Healthy Chicken and Vegetable Sausage Rolls + Win a $250 Coles Voucher

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For the past 12 months I’ve been sharing beautiful creations using groceries sourced from Coles, and for my final recipe I wanted to create something using fresh produce, but I wanted you guys to help me decide. So I popped over to my Facebook page and put it to the community.

Which would it be?


You can check out what every had to say about the options here. I kinda wanted number 4 to win, because mushrooms {my favourite!} but I’ll make it down the track anyway. BUT everyone was super keen about number one, healthy chicken and vegetable sausage rolls.

Of course, who doesn’t love a flaky pastry, and hiding vegetables from the kids? We headed out to grab the groceries, Hubby kept Lulu entertained in the car and I did the run in. You can really use any vegetables in this. I’d love to see pumpkin, or broccoli, but the recipe suggests carrot and zucchini so I started with those first. Go hard! Work with what your family likes, experiment. Chicken doesn’t have much flavour, so you’re getting the flavour from the fresh coriander. You could add in garlic, or whatever tickled your fancy as you made your way around the fresh fruit and vegetable section.

Healthy Chicken and Vegetable Sausage Rolls


1 cup fresh wholemeal breadcrumbs
500g RSPCA-approved chicken mince
1 egg, plus an extra for brushing the pastry
1 zucchini, finely grated
1 carrot, finely grated
1/2 onion, grated
1/4 cup coriander leaves, chopped
1/4 flat-leaf parsley leaves, chopped
4 sheets frozen puff pastry, thawed
1 tablespoon sesame seeds



♥ Preheat the oven to 200°C, and line a baking tray with baking paper.
♥ Process the bread crumbs, and place into a bowl. If you don’t want to grate the vegetables, just process them instead. Place all the ingredients into a bowl, and mix to combine. Season.
♥ Place 1 sheet of puff pastry onto the bench, halve the sheet of pastry. Spoon an eighth of the mixture lengthways along the centre of each piece. Fold 1 edge of the pastry over, and roll. Press down lightly to seal. Repeat with remaining pastry. Cut into 3cm pieces and place onto baking sheets. Place two small cuts at the top of each sausage roll, brush with egg and sprinkle with sesame seeds. Bake for 25-30 minutes, until lightly brown and cooked through. Serve with sauce.

If you’d like to to try the other four recipes, you can find them over at They are:

2. Green goddess salad
3. Vegetable lasagne
4. Mushroom and taleggio macaroni cheese
5. Pumpkin frittata

coles voucher

I’ve got another $250 voucher to giveaway. Someone is going to shop big! To be in the running, simply leave a comment below answering the following question: What’s your favourite healthy dinner to cook for your family?

Competition closes midnight September 25th 2015. One entry per person. Open to Australian residents only.

190 thoughts on “Healthy Chicken and Vegetable Sausage Rolls + Win a $250 Coles Voucher”

  1. This sounds tasty and I like the idea of swapping in whatever veges you want.
    Usually it is pretty simple meat and vege happening at our place with a picky grown up Mr. Lasagne is always a hit and I usually make salad to go with it and hide carrot and zucchini in the mince. Last night was the first time in ages that I’ve cooked something a bit new or that involved a bit more thought. We had garlic chicken with sundried tomato pasta bake and veges (beans from the garden, carrots and cauliflower). The Mr went back to the pasta bake to pick and when I said something about it with steak tomorrow night or maybe something else he jumped on having the pasta bake leftovers. Guess it was a hit.

  2. I do love a Chicken Stir Fry. I use lean chicken breasts and loads of veg. The left-overs taste even better the next day.

  3. We love a good sausage roll in this house, I look forward to trying this recipe! At the moment my family are loving pulled chicken soft tacos topped with lots of fresh crunchy vegetables. I love watching the kids creating their own, choosing their own toppings, which means they are most likely to eat up all their dinner, definitely a winner in our house!

  4. I love to make a mexican style chicken salad. Lettuce, red onion, tomato, avocado, grilled pineapple slices and grilled chicken. I marinate the chicken in honey, soy, garlic and lime juice. It is delicious! And to mix it up you can make all the elements up and put it all into tortilla wraps.

  5. Cottage pie with vegies like carrot, zucchini,broccoli in the mince and a cauliflower mash on top for something different! Yummo!

  6. A new favourite – coconut basil curry chicken! coconut milk, curry powder [I make my own], sweet potato, broccoli, beans, carrot, leek, chicken and basil. delicious with rice noodles

  7. Wholegrain wraps with sliced chicken and veges. One of the only ways my girls will have veges. Very keen to try this recipe above though

  8. My favourite healthy dinner to cook for the family is one I cook quite often in summer. It’s basically a gigantic garden salad with diced stone fruits and citrus and on top I ‘artfully’ arrange sliced chicken breast seasoned with a lemon marinade or I mix it up using minted lamb cutlets. The whole family love it, it’s light, summery and satisfies everyone.

  9. Our family fav is nachos. I hide vegetables in the mince and beans in my “cheese” dip. Plus the kids like to have it all on baby spinach, which is a bonus!

  10. My Chicken and Sweet Corn Soup…chicken bone broth, corn, egg….with the added goodness of garlic, ginger, chilli and coconut oil – to fight off the cold and flu virus

  11. I like to make bolognaise, it’s easy to load the sauce up with vegies and the kids don’t notice (he he) and great to serve with zoodles (zucchini noodles) instead of pasta!

  12. Butter Chicken – I can add veggies like sweet potato and grate in others and they have no idea. It’s one of their favourites. In fact, they get cross with me if we don’t have it once a week.

  13. Lasagna with hidden vegetables puréed into the bolognaise sauce. They don’t even notice the layer of spinach I add between the pasta and sauce too!

  14. Vermicelli chicken salad!! So easy because you can prep most during the day and just assemble when you’re ready to eat. Huge winner in our house ?

  15. Lasagne – because it is the meal that I can hide the highest number of vegetables without anyone noticing – even my fussy husband 😉

  16. Italian chicken brodo ; a big pot of hearty soup that is made with roasted chicken and it’s broth, onions, garlic, carrots, celery, fennel, zucchini, peas, corn, spinach, rice, and broken spaghetti. A complete meal in one pot that my kids love and I love because of the veg quota, I will always have some on hand in the freezer to feed those hungry mouths!

  17. Always a hit with my family are oven baked Tandoori Chicken, Pea and Carrot Pilaf Rice and a nice green salad with ribbons of cucumber and carrot. Use Basmati rice, as its lower GI. So its better for diabetics but for everyone it keeps you fuller for longer!

  18. I’ve discovered a super easy, tasty and healthy no fuss meal that surprisingly everyone seems to like. Best of all I change it up to suit whats in the fridge, the fav version is tri-colour quinoa from coles, some stock (I like vegetable or the Maggie Beer lemon verjus and a water mix) in a slow cooker! yup, simple as that, 3hrs on low then pop some rocket/spinach mix in for the last 30mins. Add some cubed or broken up fetta pieces through and its a yummo warm pilaf style meal or great as a cold salad next day. Goes great with some chicken on the side. 🙂

  19. I make my own cup-of-soup mixes by dehydrating, in a slow oven, finely chopped
    ingredients such as onions, parsley, bacon, silverbeet, carrot, peas and bacon. Freeze them. Then rehydrate a tablespoon per mug of boiling water with rice vermicelli and a dash of soy sauce! Serve with crusty bread!
    This is a great way to use up little bits of leftover vegetables you have in your fridge. It’s also economical and time saving when you don’t have time to cook!

  20. Celestial Chicken w rice. always a winner in our house and so easy to make. CELESTIAL

    8 pieces of chicken with 2 tabs
    P. flour. Brown in 1 tab of butter and oil. Place in casserole &
    sprinkle in any remaining flour & contents of chicken noodle soup packet.

    Add 1
    cup water, 425g can pineapple pieces & syrup.

    Add 1
    sliced carrot. Cover and bake @ 180C (375F) for 1 ¼ hours.

    sliced capsicum & cook another 10 mins. Serve with rice.

  21. Chicken, sweet potato and quinoa salad. It’s delicious. Also has cherry tomatoes, spinach, avocado and a curry lime dressing to finish it off.

  22. Stir fry chicken breast (non stick wok no oil) vegetables and brown rice with a little soy sauce
    Serve on a lettuce leaf
    My families favourite

  23. my favourite and my kids favourite even now they are 26 and 29 years old is my lasagne, I use beef mince, low fat cheese skim milk and whole grain lasagne sheets and low fat olive oil butter. Instead of using tomato paste I use chunky medium salsa with a little cornflour to thicken and plenty of low fat cheese sauce, my boys call it my sloppy lasagne cause it just collapses onto the plate. but they have always loved it much better than the store bought stuff and yes I always but my ingredients from Coles and uses Coles brand skim milk, low fat grated cheese, low fat olive oil spread and salsa, cornflour and mince

  24. I love making sushi at home. It’s easy to accomodate everyone’s tastes. My favourite filling to make is seared teriyaki tuna, avocado and spring onion. Delicious and healthy!

  25. Corn and spring onion fritters. They are so easy to make and are great to feed a tribe. Keeps them healthy and happy

  26. Hamburgers – I make my own patties with trim mince and use wholemeal rolls. Then I load then with tomato, onion, beetroot and baby spinach leaves (instead of lettuce). The kids love them and don’t realise how healthy they actually are.

  27. Zucchini and carrot fritters (sometimes pumpkin instead of carrot if I feel like cutting it), with a fresh tomato salsa.

  28. I’ve tweaked Donna Hay’s Corn Fritters, and add in lots of extra grated (or used thermie) veges like zucchini/carrot/spinach and extra vege stock and they come up so awesome on the bbq, kids have no idea the extra nutrients in them

  29. My favourite healthy dinner for the family is a rice bowl. I just make some brown rice or quinoa, and then I can grate up some veggies (carrot, cucumber, zucchini etc.) and grill some chicken (usually with moroccan spice, or covered in curry yoghurt) to put on top and then serve it with either some soy sauce or yoghurt! Yum!

  30. I put pureed cauliflower in everything but our current fave is cauliflower fried rice. I just substitute half the amount of (brown) rice for riced cauliflower.

  31. Tacos! Really healthy because I serve it with a salad such as shredded spinach & carrot, sliced cucumber, tomato salsa, mozzarella & Parmesan, sliced button mushrooms & a really yummy homemade avocado guacamole! This is one of the few ways to get our girl to eat & enjoy Veges!?Joh

  32. Chicken mince chow mein. I can hide grated carrot and zucchini and cabbage and mix in brown rice. It’s the only way I can get veges into my daughter.

  33. I make RV sauce – random vegetable i.e. whatever is in season is quickly tossed in a wok (or served raw) with chicken or fish and fresh salad leaves – my children and husband love it and no two dinners are ever the same depending on what I have picked up at the farmers market or fruit and veg shop.

  34. Pork Fillet Stir Fry! With Bok Choy, Snow Peas, Onions , Carrot, Red Capsicum, Mushrooms
    & any other Seasonal Fresh Veg really! A rainbow on your plate, tasty & full of goodness!

  35. Upside down pies of my own creation with salad. A flaky pastry base (no sodes or topping) with thick home made chunky beef stew with seasonal veges, topped with mashed Pumpkin and Potatoe to keep it together. Don’t always need the pumpkin and Potatoe. Can top it with buttered mushrooms too.

  36. Corned silverside in slow cooker with mixed veg, mash potato & corn on the cob. Friends for dinner make it even better!

  37. I make up a vegetarian Mexican inspired dish with some rice, kidney beans, corn and fresh tomato, (plus some spices) and serve it up with Lebanese bread or home made tortillas and some avocado. It’s quick and it’s cheap. Everyone loves it and I know it’s good for them.

  38. I first used this sausage roll recipe for George’s naming day and it was a hit! It’s been my go to sausage roll recipe since and makes great meatballs too (just roll into balls and bake!).

    My current healthy meal fabourite is also a Taste recipe, Mexican chicken casserole. Diced chicken, corn kernels, kidney beans and salsa. Mix it all together and bake. I serve with rice that I add capsicum too for an extra veggie. Even easier now our local Coles deli is selling chicken breast already cut into chunks, just a matter of mixing everything together and sticking it in the oven. I love when I can be lazy AND feel good about serving a healthy meal!

  39. Stirfry honey soy pork with vegies of carrot, green and red capsicums, broccoli and cauliflower, spring onion then served with udon noodles.

  40. I have 3 go to dishes that I can get away with, without complaints from the kiddies.. They are my homemade Vegie Spring Rolls, Chow Mein and Egg n Bacon Pie…. All delicious and made with love!..

  41. Anything in a wrap! They will eat meat & veg that way or meat and salad! And vegetarian daughter is happy with the veg or salad options too as I add beans to veg and chick peas to salad.

  42. Our healthy dinner, would be chickpea salad with salmon or garfish plenty of herbs and salad stuff 😉 Goes down perfectly…and so quick and easy

  43. Pizza on pita bread I spread it with salsa or any left over sauce in the fridge tomatoe and capsican dip is also nice and spread sliced zucchini ,capsican sweet potatoe sliced thin spinach and kale on top and sprinkle crumbled feta cheese back in the oven on 180 for about 20-30 mins depending on oven yummo you can add meat if you like any leftovers from the week it’s usually a weekend quick meat to use up leftovers and also sprinkle with sunflower seeds

  44. Hi we love zucchini and sweet potato fritters with sour cream and spinach, pomegranate and walnut salad. Yum Yum. Sometimes together and sometimes with other things.

  45. I love cooking chicken chasseur, minutes to prepare and only an hour in the oven. Beans, carrots and corn on the side served with rice. YUM!

  46. Pot roast with a difference’s – Sliverside cover with chicken stock add 1 large can crush tomatoes , sprinkle some mix herbs and crush garlic cover with lid or foil – cook on low after 1 hrs add veggies pumpkin,carrots, potato and onion – finish cooking on low 2rs or once meat and veggies or tender. You can thicken sauce with cornflour or leave it as it is or you can freeze it and use it as your base for spaghetti .

  47. Roast rolled pork , pineapple and mint salsa and coleslaw a fave with my family pine apple and mint salsa consists of fresh chopped pineapple chopped fresh mint and the juice of a lime and my coleslaw is savoy cabbage , parsley , spanish onion, carrot fresh corn kernels red capsicum and a vinaigrette dressing .

  48. we like to make a build-your-own vietnamese vermicelli salad with grilled chicken and grilled pork, accompanied with cabbage, beansprouts, shredded carrots, not to forget coriander,chilli and some fish sauce to go with it.
    Healthy and fun way to eat!

  49. I make good old spaghetti bol when the granddads are here. But I use lean mince and add grated carrot and zucchini, finely chopped red capsicum and mushrooms, chopped onion and fresh herbs, tinned tomatoes and tomato paste. And use Vetta high fibre pasta. The kids live it! And so does the hubby!

  50. Chick Pea Curry. It’s a great meal ready in 5 mins. Just toss in a couple cans of chick peas and onions along with any other veg you have laying around, use korma curry paste to taste and substitute coconut milk for carnation milk with coconut essence .

  51. Herby tomato & mushroom beef pasta. Made this up years ago out of available fridge items. Been a hit ever since. Piece of rump steak cooked and left to the side to rest. Fresh or tinned tomatoes, onion, mushrooms of choice, garlic and herbs of choice. I use fresh basil, oregano and thyme. All sautéd. Add thinly sliced rump and toss into freshly cooked pasta of choice. Dish and sprinkle crumbled goats feta and fresh basil on top. All ready in less than 10 mins. Protein, dairy, veg and carbs. The beauty of this is items can be gluten and dairy free if so required.

  52. My families favorite healthy dinner is lemon and garlic slow cooker chicken with boiled rice and steamed vegies…. I can pretty much serve anything with steamed broccoli lately and the children eat it! Who would think ‘little trees’ could turn any meal into a hit!

  53. Salmon coated in sesame seeds and grilled. Serve with sliced steamed sweet potato, steamed broccolini and a dash of soy sauce.

  54. Rice paper rolls is my favourite, a roast chicken from Coles and plenty of fresh veggies chopped up, vermicelli noodles and then everyone can make their own combination – a sure winner!

  55. Vietnamese Chicken Salad – YUMMMO

    Simple to make
    No need for me to bake
    There’s no dinner fit,
    The kids love it!
    Summer goodness – even bets a piece of Steak! 🙂

  56. My whole family loves Fajitas!!! I make them healthier by making my own marinade and salsa and using either low salt or multigrain wraps. The kids love all the fresh chopped tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce and capsicum that goes on them!

  57. Honey soy chicken stirfry with Hokkien noodles 🙂 Yum yum!! My absolute favourite, it’s healthy and the quickest meal ever. Win win!!

  58. Chicken Singapore Noodles…20mins and its on the table, so healthy and quick..always have to make double for everyones luch the next day:)

  59. Burrito bowls, all the ingredients of a Mexican dish but without the tortilla or taco. A big serve of lettuce with salsa, tomato, cucumber, avocado, sour cream, grated cheese and slow cooked beef with Mexican spices. Delish!

  60. We make a spag-bol, but instead of using the usual spag bol sauce, we get a sugar free tomato puree, and pack it with zuccini, carrots, eggplant, celery, spinach/silver beat and we enjoy!

  61. A ‘no cook’ using bought cooked chook, rice paper rolls, cucumber, carrot and optional corriander or mint leaf. Easy peasy sweet chilli sauce (just add vingear to sweet chilli sauce) All in family make it themsevles – big small, old young, girl boy – DINNER DONE!

  62. My simple vegetable curry is our fav. Potato, sweet potato and carrot – plus anything else I can find, usually zucchini and chic peas. Coconut milk or cream, water, curry powder or make my own with a mix of spices, fresh grated ginger, tamari and lemon juice. All in a pot until the veggies are tender then serve on brown rice.

  63. A beautiful Omelette with free range eggs, some ham, cheese and baby spinach…then a yummy relish on the side. Parents & kids happy 🙂

  64. What I call Impossible Quiche – because it is impossible to muck up! It is filled with whatever vegetables are on hand, but mostly carrot and zucchini. I make one with cheese, and one without (as one of my boys is allergic to dairy products) and served with salad a few oven baked chips and a little garlic bread…

  65. A Sunday roast, I cook the meat in the slow cooker for the day with herbs and some stock, then veg in the oven and steamed greens and gravy!

  66. Pizza chicken. Seat chicken breast in s dry frying pan then put on a baking tray, add a couple of tablespoons of tomato passata on top of the chicken spreading it out, sprinkle some shredded pizza cheese on top and bake in an oven at 180 degrees until cooked through and cheese golden. Serve with steamed rice and veg. Kids love it, super tasty and very healthy. It’s like parmigiana without all the naughty bits.

  67. Tacos (usually its wholemeal tortilla wraps) with grilled meat (chicken/beef/lamb/fish/prawns) and an assortment of fresh seasonal veggies. I normally make it 3-4 times a week as it’s quick, fresh and easily tailored to everyone’s tastes.

  68. Oh easy peasy San Chow Bow, so delishious, so quick, so healthy…. AND everyone goes back for more and more! ?.

  69. Pizza. Using Mountain Bread or a wrap as the base. Organic/home made tomatoes chutney, shredded roast chicken, pieces of roast pumpkin, baby spinach sprinkled with fetta

  70. Favourite healthy dinner is quiches 🙂 quick easy and tasty. I put onion capsicum eggs milk and cheese and season with salt and pepper

  71. Spaghetti bolognase is my favorite to cook for the family loaded with heaps of hidden veggies 😉 or I’ll add a tin of puréed red kidney beans no one ever knows lol

  72. We make Thai-style beef and rice, using lean beef mince, carrots, red capsicum, garlic, chilli, spring onions, and coriander. We just take a bit out for our toddler before the chilli goes in, and she loves it too.

  73. We love a nice piece of porterhouse cooked on the bbq with sautéed kale, roast sweet potato & some peas and carrot. Thankfully 1 child like meat & the other likes veggies!

  74. We love fried rice! We fill it full of meat, seafood and vegetables and it is always a winner with all 6 of us.
    It is so economical, healthy as well!

  75. My fav “deconstructed pie”. Slow cook some chuck beef with onions, carrots,mushrooms,fresh rosemary and thyme, lots of garlic and a can of tomatoes and beef consume. Serve it with mashed potatoes and fresh steamed broccoli beans and Brussels with a big round piece of puff pastry. YUM!

  76. With two vegetarian teenagers and a hubby who doesn’t eat chicken, dinner is often a challenge. A “winner dinner” though at our place is cumin spiced chickpea patties with a beautiful crisp green salad. A little dollop of tatziki on the side adds an extra layer of flavour. Added bonus to this meal it costs less than $10 to feed the four of us! Winner Dinner!!!!!

  77. Steak and veggies is our latest easy meal. My 3yo’s current favourite is steak with seeded mustard!! My 5yo settles for ham and veggies on those nights.

  78. We’ve just recently started making meatballs. My husband is not a fan of any kind of meal with minced meat balls in it, but the kids absolutely love them. We keep them super healthy by grating zucchini and carrot in to the sauce 🙂

  79. Veggie slice!
    Grate carrot & zucchini. Finely chop mushrooms & leeks. Mix with baby spinach, 1/2 cup cream, 1/2 cup flour, 1 cup grated cheese & 3 eggs. Add salt, pepper & some chicken stock powder. Bake for about 45mins at 180deg.
    So delicious served hot or cold! You can add bacon, tomato, whatever you’ve got on hand, & you’ve got dinner & lunch sorted ?

  80. Vietnamese chicken salad – so fresh and yummy! And the kids don’t even realise how many vegetables they’re eating when it’s drizzled in a sweet and salty dressing.
    Alana x

  81. My favourite is vege loaded pasta bolognese. Even my super fussy 6yo will eat it without realising he’s chowing down on so much goodness. I’m pretty sure it’s a staple for mums everywhere!

  82. My 4 children absolutely love burritos. We had them the other night and ran out of tortillas, so i had mine wrapped up in a lettuce leaf. It was delicious!

  83. We love soft tacos with home made Tortilla’s. My daughter proudly heaps her taco up with ALL the veggies! She is a good eater though 😉 I never have to hide veggies from her! Definitley want to try these sausage rolls out!

  84. Jacket potatoes are very popular in our house of 6. Toppings can include salads, mushroom cooked, cheese, spring onions, mexican toppings, coleslaw, bacon, cheese. These go great with some
    Slow cooked lamb or grilled chicken tenderloins.

  85. I like making zucchini slice. Whole meal flour, reduced fat bacon (if I’m being particularly good), Parmesan. Yum! Eaten by all.

  86. My current favourite healthy meal is chicken laksa with asian greens. Yum!
    However, now that the days are getting warmer, its hard to go past my quinoa salad with baby spinach, roast pumpkin and sheep’s milk feta, and a dressing of olive oil, white wine vinegar, cumin and honey. Delicious!

  87. I’d have to say frittata. It’s a guarantee my kids will eat it because it’s eggs, and I can load it up with lots of chopped veg and know they’re getting their intake!

  88. Yum! these look delish. My favourite, easy meal is tray baked chicken & veges – just throw everything in along with a handful of thyme, squished garlic clove & squeeze a lemon over and snuggle the skin in. Drizzle with oil and bake until cooked. Quick, easy, one pot & delicious!

  89. Spaghetti & meatballs, just made it actually. So filling, so delicious and great to freeze for nights at a later date when this single mumma doesn’t feel like cooking!

  90. nothing goes down better here than a nice BBQ barramundi and a simple garden salad. The only downside is no leftovers for lunch the next day

  91. I just made a great one tonight – and it was chicken wontons in a nice broth (stock) and it was really lovely, luckily I have a 5 yr old daughter who loves dumplings…my 2.5 son not so much…I also made a Coles recipe last week which I am craving to have again…the Greek chicken meatballs in a lemon soup with spaghetti in the soup and it was again delicious and we all loved it !

  92. Salmon rissoles. I hide heaps of vegies in the mixture. The kids love them and don’t realise how healthy they are!

  93. Grilled crispy skinned salmon with oven baked sweet potato chips, steamed greens and a wedge of lemon is a family favourite at our house – it tastes so good that I don’t think my girls realise how healthy it is- shhhhh ?

  94. Chop Suey, or Chow Mein is one of my faves.. loaded with lots of veggie goodness.. my 2yo also loves a good Thai Yellow Curry!

  95. Lemon, dill and lightly fried Panko crumbs on oven-baked barramundi fillets. I usually serve this with pumpkin, sweet potato and leek soup (with cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg). We are on a low-sodium diet due to my husband’s health so this low-salt meal with interesting textures and natural flavours is a hit for all!

  96. Slow-cooked diced beef and tomato veggie stew (broccoli, potatoes, onion, carrots, celery). I can cook heaps of veggies in it. Then I either give it to my 1yr & 4yr old as stew or pulse it and reuse it over pasta the following night, & wrap it in a tortilla with yoghurt another night. Lasts a good 3 nights in various concoctions.

  97. Mexican beef wraps. As a mum of 4 boys ive found it the best meal to get lots of fresh salad vegie vitamins into their growing bods with no fuss…. they love them.

  98. I love to feed the family Spag Bol as I hide so many veggies in the sauce. Grated, purred, diced; you name it I’ve probably used it before!
    FYI beetroot was not the best choice!

  99. eewww .. our Chicken Alfredo Veggetti! we use zucchini instead of pasta, tastes fabulous, low in carbs and calories AND quick to make .. it’s a win on every front!

  100. We all love spicy food, so a quick and healthy alternative to some of the fattier curries we like is my “outback” chilli con carne made using lean kangaroo mince, lots of capsicum, chickpeas and kidney beans, and served with tricolour quinoa. Always a winner around here. 🙂

  101. Swedish meatballs! My boys love helping to make them and I love doing them together as it’s a chance to embrace our heritage. <3

  102. I love a roast! Roast chicken with delicious crispy roast potates and lightly steamed green beans – something even fussy kids will eat and everyone enjoys.

  103. So I don’t cook cook but .. At this time of year, nothing is better than steak on the Webber with a nice green salad (and maybe some homemade BBQ chips on the side!). Simple, healthy and little mess to clean up! We are so Aussie. ?

  104. Zucchini Slice because other than zucchini, carrot & eggs (all good things) you can add all sorts of other stuff. I’ve used chicken, bacon, brochilli, corn, capsicum; you name it. The best part is it tastes great

  105. Chicken ceaser salad with a twist. My 9yr old would eat it breakfast, lunch and dinner. I just buy coles ceaser salad mix, add avo,cucumber, cherry tomatos,ricotta and shredded chicken!!

  106. We all LOVE Tuna Mornay, but we make it differently for the kids due to one having allergies etc. Made on soy milk and with hidden cauliflower and butter means in the mornay sauce and savoury yeast flakes used in place of cheese. Always a winner!

  107. Eye fillet steak, broccolini, and sweet potato & cauliflower mash.
    (Boil broccolini and cauliflower, mash with a fork with salt, pepper & garlic mix – SPG) So simple , yet delicious!

  108. Honey soy chicken with fried rice, our favourite family meal, we use brown rice instead of white and it just makes it AWESOME!

  109. My kids’ favourite (because we all know that the kids’ preferences come first!) is homemade tortillas with chicken and salad. Always a winner that never receives any complaints!

  110. I make and toast my own Museli for my family. It’s cheaper and no added refined sugar. I use puffed wheat, pecans, almonds, cranberries, toasted coconut, oats and lots lots more! So delicious!

  111. A healthy ham & zucchini carbonara. It’s healthy & delicious & even my 3 year old loves it so it must be good!

  112. We love burritos! The kids put them together themselves, I just supply the mince,veggies and cheese. They think it’s fun and I know it’s healthy!

  113. Oven baked jacket potatoes – each child fills them with what they like, either baked beans and cheese or tomato, cucumber, onion, yogurt and cheese
    They’re so delicious and all I did was chuck potatoes in foil and whack it in the oven!

  114. Marinated chicken or chicken kebabs on the BBQ with a green salad (lettuce, cucumber, Tom, avo, carrot & feta or goats cheese). Also must have beetroot on the side ?

  115. There’s not much lately that the kids will eat happily. I always hide veggies in pasta sauces, pizza sauce(they usually only have bacon and cheese, so this is a great way to get more veggies into them without them knowing). I also hide veggies in taco meat, and they love the salad veggies and home made wraps that go with it. It’s one of their faves 🙂

  116. Poached salmon on steamed greens and sweet potato mash. Loved by all & gets all that Omega 3 in to help brain function ?

  117. Cream of Cauliflower soup. Doesn’t sound sexy but my 2 year old can eat an adult bowl full. I use ghee and coconut flour for the roux, and coconut milk instead of cream. So it’s got the healthy fats and is otherwise all vegetable. I have a hard time not adding grated cheddar cheese to it. That just makes it the perfect rainy day, healthy meal. And it’s so filling.

  118. Last night I cooked Salmon wrapped in prosciutto on a bed of sweet potato mash and spinach leaves topped with asparagus and hollandaise sauce, the kids loved it! I copied it from a restaurant meal that I recently had! x

  119. My favourite healthy meal to serve up the kids is a cheats microwave risotto. My eldest is gluten and dairy free so it’s the only meal i can whip up in 10 minutes that is suitable for him that doesn’t taste like cardboard and is chock full of veggies! Very easy and quick meal that i adapted from a tupperware demo recipe. Dice an onion and some bacon and cook for 2 mins in a microwave safe container with some butter or coconut oil (we use nuttelex). Then process whatever veg you want to add up to about 3 to 4 cups diced; we commonly use zucchini carrot mushroom spinach leaves capsicum squash peas corn or literally whatever i have left at the end of a week. Extra protein can be from some leftover roastchook too.. (If not for my dairy free boy i could also add some cheese). 1 cup rice, 2 cups stock and stir. Cook 15-20 mins and it’s done. My kids ask for 2nd and 3rd helpings. Plus if I’ve made my own stock i know there is NO nasties to worry about

  120. What a silly cow. ..dont like someones comments so have a little girl tanty and block them from commenting. ..dont think I actually wanna listen to you trying to choose whether you go on another paid holiday with your family or if you indulge in a Oprah experience. ..such a difficult distressing decision. ..nit like you would keep that private and work it out with your husband supposing hes not already blocked

  121. Honey Mustard Chicken Parcels with fresh green vegies! Chicken is baked in baking paper with lemon, honey, soy sauce and mustard seeds. Absolutley delicious weight watchers recipe!

  122. My favourite healthy dinner would be stirfry. Quick, easy. Add a bunch of veg (broccoli, cauliflower, beans, carrots, capsicum, whatever else you can find) add nuts and mix up your own sauce.. Add noodles to keep the kids happy, serve with brown rice to help balance the hubbies cholesterol and serve with sauteed cabbage to keep it low carb for me.. Keeps everyone happy and only takes 20mins!

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