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Mini cakes with raspberry mascarpone icing

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185g butter
1 cup sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla
3 eggs
2 cups self-raising flour
1/4 cup milk

250g mascarpone
50g icing sugar, sifted
1 punnet of raspberries


To make the cake:
1. Preheat oven to 180ºC. Get 6 mega-muffin cases ready for filling.
2. Place butter and sugar in a bowl. Mix with beaters until combined and fluffy.
3. Add in vanilla and eggs {one at a time, beating after each}.
4. Add in flour and milk and mix for 3-5 minutes until the mixture is creamy.
5. Fill the 6 mega-muffin cases until they’re two-thirds full.
6. Place in the oven and cook for 15-20 minutes until golden and cooked through. Use a skewer to check. If it comes out clean, they’re cooked.

To make the icing:
1. While the cakes are cooking place mascarpone in a bowl and stir through icing sugar with a spoon.
2. Keep 6 raspberries aside {to use as topping for the little cakes}. Puree the rest of the raspberries and mix through mascarpone mix. Place back in fridge while the cakes cool.
3. Once cakes are cooled top with the icing, and place a single raspberry on top of each.

  • Mmmm that really looks delicious.. but also too pretty to eat!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  • We are a butter family. Natural product and all. Less processing the better.

    But my mum always bakes with margarine.

  • i will try it

  • Ok, I have a confession……I've been blog stalking you. There, I said it. Ever since I found you on Instagram, learned that you are Australian, and got directed to your blog, I have been an official blog stalker (& Instagram Stalker). I love your recipes because they are ingredients that I can actually find in the supermarket!.

    Loving ya!.


  • Oh Em Gee they look too good to eat!

  • Yum… the little plate their on too. 🙂

  • Yum with a capital Y!

  • We are a butter family all the way – I come from a dairy farming family so it's dairying blasphemy to buy margarine {sorry marg companies, but I support our dairy farmers all the way!!} 😉 Also, we try to eat food that hasn't been processed too much. Anyhoo, I love that plate and I lurve the look of that cake…I'll be trying them for my kids…I had better not eat any to save my waistline. Anything that looks & taste good always seems to find it's way to my hips…ahem..

  • Hummm! Looks delicious!

  • Here in Sweden margarine is king but as I am a transplant here I cannot let go of my butter for most things. I have compromised with my husband and will use margarine for toast since it is cheaper and for Swedish desserts but otherwise it is butter.

  • I'll take calories over chemicals any day of the week. We're real butter people over here!

  • yummm!!! I've only used marscapone a couple of times, and I'm so excited to try it in icing!

  • Yum. That looks so good.
    We've been a margarine family for a long time, I can't seem to get used to butter.

  • I heard on the radio last night a batch of Meadow Lea margerine has been recalled because of contamination.

    • Thanks for this Gary. That's super scary. The one I used wasn't the extra light. We're safe, but still scary. x

  • Those are so pretty! Love the fairy cakes!

  • We are so a butter family – margarine is not good because its too processed.
    But gee those cakes look too yummy 🙂

  • Butter all the way here too, beautiful delicious unprocessed foods is my mantra. The cakes do look delicious. You'd definitely be able to cook them with butter!

    • We eat mainly whole food here too. Sometimes I struggle with the benefits of losing weight or eating whole foods. Whole foods usually wins. x

    • You know, I've been reading so much lately that suggests that butter, in moderation of course, is actually good for you? Yes it is fat, but so is margarine, so you need to be aware of the kj, yes it is saturated fat which is high in Vit A and causes bad cholesterol, but if you eat good cholesterol foods such as avocados, nuts etc, it all equals out. I'm putting this very simplistically because I'm not a food scientist, it's just interesting that there is such a divide. There are those that heed the public health messages we've received over the years that butter is bad and margarine is good, and then there are those of us off in search of better health and stumble across articles like this

      If you've discovered you have insulin issues, then you're on the path to enlightenment in terms of carbs/starches/processed foods/sugars/good+bad fats. It's very interesting and a journey I'm on. I won't wax on about it because it's my journey and not my blog! Best wishes, ecobabe xo

    • We eat whole foods too. I would rather be putting good quality food into our mouths than highly processed products like margarine…especially since butter tastes a WHOLE lot better too!

      Bok Bok B'Gerk

  • I am generally a margerine family – or olive oil spread anyway. I do use some butter to bake, but avoid it if I can. I just like the good olive spread.

    Also, where do you get your gorgeous plates and bowls from? Are they actually that turquoise colour or is it filter-induced? I love the idea of having a touch of turquoise and red in my kitchen!

    • I just find these in my travels. This butterfly plate is from Bed Bath and Table. That's the colour of it, no trickery. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Butter all the way! Margarine is just another highly processed and packaged product we don't need. In our diets. AND the taste of real butter, just devine!

    • Anonymous

      Oops! Sent by tiny print on iPhone, ignore the extra, silly full stop.

    • I am a sucker for that delicious butter taste… yum.

  • Well, lucky (or unlucky??) that I didn't see this post before I started my baking spree this afternoon (biscuits, slice, polenta, bread…)!! I've only just finished now – and ready for bed!! If I'd seen this… I'm sure I'd be up for at least another 3 hours!! Can't go to bed straight after eating cake, you see… lol xx

  • Angel Bendigo

    Can these be frozen?