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Back to school: 5 fun ways with tape

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This is a sponsored post for Scotch® Expressions Tape.


You know that saying, “like a kid in a candy store”? I want to create a new one, “like a kid/adult/Chantelle buying stationery for back to school”. I loved me some back to school goodies when I was little, and I still love it now. So, you can imagine my excitement when the team responsible for Scotch® Expressions Tape asked me if I’d care to create some crafts for Back To School.

Challenge accepted {with much glee!}.


ONE: Colourful container

Parents of girls will know that you can arm yourself with as many hair accessories as you might need to survive a whole year, but they can easily go missing in the first month. Where do they go? I bought this sweet kraft box for $4 and went about decorating it with Lacey. She was in charge of the colour distribution. It’s as simple as it looks. Cut lengths of tape a little longer than the lid, place them down and smooth them over {one by one}. At the end trim all the excess.


TWO: Pencil holder

We picked up this plain white pencil holder from Big W for a few dollars, and wrapped some tape around it, making sure we started and finished the tape on the corner so the ends weren’t visible. Simple!


THREE: Notebook cover

Fancify school books, or notebooks for home, with various tapes. This is mine for jotting work notes in. Pretty, hey?


FOUR: Display arts and crafts

I grabbed a few plain wooden pegs, placed some tape along one side and then used it to hang up some of Lacey’s craft projects.


FIVE: Diary markers

This one couldn’t be easier. Place some tape on important pages of your diary to act as markers for easy access.

Scotch® Expressions Tape is easy to use. It’s removable if you stuff-up, it’s matte and smooths out super-easy. You can even use it as labels as it can be written on with pen, pencil or marker. You can head over to their Facebook page and upload a creation of your own to win an iPad mini.

I’ve got ten prize packs to be won {each including one Scotch® Expressions Packaging Tape roll & two Scotch® Expressions Magic Tape refills}. To be in the running, leave a comment below telling me what you’d like to create.

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  • JB

    Ooh… I’ve got a cool new diary that I’ve been using washi tape to decorate but these look very cool and would be heaps easier to remove stuff-ups (I’ve already ripped one page).

  • julia

    I’ve just started Project life (scrapbooking) and this would help it look colourful and amazing

  • Charlotte L

    I’d create a lovely photo frame with my daughter. This looks great and like a lot of fun 🙂

  • Janene

    i would use it to decorate my travel diary for my upcoming trip to italy!

  • Rachel K

    I’d love to decorate my toilet cistern and lid. Yes, you read correctly! You see my toilet is in a one metre by one metre room with no window or fan and it is miserably dark and ugly!

  • Kylie O’Sullivan

    I saw a great post somewhere (can’t remember where – apologies), where they used tape to make picture frames and made a really cool picture wall. I’d love to do something like that!

    • Ashley England

      What an amazing idea!

    • Hello Kylie! You’re a winner of this competition. Please email me at [email protected] with your postal address and I’ll get it sent out to you. x

  • Baby Jane

    i would love to decorate a mini-album (scrap) from my last trip to England!

  • Kerry

    My daughter starts school this month so I was thinking the tape would be great for customising her lunch box.

  • This will sound odd but I want to do some decorating with some shelving in my kitchen! We can’t afford to paint or buy new ones so this would be fab!

  • Ana Teixeira

    I love this!
    I’s use this tape do fake frames for the wall and to embelish the washing machine

  • Susanne Paulissen

    something to make like a lovely postcard and send in witrh snail mail!

  • Susan

    I showed my son these cool tapes and he said he would love some of those to help make a castle for all his new Skylander figurines!

  • helen

    We would use them to label stuff in my daughter’s bedroom – the mess is getting out of control, and it would help us all remember where everything needs to be stored!
    Also – I suspect she would do her own extra decorating / styling with the tape as we went – embellished doll house anyone?

  • Ashley England

    It’s a rather long way off, but I would use it next Christmas to make a tree/decorations. This year my hubby painted a beautiful one on craft paper, and we made baubles out of paper. I’ve seen some groovy geometric trees on walls using tape.

  • shelbyisrad

    i would totally do a notebook cover

  • AmandaB

    I would use it to decorate vases, mason jars, candles, etc. to place around the house … with spring coming up I’m ready for color!!!

  • Sarah

    Oh my goodness, I love tape. I use it to make little markers like you have done in your diary but also in our filing cabinet and even on our fridge. I tape so many things onto our calendar to remember the moments!

  • Lauren Anastasiou

    I’d like to create decorative borders for our very plain bathroom mirrors, and add a dash of colour to the room.

  • Jana

    I just got a new set of drawers for all my crafty stuff but it’s white and I would like to pretty it up with some tape and make it look more interesting. I also love using pretty tape for gift wrapping. Your ideas are great, too 🙂

  • Kim

    I would love to make some bright photo frames with my daughter with these. I think she would love it.

  • Ree

    I think I would need to use these for dressing up our family whiteboard calender. It is currently all ruled up, but this would be awesome and I cant believe I didn’t think of it sooner! And I think it would make a spunky design on my sewing machine too!

  • Rachel T

    I’d love to get my hands on this so I can decorate the DIY Palette I made for my eyeshadows. I just cut out a window of an old DVD case and stuck in some magnetic pieces to attach my depotted shadows. But it’s all black and looks a bit gloomy. Would love this to brighten it up!

  • LT711

    I can’t do much permanent decorating to my apartment, so I’d love some Expressions tape to jazz up my kitchen cabinets!

  • Michelle Doehnert

    Definitely your day 4. I want to display my Instagram photos in a different way.

  • Jodi Stubbs

    I’m returning to work in April, after having bub number two. I would love to use this tape to jazz up the stationary I’ll need to buy and also my desk/workspace. I’ve got plans to print some of my better PAD pics to brighten the space and could use the tape to make some faux frames.

  • Heather Dewar

    I’d use it to cover some wooden pegs I’ve got like you did for the art hangers, but I’d use them for a photo collage for my partner for Valentines day 🙂

  • Aimee Tatham

    i would love to create beautiful photo frames to add style and colour to each room

  • Nicole

    My little one (3yrs) just loves sticky tape. The one thing that she wanted for Christmas was blue sticky tape, and of course it’s the one colour I couldn’t find. I’m sure we’d have a lot of fun creating pictures and decorating her books and things with all this pretty tape

  • Tash N Pete Piggott

    I would love to get my kids involved and make desk organisers for their desks using recycled jars/tins/plastic containers =)

  • bubble936

    I will use it at craft time with my son.I will allow him to choose what he wants to make with it using his imagination. I would love to add it to my photo frames to make them pretty.

  • Leah Ramsey

    I really love the note book idea and I’m going to give that a go. I use HEAPS of notebooks for work too, and I can never find them with nice covers unless I pay an arm and a leg. This way, I can DIY!

  • Kristy Clock

    i would try a glass candle holder and put a tea light in it and see what pretty patterns it would make in the dark