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Very superstitious. Well, are you?

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So I love dumplings. You probably already knew that. I love dumplings so much that I’ve been dreaming about them. Yesterday, over lunch with Hubby, I devised a plan of how to get to my favourite dumpling place in Sydney {because my pursuit for the perfect dumpling up here has failed miserably}. We’re flying into Sydney next month for a trip, and I tried to work out how we could get there with our suitcases and gear for a dumpling fix. Hubby just shook his head and rested his head in his hands. “Are you for real? All for a dumpling?”

Sadly, it is so. I realised the ridiculous of it all and continued eating my egg and lettuce sandwich {which was clearly NOT a dumpling}.

There is an Asian Grocers in town that sometimes sells my favourite dumplings {xiao lang bao}  in the freezer section. So we pop by now and then to grab some. Lacey and I were walking through the aisles, and it was in the oriental cracker section that a man spotted Lacey and laughed, “What a cutie!”

“Me? Or her?” I giggled.

He mumbled uncomfortably, and then there was just awkwardness. I made my way to the back of the store, as far as way from the uncomfortable atmosphere I’d created, where Lacey spotted some money for $1.29, “Can I have some?”

“Sure,” I said.

There were no dumplings, so I grabbed two fortune cookies and the money, and we made our way to the counter.

“What is that money for?” I asked.

“It’s dead money,” she replied, not offering any more information but looking concerned that we were buying it.

So we got back to the car and Lacey flashed her new money to Hubby who was waiting for us. “That’s burn money,” he said, slightly disgusted.

Turns out it’s money that the Chinese {or those in the Buddhist religion – I could be wrong} give to those that have deceased so they can have lovely things in the afterlife. Before I could take it and put it away, Lacey had happily opened it up and strewn it everywhere. Money for everyone! Gah.

Feeling icky, I took to Instagram and asked if it was bad luck to let her play with it. There were various responses, but many said that depended on how I felt. Was I superstitious? Did I avoid black cats and walking under ladders?

Black cats don’t bother me, but I wouldn’t voluntarily walk under a ladder. Would you?

The money is being packed up while Lacey is at school today and being put away. No hell notes for us.

Are you superstitious? Oh, and do you like dumplings?

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  • It’s paper. With ink on it. Nothing more. Its religious or spiritual or call-it-what-you-like significance only exists in the minds of those who imbue it with that significance. Sure, if freaks you out, hide it. But it cannot harm you unless you put your mind to letting it!

  • Peta Jones

    i love dumplings. I’ve just moved to the Sunshine Coast and don’t know where to get them! Being pregnant doesn’t help!

  • I think we all have our superstitions, at least to some point. I’m not really too concerned about black cats. I won’t walk under ladders just because it’s not really an overly safe thing to do. However, I have this thing about not talking about something that I want to happen. It always seems when I talk about it, it scares away whatever it is I want to happen. Especially snow days.

    Being a teacher, yes I love snow days. Today was our first snow day in over two years. We don’t get the snow we used to get around her when I was young. But, today we did and my superstition proved to be inaccurate, at least this time.

    My co-workers would not stop talking about the fact that we would not be at work today during the day yesterday. I kept trying to shush them, telling them they were going to scare it all away. I am happy to say that this time I was wrong. But, I’ve been right too many times to not shush them again the next time around. 😛

  • samstone76

    I am superstitious about some things – like not walking under a ladder and if I broke a mirror I would be mortified and count down the next 7 years!
    But black cats don’t bother me.
    The Chinese paper money wouldn’t bother me either.

  • Shamini

    I think it more or less boils down to the culture and environment you have been brought up with i suppose. Being a Singaporean and growing up in a multi-racial environment, very often or so I have been told not to even step on these notes as it might offend the ‘ghosts’. The Chinese normally burns these paper during the ‘7th month’ commonly known as the ‘Hungry Ghost Festival’ which is held in August. Taoist Chinese believes that during this month, the ‘Gates of Hell’ are opened and souls of the dead are freed and allowed to roam the earth. These paper money are burnt in belief that they will be translated into great fortune for the after world.

    Having said that, this is based on the culture I grew up with. But as for you and Lacey, it’s completely different, its about what you would like to believe in. If you think that’s completely fine, similar to Monopoly money then no problem. Ultimately, it’s all in your mind. 🙂

  • Alimacmac

    My daughters art teacher gave her some last week.. Nothing icky about it, it’s interesting to learn about other cultures I think!

  • The Dragonfly Dutchess

    I think that it’s precious. The image of ‘money for everyone’ warms my heart! All you guys did was take the superstition out of it 🙂

    • The Dragonfly Dutchess

      Oh and I love dumplings. It’s one of the few prepared foods that can be found in almost any culture. You want to know about an area? Try the dumplings!

  • Pippi

    Hi, I would say I am semi superstitious?? Lol.I notice the signs like black cats (the least bothering) , crows, ladders, people putting up umbrellas inside, I “touch wood”( usually my forehead as I’m too lazy to run around searching for a twig lol) & the more I’m writing the more I’m realising how superstitious I am! Ha ha . But it kind of depends how I’m feeling as to my level of superstition. It certainly doesn’t run me and Imy level of belief changes depending ony mood if that makes sense. I believe in intuition though. If I put up an umbrella inside line day and feel fine about it and the next day might feel like I should wait- which I wail. This male’s no sense lol. Should have stopped while I was ahead…wait…was I even?? 😉

  • Pippi

    Sorry about spelling and punctuation. I’m on my phone. X

  • Pippi

    Oh & I probably wouldn’t have really worried about the money until everyone started telling u what they were- which in ur mind made them creepy – giving them power whether they do something or not! After hearing all that I wouldn’t want my daughter playing with it either!!

  • Rachel

    Mmmm. Dumplings 😉

  • Look. All I’m saying is, you’re going to have to burn the money in your backyard when Lacey is asleep and your hubbie is away. One of your dead ancestors might need it to buy something in the afterlife …. you don’t want to eventually get there and Great Aunty Mavis is pissed at you because she wanted the cash to buy herself something nice.

  • Tania McCartney

    No. And yes. {PS: I lived in China and simply adore – and respect – their traditions, however the mind is a powerful tool and whatever you believe becomes real; all I know is that I like pretty paper and I don’t see what harm could come from playing with it} x

  • Julie

    I LOVE dumplings! I also love dim sims. So much so when I was pregnant I ate enough to fill at least three or four other bellies. We even called Jarvis Dim Sim for the entire time he was in my belly. Hmm now you have me craving dumplings. I can check with Justin’s family if it is bad luck to play with the money. But I believe that all of these things are symbolic and can only hurt/harm you if you allow it in your mind.

  • I’m superstitious, but black cats don’t bother me either. Dumplings, so good. I missed my favourite sushi bar when we made a sea change 2 and a half years ago. And then a new sushi bar opened, its better than my favourite sushi bar in the city! I’m willing good dumplings come to you soon-ish.

  • Now I can’t get this song out of my head… Stevie says this
    When you believe in things that you don’t understand
    Then you suffer
    Superstition ain’t the way, no, no, no

  • I so here you. On our last two trips to Sydney, we hired a car for the express purpose of noodle pursuit. Our favourite, Noodle Boy in Maroubra Junction, is too hard to get to on public transport with three kids and luggage in tow, so we devised a plan and now we hire a car so we can visit on our way from Sydney airport and on our way back to Sydney airport.
    Noodle happiness.

    Re. the money? Meh, it is innocent. It’s not money you buy to make someone dead, it is money you buy to give somebody eternal happiness. All good as far as I can see. I’d be more worried if she was playing with Bratz Dollz than dead money. Those things are cree-eeepy.

  • Wide Awake Momma

    Two Things:

    1. We give the Spirit money at the Lunar New Year as a symbol of the prosperous new year to come. No bad luck in that!

    2. I crave Dumplings, too – one would think that living so close to LA chinese food would not be an issue, I have never found an adequate substitute for my favorite, schezuan dumplings swimming in a spicy peanut sauce at Ivy’s 3000 miles away in NYC…