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How To Rock Instagram Like A Superstar: @emmakateco

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Hello! Today I’m starting a new series! It’s all about photography. Have you ever looked at a person’s feed on Instagram and wondered: How do they make their photos look like that? I do. ALL THE TIME. So this series will help us meet some amazing new photographers, and see how they do what they do!

Tell us a little about you.

I’m Emma Kate. I’m a sometimes designer, sometimes travel writer and always dreamer. I have a little stationery label, which is the main dream I am chasing. I am officially based in Adelaide but I’m on a plane at every single chance I can be. With my travels, I live stories and write about them. And I capture it all through my camera along the way.

How did you get into photography or photo-taking? When did it all begin for you?

My older brother gave me my first digital camera when I turned 14. I distinctly remember how surreal it was to click the button and see the image on the screen straight away – I loved capturing little moments. It was a Hewlett Packard camera and it had “megapixel” branded on the front – as in, it was one megapixel. That makes me laugh now!

Fast forward ten years, and I was living in France when I first downloaded the Instagram app. I had no idea that it was a social sharing app – I literally thought it was just a photo editing tool. A friend finally asked me why I had so many duplicate photos posted on my feed – I was just editing and trying out all of the filters – and posting them – with no idea they were visible to anyone else!

I think it was when I moved overseas – to France, and then London, when I really started to get more serious about photo taking. I fell in love with the world and I became obsessed with capturing the tiny moments.

What do you love taking photos of most?

Doors. And floors. And coffee. I’m obsessed with doors and textures and how beautiful ruin can be.


What are your favourite Apps for editing?

VSCO and Snapseed. And Little Moments, of course!

I love the VSCO filters – I like my photos to look natural and not too hyper real or filtered, and I love the understated, stripped back tones of VSCO filters. I’m obsessed with straight edges and parallel lines, so I love using Snapseed for editing the actual photos before applying a filter in VSCO.
Can you share a recent favourite photo of yours – and take us through how you edited it?

*iPhone_Ibiza Valencia_August 2015_128
I took this photo of this dreamy door when I was in Spain (Ibiza) this past summer. I was wandering around with just my iPhone that day, because it was 40 degrees and too hot to lug my heavy camera around everywhere.

It was near dusk, and on a shadow-y backstreet, so I used Snapseed to brighten up the photograph a lot – and take out some shadow. My go-to style is overexposed, very light-flooded photographs. I upped the saturation and contrast a little (also in Snapseed) and sharpened slightly to make the hibiscus blooms come to life. Then in VSCO cam, I applied a filter (at around 40% – I never use the full strength of a filter because it ends up looking a little unrealistic). And then I popped the edited photo into Instagram. I never really use the editing tools in Instagram – I usually load it into the app when it’s edited and ready to post.

Thanks for popping by Emma. x

Check out more from Emma Kate on Instagram, or visit her website here.