Letter to Luella: Two years old

Dear Luella,

I feel like that with each of these letters I’ve written to you, I’ve said all the same things. I’ve told you how cute you are, reminded you how loved you are, and more about how cute you are. I didn’t want to really say it again, but you are so cute. YOU’RE CUTE. There, I said it.

Parenting the second time around is different, and slightly more joyous. I feel like I hang on to all the awesome moments, because I know how fleeting they are. The sleepless nights are torturous when they’re happening, but they pass. Eventually.

The simple fact is, is that I’ve just thoroughly enjoyed you. Every moment. Well, that’s probably a fib. Right now you’re going through a stage where you’re on an emotional roller-coaster ALL DAY. One minute you’re the happiest kid in the world, and the next minute you’re devastated and angry because I put your baby in the pram THE WRONG WAY.

You have a cute, wicked little sense of humour. I was driving along in the car, singing at the top of my lungs {as I do} and from the back of the car you yelled, “SHUB UP MUM!”

So I sung a little louder.

You like to sing yourself, except you get the words wrong. Uptown Funk gets translated to ‘Town Fu*k’. Not that you mean to, but you’ll know what that means when you’re old enough to read this. You’ll know why we lost it, and laughed so much we cried.

My favourite time is still the mornings. Dadda and Lacey like to sleep in, so it’s just you, me and the world. You wake, I come and collect you, and you snuzzle into that little place in my neck, made just for you.

You’re calm for about 20 minutes, snuggled on the lounge with me, until you realise you’re hungry. You walk over to the pantry and announce, “I bit HUNGY!” But nothing will suffice. I offer you every food available, but without fail, each morning you tantrum because it’s not the food you want. It’s not something I look forward to, but it happens each day. I’ve started making you a 3 course breakfast; fruit, meats, breads, crackers, dips, ALL THE THINGS. I realise I’m raising a princess.

My favourite moment, in all these two years, just happened last week. You climbed up into my lap and you cuddled me, you kissed my neck and you said, “I lub you mum.”

I have anxiety when it comes to time, and passing too quickly… but just recently I let go of my tight grip, and breathed. I can see you growing into an awesome little person, with the whole world in front of you. I see the way you look at the world, how smart you are, and I realise… I want you to grow up. Not quickly, but in good time. I want you to grow up, and experience it all. I want you to find what makes you come alive, and do that. I want to be witness to all the good things you’ll do.

I love you Lulu, thank you for a delightful two years, and to all the many more ahead of us.

Lots of love, Mama xx

P.S. What a difference 2 years makes!


10 thoughts on “Letter to Luella: Two years old”

  1. Love this – ALL so true. Cara said last week “mummy you so beautiful’ heart MELTED. We need a Cara and LuLu meet up.

  2. Gorgeous letter Chantelle. I remember reading your very first letter to Luella when she was born 2 years ago. Seems like no time at all really! Must seem like a second ago and forever ago all at the same time for you!
    I’m looking forward to doing the same for my baby girl (if she decides to ever come out… I’m starting to think I’m just going to be pregnant forever!).

  3. Awww beautiful. My second bub just turned two as well – such a fun age most of the time but the mood can turn at the blink of an eye!! Good luck with the breakfast situation, we are much the same 😉

  4. Just beautiful Chantelle! Olivia’s fave song right now is uptown funk too although she hasn’t sung it wrong yet! Gosh she is beautiful, she’ll loves these letters when she is older, no doubt x

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