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I get it, dad

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I am one of four kids. There’s Sarah, then me, my brother Tim and my sister Jenna. Back when we were all under the same roof, plus with two dogs named Ellie and Taylor, it was quite the full house.

To me it was my normal, it was all I knew. It was more than one, and less than a netball team. I liked it. My dad though, he struggled. Not with the parenting four children, because my mum did most of that. I’m not sure if my dad ever changed a nappy back in the day, I’ll have to ask him. {He provided for our family and cooked a mean fried rice though}.

The thing he struggled with was getting the right name for the right kid. He’d work his way through every living being in the house before he settled on the right name, “Sah-Tim-Jen-Ell-Tayl… Chantelle!” Bingo.

Back then I didn’t get it. Did he not know who we were? Did he not know what our names were? Sheesh, dad of the year right there. Ha.

I have two children. More than one, definitely less than a netball team. I have a dog named Bronte. And do you know what? Now I get it.

My brain is fried. I don’t know what I ate for breakfast, and I don’t even know what my own name is sometimes. I can’t remember dates or important details, and I definitely can’t remember where I left my wedding rings the night before {it would make sense to keep them in the same place each day, right? I’m not that clever}.

When calling out to the kids, I often get it wrong. Lacey becomes Lulu, and Lulu becomes Lacey. And a lot of the times I get stuck in the middle and I’ll call them Lu-cy. It’s like they’ve become a mash-up of two people, like they do with celebrity names. You know, like Brangelina. Lacey + Luella = Lucy.

So I’m going with that until I get my brain back {which is when, mind you?}. For now, my kids will collectively be known as Lucy. Or hey you. Whatever works.

So dad, I definitely get it.

Do you remember if your parents were ever knackered or a little bit exhausted from the parenting gig? Did they get your names wrong too?