17 freaking awesome affirmations for 2017

Feel inspired with these 17 affirmations {including wise words from Louise Hay} to make your 2017 awesome. Which do you like best?

It was years ago when I first heard about affirmations… and I have to admit that the thought of using them seem kinda… different/unusual/weird. I guess anything that’s new and different can feel like that. Fast forward to now, a decade or more on, and I LOVE them. I’m someone who can get caught up in thinking about things a certain way, or stressing hard, and affirmations help get me out of that funk.

I used them when I was nearing the end of my pregnancy with Lulu and I wanted to assure myself that I could do the whole birthing thing again, and that I was strong and capable. I use them when I’m getting minor anxiety and need to talk myself out of it. I use them on normal days, when I want to set myself up for a good day. They are used on the basis of ‘what you think is what you create’, and I know that some things are out of our control, but in other aspects our mind is pretty powerful.

If you’re new to the whole affirmation thing, a great one to start with is “today is a great day”. You simply say it to yourself as you go about your day. Or you might even like to state it out loud while looking in the mirror at the start of the day {there’s something about saying it out loud that really makes it come alive}.

I have these cards by Louise Hay beside my bed, and I’ll randomly flick through to find one for the day when I wake up. A friend of mine has affirmation cards for kids, and she’ll put one under their pillow to get them thinking positively about life.

I hope you find {at least} one in the gallery below to use in your own life. Feel free to print them out, and stick them up around your space.

6 thoughts on “17 freaking awesome affirmations for 2017”

  1. .. I like using affirmations too Chantelle….. they do give you a lift.
    I like to tell myself …..
    “I can do this, I do craft”
    ” thank you God for another day to praise You ”
    “it’s not the end of the world”
    … have a great day … Barb xxxxx

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