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The Oh-So-Happy-Mail Project

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The Oh-So-Happy-Mail Project

If you’ve known me for more than one day, you probably know that I love mail. I love getting lovely mail {let’s be honest, bills suck}, and I love sending mail.

Each year I do a Gift Exchange, and I’ve done Happy Mail Exchanges in the past… but I wanted to do something regular and fun; A Oh-So-Happy Mail Project.

Here’s how it will work:

+ You’ll sign up with your details letting me know you want to be involved

+ I’ll partner you with someone from around the world

+ You’ll write them a letter and get a letter in return

+ You’ll feel happy!

{I plan on making this a regular thing, every one to two months depending on how it all goes}.

Fill out my online form.

Let me know if you have any questions below. I’ll close the form when it reaches 500 entrants. If you miss out, please join us next month. x