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How to make your own art on your photos!

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I figured out something pretty cool over the weekend, and I thought I should share it. I don’t know if others have been doing it for donkey’s years… but I’m excited nevertheless. It’s so freaking cool.

The thing I figured out is how to get words that you’ve written yourself on paper, onto your photos as an overlay. You don’t need a fancy tablet or camera or anything. All you need is an iPhone {Android users, if you know how to do it, please share in the comments}.

Of course, the Little Moments App  {ahem, minor plug there!} has sweet overlays that you can use, but this is a fun way to add your own touch to your photos.

So see the photo above. I’ve taken a photo of some confetti, and then I’ve placed the words ‘say yes’ which I painted on paper over the top. Way cool, right?

So to get started you need these apps:

Eraser {just search for Eraser in the App Store, I have this one but there might be free ones}
LetterGlow {this one}

Now, yes I have paid for Apps to make this work, but I’m not adverse to throwing a few dollars towards Apps. If you can find Apps that don’t cost anything that do the same job, hooray. Let us know about them in the comments below.

So once you’ve got your Apps sorted, it’s time to put down the phone and get creative. You can draw in colour or in black. Personally I think black looks best.

say yes

I drew with pencil, and then painted over with ink. I’ve also down it with Sharpie coloured pens. Do whatever you please.

Once you’ve drawn your words, take a photo with your phone. You want to make sure you camera is sitting straight when taking the photo {hold it evenly over the artwork so not to get a warped picture}.

Now open the Eraser App and upload your photo. Crop your image as required and then click DONE. Select Eraser, and then place the target on the background. It should remove most of the background, if not all. If you still have some areas that need removing you can click on them, and erase them. For harder areas click COLOR and then click on the background so it will remove all areas of the same colour.

Click DONE. Then, click SAVE and save your image as a PNG, Transparent file.

Now open up LetterGlow. You’ll want to upload {or take} your background photo. You can see I took a photo of some confetti to use as the background.


Click the dotted box in the bottom menu, then click IMPORT in the overlay menu. This is where you’ll select the image you just created in the Eraser App.

Sit it over the top, resize it, move it, do what you will. Once you’re done, SAVE it. This would also work well if you’re a business and someone has made your logo as a PNG file, or you’ve made artworks in photoshop or whatever program you use.

One last tip before you run off, I also like to add a filter in either Little Moments or PicTapGo afterwards as it seems to blend the two images a little bit better.

Here’s another I created while playing around. I see more artworks in my future.


Android users, please don’t forget to share if you know of some Apps that can do the same thing for your smartphones.

Happy creating! Tag your photos with #FMSwordup so I can see what you make! x