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Just for FMS readers: Create a FREE Blurb Instagram book!

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Get your FREE Blurb book!

So you like to take photos? How long has it been since you made something with them? Blurb have kindly given Fat Mum Slim readers & followers the opportunity to make a photo book for free, all you have to do is cover postage. All the details you need to know are below.

Get started on your photo book by clicking here.

How much does the book cost to make?
It’s free to make a 60 page, 60 photo book. All you have to do is cover postage. This varies depending on where you live. I’m in Australia and last year I paid $12. Some people paid less, some people paid more.

What link do I need to make the book?
You can click HERE or copy and paste this link into your browser:

Do I need a code?
Yes. You’ll see the code when you click through to the page, but just in case it’s here too: FMSINFEB

How many pages is the book? How many photos can I use?
It’s a 60 page book, with a photo to every page – so 60 photos. You can also put a photo {or a few on the front cover}.

How much is this freebie worth?
It’s valued at AU$25.

I don’t live in Australia, can I still get myself a free book?

Yep. Where ever you live, you can get a book – as long as you cover the postage.

It’s not working from my iPhone or Android mobile device? Why?
Unfortunately you’ll need to be on a computer {you know a MAC or PC} to create the book. Hopefully you can find one today.

How do I get my photos from Instagram?
Blurb will log into your Instagram account {with your permission of course} and grab your most recent photos. If you don’t want to use your most recent Instagram photos, just click EDIT BOOK and go into Instagram and select which photos you do want to print in your book. If you don’t have an Instagram account you can still make a book. Sign into Blurb. Choose ‘get started’, choose ‘easy to use template’ scroll down and choose ‘small square’ book size. Then you can load in images from your computer etc. Remember you have AU$25 value to pay with.

I don’t want to use my Instagram photos, can I grab them from somewhere else?

Absolutely. Log into Instagram first, and then click EDIT BOOK and you’ll be able to see various places you can grab your photos from, including Facebook, Flickr and Picasa.

What sort of cover should I use?
To make sure you don’t have to pay for your book, please select soft cover.

What sort of paper should I pick?
To keep your book within budget select the standard paper type. For 24c extra {in Australia anyway} you can choose premium matte or lustre.

What if I want to make a different kind of Blurb book, not an Instagram book because I don’t have an Instagram account?
You can make any Blurb book. Sign into Blurb. Choose ‘get started’, choose ‘easy to use template’ scroll down and choose ‘small square’ book size. Then you can load in images from your computer etc.

Can I get more than one book?
It’s one book per person, but if someone else in your family {with a different email address} wants to make one – that’s absolutely fine. Wink. Wink.

When does this offer start and finish?
This offer is only a quick and short one. It starts right now {Saturday 6am AEST} and finishes on Sunday 6am AEST. So don’t wait and just make the book now.

I think I’ve covered most of the questions, but just leave a comment below if you have any more and I’ll get back to you – or Garry from the Blurb team will pop in and respond.

Thank you Blurb for creating this special offer for us. x

  • Instagram? Really? I don’t even use that. Wow, and I had so many hopes for this…

    • K

      You clearly didn’t read the entire post.

      • JamesAnn

        She wrote the post.

        • He’s replying to Rinatsu, not me. 😛

          • JamesAnn

            Ha! I read that reply wrong! I thought Rinatsu was saying that to you! 🙂

    • If you read the post you’ll see that you can use photos from anywhere. The book is called an ‘Instagram book’ but the photos can be pulled from your desktop, Facebook and various other platforms.

      Thanks for your comment.

    • Emma

      If you click on “Edit Book”, at the top it says “Get Photos” and you can choose from Instagram, Facebook and everything else. Read her FAQs and answers, and look around the page while you create your book.

      • I’ve read all the info, but I can’t seem to get past the Instagram log in page…….? If I don’t have an Instagram account does it mean I can’t do this?

        • Garry

          You can make any Blurb book. Sign into Blurb. Choose ‘get started’, choose ‘easy to use template’ scroll down and choose ‘small square’ book size. Then you can load in images from your computer. Etc..

      • Rachel

        It won’t let me even get to edit book. I don’t use Instagram either. First screen I get is I need to log into Instagram and then I can continue

        • Garry

          see my comment below.

  • JamesAnn

    How kind! Thank you!

  • Done!! Thank You sooooo much!!
    And only 9$ for France!! I’m really really happy!!!

  • Any ideas why it pulls my most recent 59 pictures? I don’t want to use those, but when I try to go and select the ones I want, those 59 are still in the book (After deleting them)…basically, anyway to clear all the pages and start fresh?

    • I have to run and take my family to breakfast – but Garry {from Blurb} will be in soon to answer your question. Or I remember this issue last year, and it was really simple – and I’ll test it when I get back.

      Sorry about the wait. x

      • Thanks! I’ll be on the lookout. I’ve been messing with it and haven’t been able to figure it out (and have gone through my 600+ pictures twice now, so I’ll wait for a reply:)

      • I ended up figuring it out…google to the rescue. Thanks for this offer. Perfect for my daughter’s first birthday book!

        • Julie

          Krystyn how did you figure it out? I still am having the same problem

          • Are you still stuck Julie?

          • If you click Edit Book, towards the top there is a button that says “get photos”… there you can choose Instagram. Then there is an option to Open all photos in your Instagram account.

          • I think this is what you need: I think I went to edit book, then at the top, there was “add more pictures” which a lot of choices, and I selected instagram and then underneath it there was a little thing that said “select” and I picked the ones I wanted. To delete pages If you click on ‘arrange pages’ and then select the page you want to delete, a little red icon appears to allow you to delete the pages you don’t need.

        • michele

          What was your secret? I still can’t access the older pics.

          • I think I went to edit book, then at the top, there was “add more pictures” which a lot of choices, and I selected instagram and then underneath it there was a little thing that said “select” and I picked the ones I wanted. To delete pages If you click on ‘arrange pages’ and then select the page you want to delete, a little red icon appears to allow you to delete the pages you don’t need.

    • Emma

      If you click Edit Book, towards the top there is a button that says “get photos”… there you can choose Instagram of FB or whatever… that’s what I did bc it didn’t choose all the pics I wanted. Hope it helps!

      • Yeah, I did that, but it still auto filled the first 59 and I had a hard time getting rid of them, and then edded up with a 200+ book (I wasn’t sure how many I added when I did the edit option).

        • Emma

          Hmmm… okay what I did was click on get photos, and I clicked on Instagram, then it showed an icon of Instagram with my total # of photos right underneath it…
          The first time I clicked “continue” on that page and it imported aaaallll of my pictures… so I “x”ed out of the page, and started all over again…
          so the second time I clicked on the actual icon and it showed thumbnails of all my pictures and I was able to click on the ones that I wanted to import/include. At the top right it says select “all | none”, so did you click that by accident? Click on the thumbnails to make them selected in orange and then at the bottom hit continue

        • If you click on ‘arrange pages’ and then select the page you want to delete, a little red icon appears to allow you to delete the pages you don’t need.

  • C. Mann

    In case anyone was wondering, the U.S. value of the FMS discount is $20 (the $25 credit is in Australian dollars) & basic shipping in the U.S. is $8. Still a great deal!

  • Skye

    I am so wrapt with that – thanks so much Chantelle ….. $12 birthday present for husband!!

  • rociothrasher

    so im about to place my order but have not seen where to enter the promo code, im a bit nervouseto push place order and end up paying full price without ever getting to put in the code 🙁

    • Enter the code on the payment screen:)

  • Whew! I just completed my Blurb book! Took me awhile to get it all sorted out how I wanted it, but now I’m pretty excited to receive it in the mail! Thanks for offering your readers such a fun thing! 🙂

  • I can’t figure out how to get my older instagram photos?

    • Garry

      There is a button one the top left ‘load all photos’

  • Luci

    Thank you so much! You solved my “paper anniversary” dilemma! I have just ordered a wonderful book full of instagram snapshots of our first year of marriage to give to my husband – I had no idea what ‘paper gift’ to give him and this was just the inspiration I needed!
    Also, as a note for others, I got a hard-cover image wrap, premium paper book with shipping to the USA and it cost $30 US (discounted from $50) – what a great deal, thank you!

  • Tiffany

    For some reason, it will not allow me to sign in/register. Every time I go to click on the tab to write in it, it won’t let me! It’s driving me nuts & I don’t want to lose my work. Any tips?

    • Garry

      Doesn’t work on a mobile device. Try it on your Mac or PC.

  • Just did a book… looking forward to seeing it in the post. 🙂

  • Lavender Lady

    Thank you for the Free Blurb IG Book!!! <3 It!!!! Sweet! You guys ROCK!!

  • Yvonne Robinson

    YAY!! Thank you so much!! Just made a book for my hubbie for our 10 year wedding anniversary, he’s going to love it!!! xx

  • Jessica Bradshaw

    I’ve been working on creating my book, and I got it all set up like I wanted, but it won’t let me order the book yet because it says that it’s still uploading photos that I chose from my computer and it’s been uploading them for almost an hour now. Has anyone else run into this problem?

  • Mel

    Does anyone have the same problem? Can’t get the older Instagram photos that I’ve selected. The system keep overriding with the most recent photos. Tried so many times and keep doing the same things. Any idea why?

    • I picked 1 photo at a time to upload to the book….and that worked fine, but when I tired to select more than 1 photo it wouldn’t go.

    • Ditto here.

  • Claire Skillen

    How so exciting, my nephew is three and loves looking at the photobook I had printed for my Mum, so I am getting a book just for him. x

  • Christina Denton

    Thank you so much! I just made my book, and I love it! Was able to make it the way I wanted. It was only $7.99 in the US

  • Samantha Lea

    Thanks! Just done mine for a mother’s day gift, paid £4.99 postage in the UK for delivery before March 12th – so it might be a bit late, but mum won’t mind. Also had the option of £11.99 postage to get it before March 6th, but steep 🙂

  • Sheryl

    What time will it be in England when this offer ends?

    • You’ve got 19 hours from now to create it. Hope that helps.

    • Becca

      Well you’re 11 hours behind the East coast of Australia, so deduct and work it out from there 🙂

  • mama

    Thanks so much FMS, so generous! Cant wait to get my book, this makes great bedtime stories with my little one :))

  • Wow thank you I have just placed my order creating a printed profile of my business which i can have out in my studio.

  • Marleisa

    Great thanks – I just ordered my book. Cost me $12 for postage. Thanks again

  • i just made my whole book, saved it registered and went to order it and it closed down the page. now when i reopen it and go tosign in it signs mein but when i try to go to my accountit says you need to sign in to view this page and signs me out! frustrating! Cant figure it out!

  • JoachimHPunkt

    Great offer! It’s worth EUR 18 and works even with Lightroom generated books. Thank you very much!

  • Naomi

    THANK YOU AND BLURB for this awesome Freebie!

  • Janine

    i have put in the code but it is asking for $56?

    • You seem to be making a super fancy book! Just make sure that you’ve selected either an Instagram book, or a small book – not hardcover and that you HAVEN’T selected express postage. And also that you’ve entered the code.

    • Change the options, make sure its a soft cover with standard pages, and only 60 pages. The book should only be $19.95. Good luck!

  • KarenNM

    I’ve tried Blurb before & found them so hard to navigate (giving up & going to another site). And this time again! Won’t let me pick my photos, wants to do the last 60 (which, I really don’t want a photo of my fridge in the book!!). I’ve tried 3 times to pick my photos & it just keeps going back to the last 60. Too hard…who has time to make a book that is this difficult. Giving up..thanks for the free offer FMS but just not happening….Snapfish is much easier…& printstagram…Sorry Blurb 🙁

    • That’s a shame. So many other people have loved it. x

      • What it seems to be doing is auto loading the last 60 photos from your instagram account. You can still go in and add other photos but I’m working on deleting all the ones I don’t want in there first!

    • I had problems picking photos too, I would select a bunch and it would just think, so then I just selected one and it worked fine. Maybe try that?

    • Doing the same for me. I have over 400 pictures on Instagram and it only gives me my last 60. This sucks cause I would really like a book!

  • Sheila Dillon

    I’ve just finished making my book – thank you for sharing such a great deal – I live in the UK and it’s only cost me $7 for postage 🙂

  • If you don’t have Instagram can you still do it? I can’t seem to get there without an Instagram login.

    • Yep. Definitely.

      You can make any Blurb book. Sign into Blurb. Choose ‘get started’, choose ‘easy to use template’ scroll down and choose ‘small square’ book size. Then you can load in images from your computer etc.

      Hope that helps. x

  • Thank you for this fun free book!! I live in the USA and all I paid was $7.99 for shipping! I can’t wait to get it!! 🙂

  • Sylvia Young

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Just ordered mine for 12$ Canadian!

  • chrliechaz

    Thank you so much for this promotion (and Blurb!). I’m a fan.

  • kristy

    Thank you so much! Have a great weekend xx

  • suzie

    oh im excited! now to see if i can do this!!!

  • stella

    Thanks for that offer! It’s a very nice gift! My boyfriend and I ordered a book of pictures from our little family which is the two of us, Savannah, the cat and Loulou the bunny! lol

    Hope it will look great!

  • Finally figured out how to get all 700+ pictures to choose from. Not as easy as it sounds. $7.99 US and we are good to go! Awesome and thanks.

  • Couldn’t get in without an Instagram login so got Instagram

    • Yes that will work 🙂 Other solution is to Sign into Blurb. Choose ‘get started’, choose ‘easy to use template’ scroll down and choose ‘small square’ book size. Then you can load in images from your computer. etc.. without Instagram.

  • alvino

    How to select the older photos from instagram? It’s very frustrating. The system keep overriding the most current ones. Anyone can help me please?

    • If you click Edit Book, towards the top there is a button that says “get photos”… there you can choose Instagram. Then there is an option to Open ALL photos from your Instagram account.

  • leigh

    love! and i made mine…! the only think that needs to be changed – the pdf you can ORDER comes in SINGLE pages, not in book format…unless i did something wrong.. not worth it to get the pdf.

    • Are you trying to view two pages of your PDF at one time? You can do that by changing the view settings in your PDF viewer.

  • 3 Sun Kissed Boys

    Super thank you! Just ordered mine! 🙂

  • Truds

    Thank you thank you thank you… this is awesome! Can’t wait to receive mine!

  • Wont load when I click “get started” :/ maybe too many people using it? any suggestions? I’m using google chrome.

  • Candice

    Thanks for the offer. Unfortunely I loaded all my photos in the album and then the website decided it need to reload and lost all my photos! I have used other websites for this in the past and have found their sites much easier to navigate. I think I will continue to use these in the future as this website seems so clunky. But thanks for the opportunity anyway!

    • The system is getting overwhelm at the moment with so many people taking up the offer.I’m sure if you tried it again at a later time it will be a much smoother experience.

  • Eva

    Thank you so much for this great offer! Funny thing, I’ve been considering ordering my next photo book from Blurb and now I got a chance to check it out before making a big purchase. Good thing I checked my Instagram before I went to bed or I’d have been too late… It’s two in the morning now, but that was worth it! 🙂 Can’t wait to see my book. 🙂 Thank you again!

  • madmammy

    arrgghhhh ive been on this for about 2 hours now why is it giving me more than 60 pages? i dont want to be charged for them if im not using them ?

    • If you click on ‘arrange pages’ and then select the page you want to delete, a little red icon appears to allow you to delete the pages you don’t need.

  • Michele

    Thank you and Blurb for this promotion! What a fun way to show off my FMS photo a day pics.

  • Jemima

    A tad cheeky on blurbs behalf, I just went to do this and the website is “currently under maintenance” I was real excited too 🙁 Thanks anyways!

    • The system is overwhelm right now with so many people taking up the offer. Come back later on and things will be back running smoothly. Offer still vailid for another 17 hours 😉

  • Christine

    It’s my first time to print with Blurb and I’m so excited! Thank you for this, Chantelle!

  • kristin

    i’ve tried for many times already but it says loading image 0 of 50 🙁 i really want this photobook

    • The system is running a bit slow because so many people are making their books. Maybe take a break and try it again later on. Offer is valid for another 15-16 hours.

      • Kristin

        well it’s been 7 hours but i still can’t seem to get it done 🙁

  • Thank you for this amazing offer. It took a lot longer than I thought it would but I’ve got the book I wanted now

  • dlfulton

    Thanks so much! It took me a while to figure things out and get my images “just so” in the book, but I’m so looking forward to having tangible recogntion of my creativity so far this year! I’m loving the challenge and know I’ll love the book!

  • Awesome. Done. Now the hardest part.

  • Just created a book from our Bali holiday, Telle – photos from the four instagram accounts in our family! Thanks for organising the discount x

  • Thank you so much for this offer. It’s pretty flippin sweet. I just ordered mine. Paid $7.99 for shipping. Thank you!

  • Thanks so much! I am really excited to get my book and blog about it. 🙂

  • LAuren

    Blurb is seriously frustrating to use. All I want is my photos in order and it won’t do it and wants to keep putting 59 pictures in my book instead of 60 🙁

    • dee

      Have to agree with you. I got frustrated too. 59 pics, 60 with the one on the cover! Mine is a mish mash because it was too hard to put them in chronological order. I’d have been there for more hours. I uploaded from my regular photos too, not just Instagram, as mine aren’t that good. [No iPhone yet!] Still a good deal.

  • Nettie Bird

    Thank you so much for this, Ordered a book and it came out to $11.83. Score! This is a great keepsake. I just wish it would’ve let me add more pics. I guess I need to mess with blurb more.

  • Joelene

    Some of my pictures look really grainy – will it be like this in the printed book? They don’t look grainy on the computer or phone screen.

    • “They don’t look grainy on the computer or phone screen.”
      Are you scanning in your pictures?

      • Joelene

        No, uploading from instagram

        • Are you enlarging the pictures? Photos can look grainy if you enlarge, zoom into or crop them too much. Best result is to keep them at the same scale as when you took the initial picture.

          • Joelene

            I don’t think I was changing them at all. Ordered it anyway – can’t wait to get it! Thanks!

  • Valerie

    Will this work on an iPad?

    • no. You have to be on a Mac or PC. It uses Flash technology.

  • glamachic

    wow thank you so soo so sooooo much for this BLURB and FMS!!! just paid $12.08 for mine and im in Melbourne!

  • Kim Dalve

    Thank you so much! I can’t wait to get my book! I love Instagram & it’s great to share the memories in even more ways!

  • Ali

    Thank you for the gift Blurb and FMS! I was just in the process of sorting my photo a day pics from last year and wanted to put them in a book, so this was perfect timing! 🙂

  • Hi Have completed book – less than 60 pages and even once code is applied it’s charging me $35 ($10.99 shipping) – so there seems to be an issue. Please advise so I can order before offer runs out

    • The offer is for a Small Square book, 60 pages, with softcover on standard paper. If these are the options selected the code should cover the cost of the book and all you pay for is shipping.

      • But if i followed link shouldnt those options have auto loaded?

        • Double checked options and all good now. Thanks so much for quick response – really appreciated!

        • I just had a look. It auto loads most of the options. Only thing you might want to change is from Hardcover to Softcover. That should reduce the cost.

    • Elphabaly

      See my comment above Rebecca. Your book shouldn’t be less than 60. The link takes you to a 60 page book and you must select soft cover…

  • Teresa

    Thank you, thank you, thank you… mine is ordered and now I have to patiently wait for it to arrive xx

  • Kristy

    Thank-you sooo much for this! Made an “all about my dog” book. Fabulous deal from a fabulous lady!

  • Elphabaly

    Go through the link and make sure you choose soft cover. Then if you are trying to edit your book (to bring in other photos than the most recent 60 instagram photos) leave the original ones in the book. Go to your instagram and select the 60 photos you want but then when you go back select I WILL PLACE THE PHOTOS MYSELF. I spent two hours banging my head against the table until I figured this out. Then you can place the photos and it shows a green checkmark once you have used the photos in the actual book. Just ignore the others. Hope that saves someone the grief I went through 🙂 PS how many hours left? I am in Canada….

    • 13 hours left 🙂

    • Elphabaly

      For people in Eastern Time Zone in Canada (Ontario)- I checked it out and you have until 2 pm tomorrow to do your book 🙂

    • This was so helpful, thank you! It was starting to drive me mad!

    • Agreed, thanks so much for this, saved me a bucket load of time!

    • Thanks Elphabaly for that, I had given up after an hour of mucking around and I was so bummed! All done and ordered, $12 postage to Brisbane 🙂 Happy days!!

    • Thanks for the info, very helpful Elphabaly!

    • Momofmn

      Thanks for the info! I kept trying to figure out why it was still charging me $20, and it was because I was ordering the hard cover. Lol. 🙂 Got it now!!!

  • Thank you so much for this Chantelle & Blurb!!! I’ve just completed my book, very excited=)

  • Just finished making mine, can’t wait to get it!! Thank you Chantelle xx

  • Rani

    How do i go about this if i don’t have an instagram account?

    • If you don’t have Instagram do this – Sign into Choose ‘get started’, choose ‘easy to use template’ scroll down and choose ‘small square’ book size. Then you can load in images from your computer. etc.. without Instagram 🙂

      • Tanya

        Gary I also dont have an instagram account and tried this and ended up with an expensive checkout cost:(

  • Maia

    Damn, I give up!! I have tried for sooo long now, I pick the photos I want in the book, but then my first 60 instagram photos show up in the book instead of the ones I selected…. I’ve had it!!

  • Chicken Ink. Creative

    Thanks so much! I have created a look book for my craft label; showcasing not only my products but a behind the scenes look at my processes, work space and life!

  • Anastasia

    Wow, Thank you so much for this generous gift!! I have been wanting to print my Instagram photos for a while. This is a perfect opportunity! Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂

  • At first I was 200% excited. Then it took me hours (I sat in front of the screen for 4 hours!). When I finally finished it I did the math and realised it’ll cost almost $100 in Argentinian pesos! Shoot. I can’t afford it :/
    Thanks for the opportunity though.

  • Hannah

    Thanks Chantelle and the Blurb team!!! This is such a great offer 🙂

  • Thanks to you and BLURB for the deal. Not the easiest site to navigate but got there in the end and at a great price. Looking forward to see some of my instagram having a life beyond the computer screen. P

  • Just made a book from my kids christmas album from Facebook. How clever is this! Thanks so much for the freebie, can’t wait for it to arrive.

  • I loved the book I received last time and am excited to be getting another one. The quality was lovely and it is nice to see those instagrams on paper. Thanks so much Chantelle!

  • Kristen

    Thankyou xx

  • HELP. I’m in Australia. I’ve followed the instructions, but still only seem to get a 20 page book option. I signed into Blub. Clicked on Get Started – Selected the Small Book Template. and it’s still only 20 pages….. after that I did some investigating and figured out a way to manually add pages. So I’ve added more to make the 60 BUT the free off for FMS and 60 pages. Is is 60 pages EXCLUDING covers or INCLUDING covers.

    • 60 page plus covers.

    • You have to use the link above in the blog post under: “What link do I need to make the book?” it takes you straight to the book already to upload your instagram photos, hope that helps 😉

  • sue,falstaff

    Just ordered my 60 page soft-covered photo book for just £4.99 delivery to the UK. Fantastic deal … thank you soooooo much!

  • Can’t seem to get past ‘Get Started’. I already have Adobe Flash Player – what’s wrong? I’m going to miss out! I’m not using Instagram!

    • are you logging in via

      • SenShah

        i need help, our country is not on the list, what should i do?

        • What country are you in? Can you send it to a friend to forward?

  • Just finished mine! Thank you Chantelle and Blurb for this! I did have a problem doing the album online so I just downloaded Booksmart and used that to create the album.

  • Awesome… book is ready to order… only it doesn’t seem to be uploading my photos so I’m worried it won’t work. It took only 15 minutes to set my book up so I do hope it loads. Currently says loading 0.00 of 1.0MB with no processing time. Hmmm…

    • If it crashes, log in again via and your book will still be there waiting. Books are saved automatically.

  • Thanks for the amazing offer! So great to have a chance to preview it for an amazing price before committing to a big purchase. Can’t wait to receive it!

  • SenShah

    spent hours and was ready to order even willing to pay the extra charges but unfortunately our country is not on the list 🙁

  • Ellaoz

    Great website, did the book got all excited.The book was covered in this promotion but postage $27.28 for sydney Australia 🙁 What a shame 🙁

    • That’s for express shipping. Regular shipping is only $12 to Sydney.

  • I made one for each of my girls’ first six months. Can you believe I had Instagram before Abby was even born! Thanks for the great offer dude x

  • Thank you!!! Can’t wait to get mine now!! Postage only cost me $12.05 to South Coast NSW, Australia, bargain!!

  • Sarah

    Thank you for this, I have ordered my book and it was $12.08 for postage to the NT.

    It took me a little while to put the book together as there were dramas with my instagram photos coming up once I fetched them. The new ones always loaded and I’d go to bring in more photos from Instagram but they wouldn’t come in. In the end I plugged the iphone in to the computer, pulled the photos off and uploaded that way. General feedback for Blurb – the program was a bit clunky in the ease of use but with such a great deal I was happy to continue and work out how to get around things until I got it sorted.

    For other people reading this Officeworks have similar sorts of books with more options but they are a bit dearer. I’ve had good results from them though.

  • only $17.99 to ship to Moscow, Russia. 550 Rub in local currency, not too bad. thanks for a deal! can’t wait to see what it will turn out like – if the notorious Russian Post delivers it at all.

  • Always on the lookout for a decent book solution – can’t wait to see my order. Thanks for hosting this offer!

  • dee

    Save! Save! Save! as you go… I found it tedious but persevered. As I replaced a photo I LEARNT [the hard way] to save after each one [as it closed itself down or crashed a couple of times. It wasn’t easy tho, to find where it had saved to.] Then at the end it said it was still uploading UNWANTED photos to Blurb. It took me awhile to see ‘UNWANTED’ in the box that came up. Not a particularly easy task! But thank you! I’m looking forward to receiving my book [$12.08 to Newcastle] tho it’s a mish mash of photos!!! Done in such a rush – after working afternoon shift. I’ll be better organised next time. My D-i-L did a beautiful one last year. Thank you again.

  • What a nice thing to do! I’m at work today though, I’d like to get a world clock on my iphone to see if I have time to make a photo book when I get in from work because I know it finishes at 6pm AEST but I don’t know what time that is in GMT (UK) but Australia is huuge! Which clock should I get? Sydney? Brisbane? I’ve never been to Aus so I have no geographical clue! Can anyone tell me?

  • In case anyone from GERMANY was wondering about the discount you get…
    The Code took off €18 (which is the price for a soft cover with standart paper) and the cheapest shipping rate with the delivery date of march 12th is € 5,99.

    Thanks, Chantelle. Wanted to make a book of my instagram sky/cloud pictures for so long but always put it on hold. Now I was kind of forced to do it because who could turn down an offer like that.

  • Betsy Kirsch

    Thank you soooo much for this free book offer! I can’t wait to get it in the mail!

  • Mary Champagne

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    Thank you, thank you!!! This is such an awesome deal!!! $7.99 to ship to the US!!! 🙂

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  • Nothing like leaving it until the last minute, I’ve just finished & ordered & code still worked. I’ve been meaning to do this for ages anyway & its such a fabulous offer, thank you Chantelle & Blurb! I ended up using way over 200 pages so it cost extra but bought a 2nd copy for a family @ 50% so making some great savings today. Now to stalk the postie!

  • thank you so much Chantelle and Blurb. I put together my 2012 instagram pics, I’m looking forward to doing it each year, I’m sure it will be something I enjoy looking back on, especiall the pics of my daughter.

  • nikki h

    wow thank you so much!! less than £5 to ship to england. can’t wait to receive it.

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  • Awesome, Thank you!

  • dmitri

    thank you – i ordered it with 30 pages. i wonder if you will do this again in the future or just once? i plan to order it again in the future with more pages than what i ordered with 30 pages. it’s pretty awesome. thank you again, ma’am. 😀

  • I’m so glad I caught up on viewing my IG feed just in time to catch this deal! (I had literally two hours left and took one to make the book.) I had been looking for an opportunity to print IG photos at a good price. I live in the U.S. and am in no rush, and the book-making program worked fine for me. Thanks so much, Chantelle!

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  • Stavroulaki A

    I had The intention to create a vacation photo album with blurb. Although I have started I ve never finished it! Today I decided to give it a try because of u and I finally ORDEr it!!! You gave me motivation !! I finished one more from my husband s side !! 😉 what I I had The intention to create a vacation photo album with blurb. Although I have started I ve never finished it! Today I decided to give it a try because of u and I finally ORDEr it!!! You gave me motivation !! I finished one more from my husband s side !! 😉 what I want to say is that actually u can put more that 60 photos if you want to make collages!! It is the same price! I tried both ways and it was same price!! Shipping only 12$ for Greece !! THAnK u for inspiration and motivation (one more time)!!!

  • cozysanctuary

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