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A year or so ago my team and I had a work meeting out at Ikea. Yes, Ikea. My editor ran into her friend and called me over to meet her. It was Megan Morton. Megan is a interior stylist guru. I’d just given my Ma her book as a gift. I was a little starstruck.

About 6 months after that I was invited to a styling session at Freedom held by Megan Morton. I was sure she wouldn’t remember me. My Ma and I sat in the crowd eagerly scribbling notes and taking everything in that she said. After the session I went up to say hello, again starstruck and Megan remembered me. Super!

A few months back now an email popped into my inbox … from Megan. She was launching a new concept and wanted to hear my thoughts about it. Me? Yes! So I met with Megan and she talked me through an exciting something-something she was cooking up. It’s called The School and Megan teams up with creative types and teaches people how to make things. Some times it’s things for adults, and some times it’s stuff for kids. This past weekend we popped around to decorate cookies and cupcakes in a kids class.

The class was held by Naomi of Hello Naomi. She was soft and sweet and supportive of all the kidlets. Lacey was a little under the weather, but she had a blast. The mini-cookie below was for her Gaga cos we know she loves those sour worms.

At the end of the session Lacey sat down for her end of class picture. So cute, right?

The School is located in Dunning Street, Rosebery. You can find out more here:

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  1. There are just so many good ideas out there that we don't know about. No where near me but thanks for sharing as I am sure it will benefit someone who would like to join something like this :))

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