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Talking Garbage.

Fat Mum Slim /

I’m becoming quite obsessed with all things anti-waste. I’ve watched a few bits and pieces from that show War On Waste, but never the whole thing because I also don’t want to waste my sleeping hours {i.e. I go to bed too early!}.

Anywho… our local council has brought in a new scheme, which forgive me if this is the norm for people the country/world over, but it’s new to me. Usually we have our bins picked up weekly, but in an attempt to get people to stop wasting so much they’re changing it to fortnightly. It means that we have to use a compost bin instead that will be picked up weekly, and recycling and general waste will be picked up every two weeks.

So, it means we’re going to have to throw away less, or be smart about how we do it. Compost is new to me. Can I wrap food scraps in newspaper? How do I stop things from smelling {especially general waste that sits there for 2 weeks!}.

How do you have less waste? I wanna know all your secrets!

P.S. We recycle everything possible. We take bags shopping {I also want to find a solution for fresh produce instead of the bags}. We don’t drink coffee {so no coffee cups!} and use reusable water bottles.