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Instagram cheat sheet

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I’m sure you’ve noticed my ever-growing addiction to Instagram. I might need an intervention soon. For those who don’t know what Instagram is, let me enlighten you. It’s an app for your iPhone {Android users – the app is now here! Download it here.} to share beautiful photos. You can upload photos, put a pretty filter over them and share them with other people. It’s a lot like Twitter, but with photos. You can also comment on other people’s photos and have people comment on yours.

I’m often asked how things are done, so I thought perhaps I should pull together a little something-something to share. So here it is, your guide to Instagram! Enjoy.

P.S. For those not on Instagram, I promise to stop talking about it soon! x

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  • Wonderful, thank you! xx

  • I just downloaded instagram yesterday! Thank you so much for having the perfectly timed post to help me 🙂 I am going to be instagraming it up now.

  • I've been using IG for over a year, and I didn't know some of these. You are awesome, as always! xo

  • thanks for the tips lovely:) xx

  • Those are all great tips. I got my iPhone in November and instagram was the first app I added! I have really enjoyed your photo-of-the-day challenges because they are great prompts for photos. I have been exploring iPhonography, and so far I love it!

  • Definitely needed these tips! Thanks a bunch 🙂
    xo Heather

  • I was giving up on instagram until now, thank you for the helpful tips!! xx, alison

  • OK! I'll get instagram already!
    (Thanks for the cheat sheet, I will need it)

  • Great guide! Though I'm 'blaming' you already for my current instagram obsession! 😉 Got into to do the febphotoaday challenge and loving it 🙂 The airplane mode tip is brill, will be using that!!! Ta x

  • Awesome cheat sheet; now to catch up on February before March starts!

    Trying To Be Super Mom

  • I love IG and your photos are fab love x

  • I love Instagram, too! I already knew most of this stuff, but the airplane mode tip was new to me! Thanks!

  • awesome tips!

  • I've been on instagram for a while & I even learned a few new things! Thanks for all the tips 🙂 I love your photo-a-day monthly challenges. I'm a new follower of yours & am loving your blog.

  • Oh this was awesome!!!! I thought I understood Instagram, but I only had the basics, lol. There's a lot more to it than meets the eye. And I'm loving your photo a day challenge! I'm so glad I ran across it the other day. 🙂

  • leanne

    thanks! lovin' the airplane mode tip!!

  • looking forward for this instagram on Android!

  • i HEART instagram!!!
    airplane mode was new to me as well!

  • Thank you! I'm still relatively new to Instagram and this is perfect!

  • yes ..i am digging the airplane mode..didn't know that!

  • What great tips – I am a massive fan of Instagram! I had no idea about the airplane mode trick. Very cool! Thanks for the tips!

  • Hi Chantelle,
    Don't stop talking lovely lady. We love your voice and what you have to say!

    Have a lovely day,

    x Loulou

  • I'm a slow adaptor with Instagram which is so not like me. Thanks for the tips will spend some time in bed tonight going through it all.

    Jayne from xo

  • Anonymous

    Is it possible to post rectangular-sized pictures?

  • SH

    Thanks for the airplane trick!

    Also for newer users – it is possible to keep your photos more private – that is require approval before people can follow you.

    But remember that photos on the web stay there and as Chantelle posted on the other day, they can be easily stolen. So only share what you are willing to let go.

  • ooh – the airplane tip is a good one
    thanks – am loving the challenge of the photo a day

  • Can I just borrow your whole blog layout???? Love, love, love how it all fits together. Thanks so much for the handy cheat sheet

  • Only just clued into the fact I could use this on my ipad *slaps head*. Back to re read these shortly.

  • This is great! 🙂

  • Great tips! I learned quite a few new things so thanks 🙂

  • Shame I have an android phone but this is a great cheatsheet

  • Instagram is the only reason I still want an IPhone, although I'm so in love with my Android phone. Can't wait for an Android app!

  • Kelly-Anne

    I love to “instagramafy” old photos to print and frame but get sick of having to delete them off my feed so thank you for the airplaine mode tip! Perfect.

  • Kelly-Anne

    Airplane I mean.
    Loving your photo of the day challenge too

  • I love instagram, I use it all the time, I do my best not to over populate but some days its just so hard.

  • Dee

    these are great, thanks heaps. best 2 tips for me were the airplane mode and taking all photos with phone and then uploading to instagram…awesome!

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  • You know I love instagram – may need that intervention as well – still a little behind with the hashtag thing – I know the photoaday one but could never be bothered to add any extra's – do you think it matters? Leanne x

  • Super helpful, thanks babe xx

  • This is why we love you. x

  • fabulous hints.. thanks so much..

    can i just do you view all comments??

  • This is such a fantastic list of tips. I just joined instagram today, after getting my first iphone last week… and I must say I was totally lost with how to utilise it. Not anymore, thanks heaps Chantelle xo

  • Debmcd

    Tip twelve is awesome, sometimes I want to hold off posting and always thought there had to be a way, but would never have thought that was the way!!! Thx

  • Ailyn

    So nice of you to share your little secrets and to calm down us poor android users 😉 Can't wait till we get the app too!

  • Perfect! I love this, I've had the app for months & couldn't work out how come everyone had the blur function except for me.


  • This is fantastic! Thank you so much for doing this.

  • This is super fun!

  • Thanks for this! I am an Instagram addict, too! I didn't know about the teardrop menu until I read it here!

  • thanks for these tips! i love instagram! i didn't know about tip #12! thanks again =)

  • I've known about Instagram for ages but only started a couple of weeks ago and love it! Totally hooked. Thanks for these tips, there are some good ideas here – cross processing and airplane mode – great tips!

  • I consider myself well versed in Instagram. I love it! But tips 10 & 12 were new to me! Thanks so much!!!

  • tip 10 & 11- if you're deleting comments on your own photo all you have to do is swipe on the specific one with your finger and delete will show up without having to hit the settings wheel and do those steps….same as if you've commented on someone else's photo you can swipe on your comment and delete it…
    easy peasy

  • I'm new to instagram so thanks for all these tips–perfect timing!! 🙂 Cara @recklessglue

  • IG is my favorite app, for sure!!

  • This is just so helpful – I'm bookmarking this whole post! Thanks again …. You are so clever BTW! Jules x

  • Thank you SO much for Tip 12! I wondered how to do that! Love your blog – cheers!

  • The airplane mode tip is awesome! I didn't know how to do #5 either! Thanks for such great tips:)

  • I was like 'Whats the LUX button? I don't have one!'. Then I realized I'm using a version of Instagram that's about 4 versions behind the current one. Hmm, time to update?

  • Love tip 12 thank you! Always wished there was a way I could edit for the blog without having to bore the people in my feed with 15 photos all at once

  • This is such a great list, thank you and please don't stop talking about instagram I love it!!!

  • You are the BEST – so many tips I needed – see you tomorrow on #MARCHPHOTOADAY xo

  • Thankyou Chantelle, i love instagram but i didnt know half of these tips, thankyou for sharingxx Ps im playing tommorrow!

  • Lovely post ! Love Instagram but even though it looks basic, sometimes not so user-friendly…so needless to say – too happy that you shared !!! And love the layout of your post. Fun. Thanks

  • Oh, I love tip 12! Thanks!

  • Great that you did this. I'm a seasoned user but even I learnt a couple of things – tips #10 and #12. I know many others who keep saying they've no idea how it works so this helps. If I may suggest, you could add deleting is also possible by swiping right to left over a comment. And between tips 6 and 7 a little blurb about how to write a caption for photo plus a few pointers on sharing maybe. For example, I only recently realised I could choose which FB page my images go to which is really helpful as a blogger who has both a personal profile and a fan page. I realise you have to stop somewhere with the cheat sheet though. Are you also planning some tips on 3P support for IG such as and

  • Ok, so I am a relatively new to iPhone and IG. Tip six~ I haven't figured out how to do this, HELP!!! I've only been able to use pics taken thru IG. Thanks!!!

  • Great tips! I love using Instagram!! Did you know about the site Webstagram? It's a cool way to view your photo stream on a computer, which can make it a little easier to browse &/or find your own photos for blogging about later.

  • Anonymous

    what version of instagram are you using? ive already updated my ig but still there's no lux! 🙁

  • Ali

    Thanks for the tips…have been playing around with Instagram a bit the past month for March photo a Day, but am going to share my April pics on Instagram as well as my blog, and this really helped, thanks 🙂

  • Wow, AWESOME tutorial, thank you!

  • Thanks for the very helpful pointers. My hubby just bought me a new iPhone, and I'm just getting started on what I know will be a big learning curve.

  • This is great! I've been using instagram for a while now and I learned a few things. Thanks so much.

  • This is a great cheat sheet Chantelle! I'm a massive Instagram fan, but I always process my photos in another editor first – it used to be Photoshop, but no I use Photoforge 2 which gives you more control over individual aspects.

    If you want to delve into even MORE stats, you can use to get optimum times of the day to post, see which filters are most popular, etc…

    Toby. xx

  • Great! Follow me on Instagram & Twitter! @ZachhRheaa.

  • This is great! I'm a new user on IG, with an Android, but unfortunately the app for Android does not have the raindrop feature 🙁

  • Yes, it does have the raindrop! I don't know how long it's been there, but after seeing this cheat sheet I actually looked for it, and it's there.

  • thanks for putting all the tips together. now i'll be able to give the link to this post to people who have questions about how instagram works.

    one tip that i would recommend be included in this collection (and i see it happen often) is about using the @username for comments and replies. so, if other people comment on your photo you will always get notification of that comment but if you reply to commenters you must include their @username or they won't be able to see your reply. it's different from facebook in that way but similar to twitter in how that works 🙂

  • one word for this post. brilliant.
    instagram = <3

  • Wish I could print it out so I can study it, new to Instagram here.

  • Thanks for the tips. I figured some out for myself, but still learning it.

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  • lydia

    hey follow me lydiaaaam 😀

  • I am a life coach. I would like to use Instagram to attract people who are interested in having more Time and Freedom in their lives. Who should I follow? What brands should I follow? What photos should I post? Is it a good idea to follow other life coaches with the same niche?

    • Narelle Cameron

      Galit target your ideal audience, rather than other life coaches. What people want time and freedom in their life? Go with those. I have a fb group – I would love to have you join us 🙂