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The Name Game

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When our second child was born, it felt really sacred in that room. I think because we weren’t as shocked as we were the first time around, and it was a much more positive experience, it felt really special. We took a few hours as a family and just spent it together. She wasn’t named for a few hours, because we were just getting to know her and figure out who she was. Or more so, whether she was a Luella or a Marley.

In the end, Luella won.

I loved both names, but really loved the name Luella. I still think it’s beautiful, and every time I tell someone her name they always react with something like, “That’s a beautiful name!” or “Wow! I’ve never heard that before, it’s gorgeous!”

Early in that first year we started calling her Lulu. It wasn’t something we did with intention, it just happened. We call her Lulu 97.3% of the time.

Over the past few months, since starting preschool really, Lulu has decided that she doesn’t like her real name very much, or at all. If I call her Luella, she’ll have a huge tantrum and yell, “THAT’S NOT MY NAME!!!” Sometimes I do it on purpose just to get a rise out of her, cos I’m a mean mum like that.

She really doesn’t like her name. At all. Doesn’t identify with it. Doesn’t want it. It breaks my heart a little.

Have your kids ever disliked their name? Or did you dislike yours?

*I remember my mum told me at 8 years of age that people could change their names, and I was so keen to change mine to Rainbow.