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Top 5: Things I love so much that it’d be a crime NOT to share them

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Confession: I’m an over-user of the word ‘love’. One day my mobile phone company called me ask how I was enjoying the service. The six months prior to the phone call they’d been brilliant – given me a magazine subscription {the way straight to my heart} and a phone handset. I loved them so I told that poor guy. “I love you guys!” His response wasn’t quite so enthusiastic, “You can’t love a phone company. You love people, not things.”

I giggled, and vowed never to love a phone company again. But I do love things. Here’s five things I’m loving hard right now.

One: My Postrgram artwork
Our house is a bit of a blank canvas at the moment. We’re slowly adding to it, but this piece just makes me so happy. It’s huge – about 50 inches square. And I love Instagram – so it’s made from all of my Instagram photos. Earlier this year Robin from Postrgram and I chatted and he sent me this piece. I spent a little bit on getting it framed and now everyone comments on it. Everyone. It’s one big picture of Lacey made up of all my little photos. It’s like magic. Find out more about it here.

Two: Build Your Biz & Blog With Love eBook
Julie Parker, the author of this eBook and super dooper blogger at Beautiful You, is the reason I took the leap from working for someone else to working for myself. It was a long process of setting goals and making dreams come true. And now there’s an eBook to help others realise their dreams and build their blog or business with love. And you can whatever you want for it. Be generous, I say – it’s worth a lot {I’ve read it}. You can get it here.

Three: Cardlust Christmas and New Year card App
I loved these cards so much I wanted to share all of them. They’re stunning. Cardlust is an App for $1.99 by artists Elspeth Tremblay and Sara Hingle. There are Christmas Cards and Holiday cards, and more. So you can send a lovely piece of art to your family and friends in style. Find out more here.

Four: Jibri skirts
Oh this skirt. It’s the best fashion piece I’ve ever purchased, I think. So good, I’ve just bought another. I have plain blue and a black on the way. The fabric is beautiful, the fit is impeccable and it has pockets. Pockets! It’s a match made in fashion heaven. See more from her range here.

Five: Papered Thoughts
My dream would be to open a little online paper store and sell loads of stationery and goodies. I love paper, always have – probably always will. I saw on Facebook that a friend had purchased goodies from Rin at Papered Thoughts and it took me all of about 30 seconds to pop over, add things to my cart and buy them too {I spent about $12}. Her goodies are super stylish and so much fun. Papered Thoughts {the store} is looking a little empty at the moment, but check back for goodies by visiting here.

What’s something that you’re loving LOTS right now?

  • You definitely have some great fave things over here : )
    Thanks 4 sharing : )

  • Julie

    I love the word love, and do not think you can have too much love in this world. Go ahead and over use it. Oh and I love paper and stationary as well. Am I the only one who enjoys the smell of a new book? The feel of a glossy new magazine?

    • Tiia

      I love the smell of new books and I love the smell of stickers! My mom works in a sticker factory and she used to bring home left over bits and pieces of stickers when I was a kid 🙂

  • karenmundt

    Thanks for sharing all these goodies that you find- they all look great!

  • samstone76

    Thanks for sharing. I am off to look at Build Your Biz & Blog with Love eBook 🙂

  • Tracy

    Oh no! Here we go again. Off shopping 😛

  • Tracy

    Did you buy the store out at Papered thoughts? Empty shop now 🙁

  • The Afterglow App – LOVE IT! Thanks for the round up. I’ve been told I over use the word “joy” Not a bad thing at all.

  • Janine

    Hi can I ask with the instagram collage do they repeat photos to make up an area eg did you have that many pink photos to be used on the hat & so on…hope i make sense?

  • Melissa Mitchell

    That skirt! Amazing. I can Love that!

  • Melissa Mitchell

    There are no yellow ones left! Yellow has been the colour of this amazing, life-changing year for me.

  • Thanks for sharing the link to ‘Build Your Biz + Blog With Love’ I am half way through it already and there are some great tips and advice, all of which I am going to put into practice. x