July 2024 Photo A Day Challenge

I saw this meme and I have to share.

You’re telling me June is about to be over??

Dude, Julying!!??!

Do you get it? I thought it was hilarious, I love a pun.

And with that, I’m jumping straight into July Photo A Day…

How to play Photo A Day

Playing Photo A Day is super simple, and an easy way to get creative.

📷 Look at the list for the daily prompt.

📷 Take a photo using the prompt as inspiration. For example, if the prompt is ‘Skyline’ so start the month and share a photo a beautiful skyline. Is it a city, country, coastal, or other type of skyline. I look forward to seeing it!

📷 Once you’ve taken your photo, it’s time to share it! You can share to Instagram, or Facebook (more details below).

📷 Enjoy the community. On both Instagram and Facebook (especially in our private Facebook group), we have a beautiful community. Each day we pick our favourite four photos to put a spotlight on. You can spend time liking and commenting on other people’s photos, and maybe your photos will get picked for the Fab Four!

How to play on Instagram

Simply check out the list for the daily prompt, and then snap a photo using that as inspiration. Share your photo, and be sure to include the hashtag #FMSPAD in your caption so the community can see your photos. We also have a daily hashtag list (see below) so that we can find your daily photos easier.

Follow our @fms.photoaday Instagram account. We love showing off photos from our community. You can look at the #FMSPAD hashtag to see all the great photos from the challenge.

How to play on Facebook

We have a fun, private FMS Photo A Day Facebook Group that you’re welcome to join. It’s a dedicated place to share your daily photos. We also have a beautiful team who selects four photos every day (the Fab Four) from each daily prompt.

You’re also welcome to share to your own personal feed, whatever suits you best.

How to remember the Photo A Day prompts

Remembering the daily prompts can sometimes be a challenge. You can bookmark this blog post to refer to, save the Photo A Day list to your camera roll (or even make it your screensaver), or you’ll find the list at the top of our Facebook Group. We have also added the prompts to our calendar, so you can download for an easy reminder.

For the calendar prompts: You can download the prompts automatically into your phone or PC calendar. For Smartphones & Mac Calendar, click here. For HTML for web viewing, click here.

A little more about the prompts:

1. Skyline: Capture the dramatic silhouette of buildings against the sky. Look for interesting angles, reflections, or unique lighting to make your skyline photo stand out.

2. To My Left: Challenge your perspective! Turn to your left and photograph whatever catches your eye. This could be a surprising detail, an unexpected scene, or a simple everyday object seen in a new way.

3. Letters: The world is full of typography! Find letters in signs, on buildings, or even in nature. Experiment with close-ups, different angles, and how the letters interact with their surroundings.

4. Bold Colours: Seek out vibrant hues that pop! Look for flowers, street art, colourful clothing, or brightly painted objects. Explore how different colors work together to create a visually striking image.

5. Dappled Sunlight: Play with the beautiful patterns created by sunlight filtering through leaves. Capture the interplay of light and shadow on the ground, a wall, or even a person’s face.

6. Pets at Play: Photograph your furry friends (or someone else’s!) in the midst of their joyful antics. Freeze the action to capture a sense of energy and fun.

7. Up Close & Personal: Get in close! Explore the intricate details of everyday objects or nature’s wonders. Use macro mode if you have it to reveal a whole new world of textures and patterns.

8. Contrast: Find scenes where light and dark, or opposite colours, meet. Experiment with how these contrasting elements can create drama, depth, and visual interest in your photos.

9. A Quiet Place: Seek out a peaceful scene that evokes a sense of calm and tranquility. It could be a serene landscape, a secluded corner of a park, or a cozy interior space.

10. A Collection: Photograph a group of objects that belong together. This could be anything from a set of seashells to a collection of vintage cameras. Arrange the objects in an interesting way to create a visually pleasing composition.

11. Metal: Explore the reflective and textured qualities of metal objects. Look for interesting shapes, or rust to add character and depth to your photos.

12. Historic Building: Capture the grandeur and history of an old building. Pay attention to architectural details, textures, and the stories the building seems to tell.

13. Night Time: Experiment with low-light photography. Capture the city lights, the stars, or the moon. Play with long exposures to create streaks of light and other interesting effects.

14. People in Motion: Freeze the action! Photograph people walking, running, dancing, or engaging in other activities. Try to convey a sense of movement and energy in your images.

15. The Colour Red: Find and photograph objects that are predominantly red. Explore the different shades and tones of red, and how this colour interacts with its surroundings.

16. A Park Bench: Find a lonely bench or one full of life. Capture the story it tells of rest, contemplation, or maybe a meeting place for friends.

17. Blue & White: Hunt for the calming combination of blue and white. It could be the sea meeting the sky, a whitewashed house against the blue horizon, or a simple pattern on a piece of fabric.

18. A Stack of Books: Arrange a towering pile of books or focus on a single, well-loved volume. Capture the textures of the pages, the colors of the spines, and the stories they hold.

19. Window View: Look through a window and frame a scene that captures your attention. It could be a bustling cityscape, a peaceful garden, or a simple rain-streaked pane.

20. A Construction Site: Find the beauty in the chaos of a construction site. Capture the lines of the scaffolding, the workers in action, or the raw materials waiting to be transformed.

21. Numbers: Find numbers in unexpected places – on buildings, signs, vehicles, or even in nature. Play with angles and perspectives to create an interesting composition.

22. Hands in Action: Capture the expressive power of hands at work. They could be kneading dough, playing a musical instrument, or simply holding a loved one’s hand.

23. Machinery: Explore the intricate details of gears, levers, and other mechanical parts. Find the beauty in the functional design of machines.

24. Sunset: Chase the fleeting beauty of a sunset. Experiment with capturing the vibrant colours, the long shadows, and the sense of peace that comes with the end of the day.

25. Hand-Painted: Find something that’s been touched by the human hand – a mural, a piece of pottery, or a hand-painted sign. Capture the unique texture and personality of hand-painted creations.

26. Tasty: Photograph a delicious meal, a colourful fruit, or a tempting dessert. Capture the textures, colours, and mouthwatering appeal of food.

27. Bottle: Explore the different shapes, sizes, and colours of bottles. Fill them with water and light to create interesting reflections or photograph them against contrasting backgrounds.

28. Relaxing: Capture a scene that evokes a sense of calm and relaxation. It could be a hammock swaying in the breeze, a person enjoying a cup of tea, or a peaceful landscape.

29. Scented: Photograph objects that have a strong scent, such as flowers, herbs, or spices. Try to capture the essence of the scent through your image.

30. In the Drawer: Open a drawer and photograph the contents. It could be a jumbled mess or a carefully organised collection. Capture the hidden stories that drawers hold.

31. Journey: Photograph a scene that represents a journey – a winding road, a train station, or even a pair of shoes worn from travel. Capture the sense of adventure and possibility that journeys inspire.