Make Life Good : A 52 week challenge

A collaboration with Bupa and Fat Mum Slim.Make Life Good : A 52 week challenge

I love the start of a New Year, simply because I love that anything is possible. I love that in the days that follow New Year’s Day… they have the possibility to be amazing. I find that exciting. I’m an optimist, and a dreamer. I just am.

One of the biggest lessons I learned in life, and I learned this in my early twenties, was that I’m in charge of my own happiness. It doesn’t just happen. I have to work at it, daily. I think this goes for other aspects of my life too – health, mental health, friendships, creativity, and more. It doesn’t mean that life is one hard ‘job’ that I have to work at all the time and isn’t enjoyable… but it means that I think it’s best to be proactive, rather reactive as much as possible.

Deep, huh?

While we’re at it, let me share something else I know for sure {yes, I think I’m Oprah using those words!}, life is better when I practice self care. I used to think it was selfish when people put themselves first. I couldn’t understand when people said, “I am the most important person in my life!” I was busy putting myself last on the list, and filling everyone else’s cup before filling mine.

And then I realised, I AM the most important person in my life. I need to fill my cup first. Self care isn’t selfish. It’s super important, and my life is better when I’m looking after myself.

So, I’m gently encouraging you to practice self care, and to be proactive in life, especially when it comes to your health. I’m also encouraging you to join my group on Facebook, The Good Life Gang, where a whole heap of us are getting together and being proactive about making life good. We’ve got step challenges where we’re encouraging each other to move more {no crazy unachievable goals, instead goals that you can smash and feel good}. I love how supportive and amazing everyone is. I really have the best readers in all the world {thank you to you if you’re already part of the group and making it awesome. If you’re not, please join us!}.

I’m also bringing you a 52-week challenge of really good, easy things we can do over the year to make life better, and healthier. Check out the list below:

Make Life Good : A 52 week challenge

They look good, don’t they? Each week we’ll just work our way through the weekly challenges. You can do it in order, but if that doesn’t work for you, pick and choose and do as you please. As you tackle each challenge, you can share your experience on Instagram using the hashtag #MakeLifeGood and/or in our Facebook group too. I’ll be holding your hand thoughout, and helping you out each week – here on my blog and over in The Good Life Gang group and also in Bupa’s Blue Room.

We’ve also got two beautiful people helping out in the group, Jenny from Love Wednesday and Sam from The Annoyed Thyroid.

I’ll also be teaming up with my friends at Bupa.They’ll be helping us Make Life Good by giving us access to some of their Dentists, Optometrists, GPs and dietitians for tips and chats. They’ll also be generously providing some prizes along the way {woop!}. I can’t wait to share over the coming weeks all the good stuff we’ve got planned.

If you’re in Adelaide over the next few weeks, my little family or ‘Team Family’ will be heading there for the Santos Tour Down Under. We will be taking part in the Bupa Family Ride on Sunday 16th January and checking out Bupa’s activation area at the Adelaide City Tour Village. So if you’re around grab your bike and join us. I think it’s going to be fun.

I know people say the word journey is overused, but I love it and I’m going to drop it here. I’m really looking forward to sharing this journey with you guys, and making life better, GOOD and more awesome.



15 thoughts on “Make Life Good : A 52 week challenge”

  1. This is such a great list. I recently got back on my bike (rode as a teenager) and rediscovered that awesome feeling of wind on your face speeding down a hill! There is a great initiative called “She Rides” to help women get confident on their bikes – too much fun.

  2. This is a wonderful list and absolutely agree with the importance of self-care. Without this we cannot give of ourselves to our friends and families.

  3. What a great list and so wonderful to see my favourite blogger and life motivator, Sammy as part of your group. Not being in Australia, I won’t be joining the gang per say, but will be silently tackling some of these goals. Riding a bike is the coolest thing ever, which I discovered a few weeks ago when we went away and hired bicycles for a couple of hours and cycled along the promenade. The first time I rode in a hundred years and it was great, hoping to do it again.

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