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Put This On Your To-Do List Today

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I think the greatest tragedy in life might be leaving things unsaid, especially when those things are of the nice and loving kind. Can you imagine? I’d hate to think I should have said something and I didn’t. I’m a little over the top with this stuff, if I see something nice I speak it to that person. “Hey, I’m loving your hair” or “your make-up is amazing!” or the other day I stopped an old guy in the street to tell him his hat was amazing, and asked what the story was behind it. I’m sure he thought I was weird, but we ended up chatting for a while.

So, I want to ask you a favour today, or this week… can you please call/text/write to someone you love or care about and tell them that you do? Pop back and let me know how it goes. I wanna hear about it.

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