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Dear cucumber.

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Dear Cucumber.

I am sorry.

For so many years I looked at you in disgust; you watery, flavourless, good for nothing vegetable. I thoughtlessly tossed you aside in salads, and I hunted you down and out of salad sandwiches. You had no place in my life. HOW DARE YOU TURN UP THERE IN MY SANDWICH, DUDE?

I’d go as far as saying I hated you. I did.

I walked by you at the fruit store, and I didn’t look twice. I judged you. I ignored you. I hated on you.

Sometimes I’d even get outraged. Aunty Joan used to eat cucumber sandwiches, probably still does. I think I may have pulled her aside and done a mental health check, “Are you of sound mind? CUCUMBER SANDWICHES? Really?”

And then something happened. I don’t even know when or how, but suddenly the hate stopped. I tolerated you. It wasn’t love, but it wasn’t disgust either. And then I saw the real you, and I liked you. You crisp little vegetable you. Or fruit. I don’t know {but don’t be turning up in my fruit salad, cos then we definitely got problems}.

Can we be friends?

My brother hated onions ALL HIS LIFE. It caused mum such headaches. She’d had to put flags on his rissoles to let him know they were onion-free. Now the brat has just started eating onions, raw even.

Is there a food you hated for so long, and suddenly started to like? Tell me about it.

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  • Put slices in your Gin and Tonic. GAME CHANGER

  • Jacinta Barnes

    I’m with your brother on the onion thing! BUT I will never like them! NEVER!! My parents used to try so hard to hide them but I could smell them and would painstakingly pick every piece out so they gave up and now everyone makes me an onion free version of whatever it is they make. I won’t even eat something that onion has touched. I’ve also (not intentionally) caused my children to hate onion just because I automatically pick it off and they see my reaction to it!

    • Now I’m trying to think back to that lunch we had and wondering if it had onion! ?

      • Jacinta Barnes

        Haha! I actually can’t remember but I don’t think so because I’ve since been back because it was so good the first time! I’m also a very polite eater in public (many a Maccas run after a meal) ?

  • Kathy

    I personally love cucumber, always have, my hubby, not so much, in fact he also hunts them down and ulls them out of everything if he forgets to ask them to hold the cucumbers. But he then says it taints the rest of his food. He also dislikes watermelon, which I love – this article explains the like dislike

    • Louise

      That article is great – I have found my “people” I always feel like a freak when I say I can’t stand cucumbers (or watermelon). But just to be fickle I can actually bear cucumber in tzatziki dip – it’s still not great, but tolerable in that context. Oh and along with many other commenters on the article – I love dill pickles.

    • Hold up, Pickles are cucumbers???

      • Kathy

        They are – but they are pickled – so you cant taste the natural flavour of it

  • Yes, so many! Tomato, avocado, mushrooms…couldn’t stand them growing up but will now happily eat them. I think maybe my pregnancies changed my tastebuds, or I just grew up 😉 Still can’t do cucumber though!

  • PetraCorcoran

    You make me laugh. Like genuinely out loud and with total sincerity. Thank You. x

  • Row Parker

    Haha I hated onions too I would pick them out no matter how tiny mum chopped them. Now I love them cooked (because I talked myself into it) still can’t deal with them raw

    • They give me a headache when I eat them raw so I usually eat them, get a headache and then remember that they do that to me! {This happened yesterday!}.

  • Oh yes.. mushrooms. Hated them till my late 20s then suddenly clicked and I now love them!

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    Love cucumbers,but I hate mushrooms and eggplant!

    • Mushrooms are my fave Lisa. I can’t believe you don’t love them! ? Eggplant on the other hand, I’ll eat it… but it’s pretty much just a sponge or vehicle for sauces and oils {ugh}.

  • Barb N

    … HI Chantelle… my main food taste hate was oysters…. then in my middle thirties I found out they tasted wonderful… amazing…xxx hugs.. Barb xxx

  • oh my goodness, i had SUCH blind hatred towards broccoli. i now love it raw with ranch dip, steamed or stir-fried with chicken. YUM!

  • Barb Mallett

    I always thought I hated asparagus & avocado. But sometimes the hate comes from your parents. My mom always told me I didn’t like this or that so never ate it. Now grown, I have tried both of those and love them! Especially avocado! One thing mom made us eat was 3 bites of liver! I still hate liver!!!

    • She can keep the liver. Yuk. I ate steak and kidney pie so much as a kid, and I didn’t realise it had kidneys in it.


      By the way, how good is avocado?

  • Tarina

    Haha. This made me laugh! I grew a HATE towards mince growing up as we’d have it so bloody much! Single mum, cheap dinners etc. I hated it for so long, the smell of it cooking made me want to be sick! But now it’s probably my favourite – premium mince only and cooked with so much onion and garlic and red wine!

  • I hated olives for the longest time, then I could slightly tolerate them in certain dishes and on pizza. Then one day it changed and I suddenly liked them. I still can’t eat them by themselves, but in dishes and salads I love them. The black, red and green kind. Still can’t stand cucumber though. I even hate the smell.

  • I’m the only one who will eat it in our house, but I put in smoothies because saves cutting up just for my salad. I don’t really hate any food – isn’t that terrible?

  • Lily B.

    Chestnut spread !
    Always thought it was too sweet and sickening until last year, and now I pour it on every of my yoghurt / ice cream / toasts …

  • Saraid Dammerel

    Avocado! My fiance [then fairly new boyfriend] made my try it again after years of avoidance, and now I love it. Sit down and eat a whole one with a spoon, that kind of love. He doesn’t let me forget it either 😉

  • Laura

    I used to hate hate hate courgette (not sure if its called courgette in Australia, zucchini maybe?!), wouldn’t eat anything it was in or had touched, but now I love it!

  • Lauren

    Ha, hilarious! I dislike cucumber quite a bit, but my biggest hate is coriander! I have tried so hard to like it, especially because my favourite cuisines are Thai and (authentic) Mexican – both of which have a lot of coriander ? *Sigh*

  • For so long I hated pumpkin, and now it’s one of my fave foods!

  • Timi

    Cucumber sandwiches are all the rage in our household this hot humid Summer.

  • Moni Schlott

    I can’t stand cilandro/koriander. Never ever! Brrrr