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Cheaty, no-bake Mother’s Day cake

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Cheaty, no-bake Mother’s Day cake

This is for the non-bakers. The I-don’t-have-timers. The I-want-to-but-I’m-just-not-sure-I-caners. This is for the kids who would most likely burn down a house if they ever attempted to bake a cake. And this is for the dads who want to impress their wife {or baby mama} but wouldn’t know how to cream butter to save their lives.

It’s the totally cheaty, no-bake cake.

I’m the chief cake-maker in my family, so I can’t actually remember the last time someone made me a cake. I’ve been making my own birthday cakes since I was 10, so it’s probably been well before that. I’m thinking that it would be nice to have a cake made for you though, and kids just love giving these things a go.

How’s it done? The sponge is just a cheap sponge that you can buy from the supermarket or your local bakery. These sponges are generally very soft which can make it hard for little people to ice them. So I’d suggest freezing the cake so that it’s easier to work with.

For the icing I just use 250g of soft butter, 500g icing sugar, a dash of vanilla and 1 tablespoon of boiling water. Beat it until it’s light and beautiful. And ice that cake!

Cheaty, no-bake Mother’s Day cake

I just grabbed some flowers from my local roadside flower lady, but you could use some from your own garden. Or use edible pansies. Or decorate with chocolates and lollies and those good things.

Cheaty, no-bake Mother’s Day cake

You could also decorate it with raspberries or pile it high with a whole heap of delicious berries.


Alternatively you could not even bother icing and decorating and buy a cake pre-made {although it would be a little more expensive}… but I think it’s all about the love. Putting time into something shows her you care.

Which do you like best, flowers or raspberries?