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Photography Lesson: Black + White {+ 4 inspiring images}

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Each month I’ve been sharing a little bit of a photography lesson {you can see all the past posts by clicking iPhoneography in the right hand column}, and this month is on the topic of Black + White. If you play photo a day the prompt for today is Black + White so this post will help you achieve a sweet photo, and if you’re not playing photo a day… well this little lesson might just help you with your photography anyway.

Black and white photos, for me, evoke a sense of emotion and depth to a photo – that sometimes colour just can’t portray as well. Having said that, there’s not that much to share on how to achieve a Black + White photograph. For you photo-a-dayers you could simply use a black and white filter and share your photo, or take a photo of something black and white {handy if you’ve got a pet zebra in the backyard} but there are a few tips in how to make your black and white photo the best it can be.

If you’re using a filter, play around with your brightness, and contrast tools too. This can be done in Apps like Camera+ and Afterlight {to name just a few}. This way you’ll be able to work out what looks best with your subject matter, you can brighten the whites, darken the blacks and create more detail in the grays just by playing around with those tools. If you’re using a point and shoot camera or even DSLR, you can edit in and use their black & white effect over your photo.

It’s good to note that details look particularly beautiful when using black and white, and by details I mean like the grain in the wood, wrinkles on an elderly persons skin, and the sweet eyelashes of a baby {but the options are endless!}.


IMG_6429On this particular morning when we went whale watching, it was early morning and it just felt really eerie and magical. Ideally I would have had a zoom and the tail of the whale would be in more detail and closer up, but hopefully you can get the idea of what I was trying to achieve.

Here are four black & white photos to give you some inspiration:

photo credit: sant.o

photo credit: Thomas Leuthard

photo credit: Thomas Geiregger

I'm an Uncle x4!

photo credit: MightyBoyBrian

Do you enjoy taking black and white photos? Feel free to add any tips if you’ve got some to share.