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Meet Charlie, my imaginary child.

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We have a new addition to our family. His name is Charlie.

He goes everywhere with us. Sleeps in the same bed as us. Watches TV with us. Uses our shower, eats our food, rides in our car, takes walks with us in the evenings.

He just turned up one day. I think it was when I accidentally sat on him, and Lacey gasped, filled with panic, “Mama, you’re sitting on Charlie!”

I’m sure a confused look came over my face as I tried to piece together the mystery of Charlie. I didn’t feel a toy wedged underneath me, so assumed that it was her imaginary friend.

“Oh sorry Charlie,” I apologised, moving to another spot on the lounge.

We’ve been down this path before. When Lacey was about 2 and a bit years, she had an imaginary tiny tiger. I can’t remember his name. He only hung around for a week or two. He came everywhere with us, even to daycare. Lacey urged me to tell her teachers about her pet tiger. And I did, feeling a little weird. “This is Lacey’s tiger…” I remember that puzzled look they gave me as I handed them an invisible bundle to pat. I saw them ‘get it’ when I gave them a knowing nod, and we kept up the charade.

And then a few years later Charlie arrived. They, Lacey and him, hold hands as they make their way around the house. I haven’t been the best imaginary mama. I mean I did sit on the poor kid, and I have closed the car door before he’s even jumped in.

On the way to take both of them to school earlier this week, as we were halfway there, Lacey shrieked in dismay, “You didn’t put Charlie’s seat belt on!”

I clearly need to work on my parenting skills.

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  • Aww how cute. Need to pay more attention nextime lol. Happy Thanksgiving!


  • Lacey is so sweet. Raya adopted two imaginary friends, who are brothers, right before Raffie was born. They are called Joel and Jack and they have now been hanging out with us for the last 7 months. I love it when we are delayed in the morning because ‘Jack’ wants to go to ballet while Joel argues it’s not for boys and Raya will yell “come on guys’. Thankfully I can tell her both Jack and Joel like to eat their dinner and incredibly it works

  • Niska Steele

    Oh that is so sweet and hilarious. My little ones havent had imaginary friends (yet anyway) but we do have sheepy that has been treated as part of the family, all tucked up in bed and attending sports events with us regularly.

  • helen

    Hahaha! Have fun with Charlie. Imaginary friends are cool.
    We have a few that come and go – there was a dragon for a while, and there has also been the Big Bad Wolf family, which consists of Mummy Big Bad Wolf, Daddy Big Bad Wolf and Baby Big Bad Wolf. They like to be pushed on swings, and are quite friendly. They are also relatively small, definitely not wolf sized.

  • samstone76

    Sooo adorable!

  • Love it! We had a little Russian boy called Lohan who lived with us a while ago. I haven’t seen him for while. x

  • renae ward

    We have “good good Robbie” and “Good good Invisible” ! they hang out with my son at various times and do things that he has apparently not don. Recently he did admit to knowing they were not real but he still ahs them . very funny

  • Pam schmidt

    Hahahaha! My husband used to be a police officer. On one call, he went to a house where a crazy man claimed an imaginary girlfriend refused to leave his house. So my hubby went along with it and escorted the imaginary girlfriend out the door. The man was very relieved after that, and my husband left. hahahaha!!!

  • Ali

    He’s just beautiful.

  • That is so very cute!! Oh the imagination they have….wish they could keep it forever 🙂

  • jo

    I’m just reading Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend, it’s a clever book, highly recommended!

  • Faye

    This is so cute! It has made me smile so much! I hope Charlie and Lacey have a great weekend! x

  • How adorable! Now, make sure “Santa” leaves a present at Christmas for Charlie!!!! (of course, make sure it’s something Lacey likes too!!!) I had an imaginary friend growing up – and I remember coming in after foot races – crying – because “Jeffy just beat me”!!! He was a fast runner!!!!! My mom would be all sympathetic and I’d get a treat (hmmm… there might be a correlation there!!!) Imaginary friends are the best!!! You tell Lacey that a 45 year old still has fond memories of her “friend” and to make some memories with Charlie!!!!

  • Lauren

    The book “Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend” is terrific! 🙂

  • I too had an imaginary friend when I was a child….she was a mother (Ethel) who had 6 kids….Boy, Girl, Darling and I can’t remember the rest. Love the imagination of children!!

    • My imaginary friend was a mom too, she was named Bertha! She would bake me pies and I was always inviting people over to have pie which then my mom would have to tell them that actually there was no pie!

  • Jay (Jessica)

    Ah, you guys too? Keeli now has 2 imaginary friends. I can’t keep up! I wonder if it is an only child thing or an age thing? Who knows? Some days I can handle it better than others. Around home I find it cute and entertaining. But when we are grocery shopping and Keeli is yelling out to her “friends” in the aisle, people look at us a bit strangely, and I find it very distracting. I’m often getting in trouble for not including the friends 🙂