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Letter to Lulu: 17 months old

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Dear Lulu,

Let me tell how you start your day. You wake anywhere between 4am and 6am. The closer to 6am, the happier I am and the more I love you. Kidding. I love you no matter what time you wake, but I sure do enjoy that little bit extra sleep in.

Some kids like to play in their cot, and talk to their toys when they wake up. We’ve learned that you are not those kids. You also don’t have a volume switch. You go from nothing to EVERYTHING. So much loud. When you wake, you stand upright and you yell, “MUM MUM MUM MUM MUM MUM MUM MUM MUM MUM MUM”.

And so our day begins.

I don’t know what I do differently to other kids, but I raise mama-girls. Girls that like to be able to see me at every possible time. If I dared close the door on the bathroom, cue major meltdown. I tried it once. It was like the world was ending.

Using the bathroom now is very much a spectator sport.

This morning we played in your bedroom. You made me a cup of tea in your tiny kitchen and ‘cheers’d’ me as you handed me my cup. You are so stinking cute, it kills me.


Let me tell you all the things you love to do. You love to eat Weetbix. Well, only if you can feed yourself, which you do… but then you paint yourself and the house with it too and if it’s not cleaned within 3.45 seconds, then it turns to glue and it’s game over. You also love sushi, anything chocolate, fruit, sandwiches, avocado… You’ll pretty much eat anything that’s not moving. Let’s not talk about that time last month when you ate a dishwashing tablet.


You also love to feed Bronte {Bonte! to you}. Each day we fill up the cup and you carry it outside. Bronte is the most excitable dog in the world, and you wince as she jumps near you. You try and tell her to stop, stay, sit but I don’t think she cares to listen to people smaller than her. Plus she can see the food you’re carrying.

Depending on the day, you’ll either walk over and dump the cup into her dish… or you’ll walk over and dump the cup… all over the ground… so Bronte can spend the rest of her day retrieving tiny little balls of liver-flavoured biscuits. On the very interesting days you’ll demand that you have to pick up EVERY SINGLE DROPPED BISCUIT and put it into her dish. Seventy-two hours later we go inside.


Lulu, as I watched you this morning playing, I was reminded {as I am every day} at how quickly you grow. As much as I try and soak up every moment and store them, I know that I might not remember just how you looked at this age. How you spoke in that super cute way. How you were so needy, and easily-frustrated, but I might not have it any other way. I will remember how much I love you though, and how grateful I am to be your mama.

I’d love if you could just stay this teeny for a little bit longer…

I do love you so much Lulu.

Mama. xx