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The Oh-So-Happy-Mail Project

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The Oh-So-Happy-Mail Project

If you’ve known me for more than one day, you probably know that I love mail. I love getting lovely mail {let’s be honest, bills suck}, and I love sending mail.

Each year I do a Gift Exchange, and I’ve done Happy Mail Exchanges in the past… but I wanted to do something regular and fun; A Oh-So-Happy Mail Project.

Here’s how it will work:

+ You’ll sign up with your details letting me know you want to be involved

+ I’ll partner you with someone from around the world

+ You’ll write them a letter and get a letter in return

+ You’ll feel happy!

{I plan on making this a regular thing, every one to two months depending on how it all goes}.

Fill out my online form.

Let me know if you have any questions below. I’ll close the form when it reaches 500 entrants. If you miss out, please join us next month. x

  • Yay! this sounds like a whole lot of fun! Loved FMS Gift Exchange, its so lovely to receive something in the post x

  • I love happy mail so of course, I love this! Sign me up, Scottie!

  • Yay! I’m in.

  • Toni Tiu

    I signed up! 🙂

  • Clare

    You’re a star!! X

  • Michelle Brewster

    Ooh how bloody exciting!!!! I’ve signed up (and I’m hoping it went through, as it just returned to the article/sign up page, with no acknowledgment that my submission had been received… ?)

  • Signed up – woo hoo!!

  • Megs H

    Woohoo….signed up already!!! Super excited *Throws confetti* 🙂

  • Janni Gumly Gumly

    Brilliant idea, I was actually thinking the other day that PAD is a bit like being pen pals, I’ve made wonderful friends all over the world. Thanks for all you do Chantelle,

    • Sandra

      Hello Janni,
      Can you please give me information on PAD and how I can join. Thank you?


      • Sandra

        My e-mail address is [email protected]

      • Tarina

        Hi Sandra, I think she’s referring to photoaday.. all the info here >

        • Janni Gumly Gumly

          Thanks Tarina, yes Sandra, that’s it. It’s a photo challenge were a series of prompts are provided & each group member posts a photo that they have taken that fits the prompts. Members are all over the world & it is extremely well administered. It’s one of the most amazing, positive groups I’ve ever experienced & Ive established real friendships with people all over the world through this group.

  • Looks like I’ve missed out, but I can’t wait to join in next time! 😀

  • Bethany Rose

    Missed out this time but will keep my eye out for the next round!

  • Init

    Eeeeek how did I miss out!!?? ?? next month it is then lol

  • littleangel

    Missed out already!!! Next time.

  • Linda

    So sad I missed it..

  • Nicole

    Bugger I missed out! Have to wait til next time.

  • whoa! sold out hey! That’s awesome. Postmans everywhere better brace themselves 🙂

    • Ha, sold out! 😛 Yes, it will be back again next month. And I might do a kids one too. Would your kids be into that?

      • Oh yes that’s really fun!

      • Tarina

        Yes, Yes, Yes to the kids one! Miss 4.5 is obsessed with ‘writing’ letters and addressing envelopes… my poor family are inundated with pictures and stories 😛

  • Barb Mallett

    So sad I missed this! It is only 7:00 am here and I missed it! How can this work for us in the US? I got the email in the middle of the night here and closed before I get up in the morning. So sad.?

    • It will be done at different times in the day, so you’ll get a chance. Good luck for next month. 🙂

  • kewkew

    Sort of a bummer. I am subscribed to your email newsletters, but when it came through it was the middle of the night here in Pennsylvania.

  • Mariana

    Bummed! Califonia newletter subscriber here

  • Joanna Aceves

    So bummed I missed this!! ?

  • Full already?! ?

  • shelley larson

    yes yes yes!

  • Sonya waites

    You know u need more slots. I purchased both sets of ur postcards. I also think you should checkout

  • joy2214

    So sad I missed out but can’t wait for the next round. I love to send and receive mail…ever since I was a little girl 🙂 This is a great idea!

  • Damn – I didn’t read that it would close at 500 entrants… Grrr well hopefully next time I’ll be so smart to sign up immediately! Have fun everyone who got in!

  • Chantelle – what a wonderful , wonderful way to make the world a more lovely place.
    your work!

  • kristywithersmitchell

    Darn! Missed out!

  • gabby59

    Hi Chantelle what do we need to look for the in subject line ? for our partner letter people cheers Maria

    • The subject will be ‘Your Partner’ – I’ve had a few undelivered – people might have put their wrong email. I’ll let you know if you’re one of them – will check tomorrow. x

      • gabby59

        Hi Chantelle – still no email from Your Partner, tks M do I need to pm my email again ?

        • Hey Gabby. I’ve just checked my list and you’re not on it. 🙁

          Wanna email me with your details?


          • gabby59

            Hi Chantelle – I’ve emailed you with the details – gabby59 is my sign on here
            tks Maria Pilot

  • Sharon Waters

    If I didn’t receive anything even in my junk mail does that mean I have missed out ?

  • Joyce Fort

    I didn’t receive an email, but I know I got in on it…..what do I do!?

    • It might be in spam. I’ll email with the details of your partner now. x

      • Joyce Fort

        Got it, thank you!