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So, what the heck is a flat lay?

Fat Mum Slim /

Coming up the Photo A Day prompt is flat lay. Oh my goodness, this has confused some people in the cutest way possible. So today I wanted to tell you AND show you what a flat lay is.

A flat is basically when you’re shooting items from directly above. Usually those items will be arranged or styled on a flat surface.

Let me show you a few examples…

IMG_1292 IMG_1294 IMG_1289 IMG_1288

IMG_1362 IMG_1457 IMG_1456 IMG_1455 IMG_1454


Get the idea?

So, take a flat lay photo, you can take a photo of anything or anything, but here’s my tips.

? Use a light or white background. You can arrange your objects on a white piece of cardboard, a sheet or table. If you don’t have anything white, work with what you’ve got! A flat surface is best.

? Do a bit of styling. Look at what is laid out in front of you and see how you can make it more visually appealing. Do you want the focus to be in the centre of the photo? To the bottom third? To the top third? Or evenly placed {like the donut photo}.

? As with any photography, pay attention to your lighting. Natural light is beautiful, so why not move your arrangement closer to a window. Or if you’re heading out to a cafe for the day, pick a light table area to sit.

? Try and make sure your phone or camera is parallel to the table or surface you’re photographing. You might like to climb on a sturdy chair to get a little bit more height. Take a few photos and try and make the camera as stable, and straight as possible {having the camera on an angle will make it less ‘flat lay’}.

? All sound too hard? It’s not. I promise. But just work with what you’ve got, where ever you are. It’s fun to play around.

Have fun with it! x