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8 Hobbies To Try If You Kinda Suck At Hobbying

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Have you ever been asked the question, “What are your hobbies?” I always get stumped and end up saying something completely uninteresting like, “Ah, I like hanging with my family and sometimes making cookies.”

The thought of taking up a hobby scares me, because I’m not good with committing as I already feel too busy but I would like to try a new thing or two now and then, and call them a hobby. Perhaps you’re the same. Is there anything on the list that grabs your attention?


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I love painting but don’t ask me to do something detailed or real life because… I don’t have the skillz. Abstract though? Yes please. I love everything Kirsten Jackson {above} does, and think abstract art is a great place to start with painting. This is one hobby I love, and it doesn’t require any commitment. Paint it in one day, or do it over a few. The trick is layering. Do a bunch of strokes, let it dry, paint some more, and then once you like what you’ve created, stop painting and celebrate.


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This fad doesn’t seem to be a fad at all and is still going strong all around the world. Not only is it one of the easiest hobbies to have, it’s also a really relaxing one too. There are loads of colouring books available, or printable sheets. Grab a packet of pencils or textas/pens and go.


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This has been on my to-do list for years because it’s seems so simple {well, I’m sure it can get very complicated!} and awesome. Carly, of Smaggle, runs Crochet Coach where she teaches beginners how to crochet so it seems totally doable. You don’t need to make a whole blanket, instead you could make something small. Learn by taking a course, or asking someone who knows how in your life.


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Well, it didn’t seem right to create a list of hobbies without including one of my own. Of course, blogging doesn’t have be a huge deal like I’ve made it here on my own blog, you can make your own blog and simply write one post and see how it feels. If you want to make it more serious, you can try a course with Blogging Your Way or Secret Bloggers Business.


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I love this hobby! Calligraphy is something that you might see a lot of on Instagram. You can do it with pens, textas, paint or ink, or you can even do it simply with an iPad and Apple Pen. Play around and have fun with it.


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I am vowing to try this hobby this summer. Hubby is awesome at it and has been doing it for years, and asking me to try it too… so this summer I will {hold me to it, please!}. I’m told that starting out in the river is easiest, because no waves of course. Check out local hire places near rivers and lakes.


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Now isn’t this a hobby we can ALL get behind? Yes! Head to a winery for a proper tasting and learn how to swirl, sniff and taste.


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This is such a great hobby to start. It’s not messy, it can be very inexpensive and it can also be quite addictive. You could start with something simple like the Photo A Day challenges to get you inspired.

Do you have any other hobbies to suggest? Do share!

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