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This is how I’m walking into 2018

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There are some years that just bite. Some years feel like a bit of a breeze {I think those are the ones when we were kids}, and then some that are a little more challenging. Last year was one of those years for me. I mean, most days were really great, but there were some big things that happened that really tested me. I had a health scare that really stressed me out, thankfully it was nothing and I’m all good. My mother-in-law was sadly diagnosed with incurable cancer. It’s been an adjustment for everyone, but she’s going better than we could have hoped and we have more time together than we were initially told.

These big events though, deliver one big message for me; Life is a gift. As I sat in the hospital waiting for my mother-in-law to come back from tests, I wavered between tears, comforting my husband, and really thinking about what is important in life.

In reflecting on last year, and working with the team at Bupa to help people cherish and care for themselves better, I’m drawn to remembering, quite clearly, the week my doctor flagged that he wanted to test for bone marrow cancer with me. I was a mess.

I feel like there were a few emotional stages that I went through; Fear, sadness, gratitude, and more fear. However, it was in that gratitude stage, that I realised what was important in life. It was my family, the simple things, and my health.

I’d been taking such good care of myself, but it was after that I really started to make myself a priority. When I was told that I didn’t have cancer, I felt so lucky and relieved. Life is a gift, I wanted to take care of it.

For the rest of last year, and as I walk into 2018 I’m living my life with this little motto; Life is a gift, take care of it. I have been, and plan on continuing to eat foods that make me feel good, moving more {I love walking, going to the gym and plan on trying more yoga}, switching offline and connecting into life more. I love going to the beach and putting my feet in the sand. I’ll be doing more of that. I love playing with my kids and connecting in with my family. I love yummy dinners around the dinner table where we laugh and chat a lot. We’ve been doing more of that. A big one for me is knowing how precious life is, and really only doing what is important. In 2018 I’m taking care of me, and my little family. Taking care of us.

How will you be walking into 2018? What’s important to you this year?