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Want a FREE fun kit? Here’s how to get one.

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Want a FREE fun kit? Here’s how to get one.

Happy Friday!

Last week I wrote about my exciting news {I’m an Olympus Ambassador! Woot!}, and about how I was going to be giving out some Fun Kits. For those that aren’t in the know, The Fun Kits are a box filled with six props that people can use to get creative with their photography. I’ve spent the past week packing and sorting, and making things fun. You don’t want to see my office right now!

The good news is, that The Fun Kits are just about ready to send out. I’m just waiting on one more thing to arrive and then they’ll be ready to send off. The contents will be a secret until they start arriving at people’s homes. I love a secret!

The team at Olympus and I were so overwhelmed with how excited everyone was about our little project, and instead of 100 kits, we’re upping the number to 150. And instead of only sending to people in Australia, we’re also going to be sending to a select number of people overseas as well. It’s so generous and fun, I’m so excited.

If you’re interested in getting creative with your photography and would like to receive a FREE kit {you don’t even have to pay for postage, it’s all FREE!}, let me know below. Please make sure your address is complete, including your state and postcode {it makes life easier for me so I don’t have to go searching for your post code/zip code}. You’ll receive an email next week if you’re one of the people who’ll be getting a Fun Kit in the mail, and they’ll be sent out later in the month.

And if you miss out, I’ll be sharing how to make your own so nobody has to miss out. Everyone can play along.

Thank you so much, registrations have now closed. I’ll email the successful applicants this week.

The form will close on Monday 4pm {4th May} AEST.