rebecca Jayne

    I love everything about winter! Lazy Sunday sleep-ins, Friday nights in front of the fire with a glass of wine and good movie, and the delicious hearty food! Winter is the best!

  • Andieharrie

    Winter in Brisbane is awesome you see
    Mornings are cool but days warm and sunny
    I love that we can go out and have fun
    Then home for hot chocolate for everyone

  • Christine Alice Calabria

    What’s not to love about Winter – but my favourite
    Winter – I love it
    days draw in faster
    nights are longer
    more time for reading
    snuggling in jammies
    with hot chocolate, marshmallows
    by hot crackling fires!

  • Kathryn

    I have been wanting one of these for so long. So many great memories on my phone which I’d love to print (if I had the time). I’ve recently been on a big weight loss journey, with a “motivational/inspirational board” being a huge part of my journey to keep me focused (think healthy eating and beautiful fashion). I’d put my before and after photos up on this board and would have you to thank. Will share my story if I win ❤❤? Thank you x

  • susan

    I love hot chocolates and mulled wine. I love snuggly mornings in bed with the kids

  • Charlotte Gray

    I love getting home to the smells of a slow cooker meal I actually remembered to put on that morning, pouring a glass of wine and snuggling up on the couch in jarmies

  • Mandy

    Cuddling ?‍?‍?‍?

  • susan

    I love the sunrises that i don’t have to wake early to see, and the frosty mornings that come with them

  • Carla Wright

    Best thing about winter is the fresh cold mornings. I feel alive & more awake in winter. Warm milos & casseroles are a fave of mine. Cozy weekend afternoons under my blankie is the best ?