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What’s in a Fun Kit? // Win an Olympus PEN E-PL8 camera!

Fat Mum Slim /

Hello you.

So it’s been a Fun Kit bonanza over here of late. I sent out over 100 and something Fun Kits to people all around the world, and they have mostly all arrived. It’s been fun watching the hashtag and seeing the kits arrive, and then the creative photos happen. I’m loving it.

Then a few weekends ago, myself and a few friends hid Fun Kits all around Australia. It’s seriously my most favourite thing ever. The excitement levels were awesome, and the effort put in by the hiders and the finders constantly made me smile. It’s all so fun and awesome.

One thing that’s no so awesome is that not everyone could have a Fun Kit. That bit sucks. But… but you can totally make your own. Most of the items are available easily, you might even have some of the stuff at home. You can grab some, take some photos and join the fun. This is where the next exciting bit comes in. One person who shares their photo on the #FMSlovesOlympus hashtag using contents from the Fun Kit will win an Olympus PEN E-PL8 camera.

What’s in a Fun Kit?

MINI MUSHROOMS // I bought these online but you might be able to grab them from a little gift store. I’ve put these in the Fun Kit so people can explore their macro photography skills. Macro is shooting something up close, and getting beautiful detail. These mushrooms are quite small, so look beautiful when they’re placed in a green environment and shot up close.

GLOW STICK // Oh there is so much fun you can have with glow sticks. You could do glow stick writing for one. I’m keen to try glow sticks inside balloons {I have the white balloons ready to go!}.

CELLOPHANE // I sent an array of colours to people in their Fun Kits. It’s such a cool item to use as a filter on photos. Simply place it over the lens of your camera or your phone before taking the photo. You can use one layer of cellophane, or two, or even three… obviously increasing the layers of colour will increase the intensity of the filter.

MINI CAMERA // This is a little treat that you can’t buy, but I love including these in the kits so that people can have them as a memento and also use them to play around with perspective {they’re so small, so fun to use to make things look big}.

A FRAME // You can easily grab one of these from a bargain store, or make your own. It’s a great way to frame an object, and I have some ideas that I want to put into place. You could decorate the frame or leave it white. The possibilities are endless.

HOLI POWDER // This is probably the item that excites me most, because I’ve already had a play and had so much fun… but I’ve also seen some really great photos being taken and shared on Instagram. You can buy Holi Powder here, or even cheaper on eBay. With playing around with the powder I discovered that it’s best if the person you’re playing with wears white. They can throw it, clap it, toss it, hold it, wear it, or you can even throw it at them while shooting.

So now, go forward and take some photos and share them! You’ve got until August 20th to share your photos to the #FMSlovesOlympus hashtag. The most creative as voted by myself and the lovely Olympus team will win the beautiful Olympus PEN E-PL8. The competition is open worldwide.

I am an Olympus ambassador, and I am grateful for their help with this fun project. You can read more about our relationship here.