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Lunchbox ideas: Snacks from the supermarket

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I know I’ve been writing a lot about lunchboxes lately. Or maybe it feels like I have, because I’m thinking about it a lot. KIDS EAT A LOT. And regularly too. Every day apparently. ?

I know for some parents, the lunchbox saga is epic. I’m part of a lunchbox group on Facebook, and for the most part it’s super helpful… but I’ve seen some parents freak out that they’re not baking enough, being creative enough or being super mum enough.

I’m in my fifth year of lunchbox making, and I did 10 years before that as a nanny… and while I might get creative on the rare occasion… all I really care about is that the food gets eaten, it’s 90% good for them, and that they don’t groan when they open up their lunchbox at snack time.

Because you totally know our parents didn’t stress about this right {or not that I know of}? And we survived JUST FINE.

Today I wanted to share some supermarket snacks that we have at home to fill up our lunchboxes. This is how my planning works: I do a lunch item {homemade sausage rolls, leftovers, sandwich, sushi, bread roll, whatever the flavour of the day is}, fruits and/or vegetables, and then I’ll put a snack-y item or two {which is often supermarket food}. Now, my kids don’t have allergies or food concerns, but I still try and pick the most natural food possible, but sometimes I’ll just give them something they like to eat {because the fact that they’re filling their tummies is important to me}.

I love hearing/seeing what others eat, so I’m sharing what we’ve tried lately.






{Those lentil chips are insanely good!}



{I know, I know… microwave rice. I still haven’t mastered rice cooking, and this is easy to use on crazy school mornings when I realise I don’t have fresh bread in the house}.

As for how we pack it, I use a YumBox and Sooky Lah Saks for putting snacks in, as well as our Thermos too – which they all go into this bigger Smiggle lunchbox.

Sooky Lah Saks

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 9.00.08 AM


What do your kids love to eat for snacks?

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  • I have popcorn packets ready for when I need to add something to Esther’s lunchbox. I’ve sent rice once and she didn’t really eat it. I agree that its about sending food they will eat and will fill their tummy. Thanks for this post. 🙂

    • Everything is hit and miss, isn’t it? And just when I think I nailed it, the tastebuds seem to change!

  • I am the least creative person in the world when it comes to packing lunches. These ideas look great, and I am totally loving that YumBox. Lynda xo

  • Those roasted chick peas for an adult to snack on too!

  • Those roasted chick peas are great for an adult to snack on too!

  • Nicole

    aside from a lunch item we usually pack a small tub of yoghurt, a couple of pieces of fruit and one other ‘snack’ item – there is usually a stock of popcorn, pretzels, crackers, dip & the least sugary muesli bars i can find as an alternative to any homemade baked goods i may have on hand. thankfully miss 11 is pretty easy to cater for so we don’t tend to get into too much of a rut.

  • Cute lunch box! We’re still using a Peppa Pig one here for little miss 3 ?
    Lunch box packing is fun for me (call me crazy). I usually only put one supermarket item in if that, we’re really big on making things from scratch even our popcorn and flavouring. Don’t know how we’d cope if I couldn’t pack nuts and eggs etc though

  • Lauren Russo – Love_Live_Loz

    My possum takes a 6L esky to school each day (they all do – its hot in the tropics!) and inside she has 3 containers. One with “lunch” like a sandwhich or meat and salad wrap; one with savoury snacks like cheese, crackers, salami stick and cherry tomato and another with a homemade muffin/lamingtons/sweet biccies etc and some fruit like grapes or strawberries and blueberries. In addition to those 3 containers she also takes a squeezie yoghurt and an apple for 930am fruit break. I’m only 5 weeks into being a school mum and I’m already finding it hard to keep up the variety so she doesnt have those “ooooh not again” moments!

  • Justine Bennett

    this seems to be the story of my life at the moment…

  • Thanks for this!! You make me feel normal.

  • Total Yumbox fan here too. So good. I tend to pack leftovers (pasta, meatballs, quiche slice, thin strips of steak, etc), veggies (Max will only have tomatoes and cucumber, but my girls eat carrot, capsicum, corn, snow peas, etc); fruit like grapes, strawberries, raspberries, peach; cheese or yoghurt; and something I’ve baked a biiiiig batch of from the freezer – muesli bars, bliss blls, etc. Packets include Ari bars, popcorn or good Ol Smiths blue crisps. Anything with the ingredients listed “potatoes, oil, salt” is OK by me!!