January 2017 Photo A Day Challenge

26 thoughts on “January 2017 Photo A Day Challenge”

  1. My ig name is diannemh46, I have really enjoyed sharing on ig, I have met some new people and seen some great photos

  2. Hi! My Instagram name is kacienurse. I cant wait to start the photo a day challenge, it should be heaps of fun!

  3. Hello! My name is Melina, I’m til.lips.spill.it on instagram and I can’t wait to join in the photo challenge! I’m looking forward to seeing everyone else’s as well! ❤

  4. I’ll join this challenge again three years later. I have to. Every time I see one of those past pics I get so nostalgic!
    Thank you so much, Chantelle! ♡

  5. Hello! I’ll be following along (@gilorarejal). I’ve made a few attempts but haven’t stuck with it so far. The new year seems like the perfect time to jump back in, though!

  6. Starting again in 2017. I love this challenge – I’ve put all the prompts into my calendar so I stay on top of it. ? My Instagram user name is @jennica28

  7. This is my first time as well and I am thrilled to have found you! Can’t wait to see everyone’s work…Thanks so much for putting this together…instagram: lesliecriswell

  8. hi, i’m going to start this tomorrow, my birthday, seems a good point to start having missed the 1st! j9perrett

  9. Hi, I’ve joined the Photo A Day challenge, since January 3rd, for the first time too. Good reason to pick up the camera each day. Instagram: @carolinakeet

  10. Just joined cause I saw my friend’s AWESOME pic for today. My instagram and Tumblr accounts are @avenuepotter and my Facebook account is Avenue Potter. So happy to play!

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