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Dear cucumber.

Fat Mum Slim /


Dear Cucumber.

I am sorry.

For so many years I looked at you in disgust; you watery, flavourless, good for nothing vegetable. I thoughtlessly tossed you aside in salads, and I hunted you down and out of salad sandwiches. You had no place in my life. HOW DARE YOU TURN UP THERE IN MY SANDWICH, DUDE?

I’d go as far as saying I hated you. I did.

I walked by you at the fruit store, and I didn’t look twice. I judged you. I ignored you. I hated on you.

Sometimes I’d even get outraged. Aunty Joan used to eat cucumber sandwiches, probably still does. I think I may have pulled her aside and done a mental health check, “Are you of sound mind? CUCUMBER SANDWICHES? Really?”

And then something happened. I don’t even know when or how, but suddenly the hate stopped. I tolerated you. It wasn’t love, but it wasn’t disgust either. And then I saw the real you, and I liked you. You crisp little vegetable you. Or fruit. I don’t know {but don’t be turning up in my fruit salad, cos then we definitely got problems}.

Can we be friends?

My brother hated onions ALL HIS LIFE. It caused mum such headaches. She’d had to put flags on his rissoles to let him know they were onion-free. Now the brat has just started eating onions, raw even.

Is there a food you hated for so long, and suddenly started to like? Tell me about it.