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This is my best achievement of 2017

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There’s a special space in my wardrobe for the things that don’t fit, but hopefully will one day. Every now and then I’ll pull something down, try it on and declare, “Fuck it, too fat” and hastily toss it back up to join the pile.

Over the past few years that pile got bigger and bigger. Sometimes I’d think about the things in that pile; a brightly coloured skirt that I wore once and it almost cut off my circulation from being too tight. There were also jeans and other items that I would wear, one day.

Last week I pulled down that pile of clothing, looking for that brightly coloured skirt to give it a run, an annual tradition I have, in hopes that it might be time for us to be friends. I popped it on, and it fell straight down.

It was too big.

At the start of this year I made a promise to myself that I would put myself first. I made a goal, a promise and a commitment to feeling healthier and stronger. It wasn’t the standard New Year’s Resolution to become a particular size or get skinny… it was simply to get healthy and be willing to try new things to make that healthy happen.

I’d like to tell that it was a smooth trip, and it happened quickly. It didn’t. I’d like to tell you it was easy. It wasn’t.

I joined a gym. I can’t tell you how nervous I was driving to the gym that day. Actually I can tell you, and I will. I was so nervous. Heart-jumping-out-of-my-chest-nervous. I wanted to turn around and drive away the moment I pulled up into the car park. I didn’t though. I joined the gym {paying a year in advance, because commitment} and I got myself a personal trainer {an Elvis-impersonator in his spare time}. I trained twice a week, and I pushed my body. I was so proud of how my body was moving and changing, and getting stronger.

Then I joined a netball team. I used to play netball in my early teens, but joining as an adult was one of the biggest challenges I faced this year. First of all, we had to wear lycra dresses. They didn’t even make them in my size, so I had to beg for them to make one bigger {which was an embarrassing exercise in itself}. It arrived, super small still, so I ordered another one that didn’t arrive until almost the end of season. I was the biggest person in the competition, playing on a team with the oldest ladies in the competition, against teenagers and rep-players. We lost every single game, and got smashed every single week. We smiled, laughed and did our best though. At home I cried, and complained that it wasn’t for me. I wanted to give up, but I didn’t.

This past year I took small steps to getting healthier. Not just physically, but mentally. I really worked on myself. I took a weekend in a local retreat and got to know myself better. I practiced self-care. I slowly started feeling better. Then in September, after returning from Thailand where I did some filming for a travel guide, I decided I wanted to feel better about the way I looked too, as well as the insides… so I went to a local wellness clinic and talked to them about diet and health, and got a personalised plan based on my body and my blood test results.

I worked hard this year, knowing that I would have one final blood test of the year on December 8th, to find out just how my body was really doing {in regards to iron deficiency and my platelets that we’d been watching intently for years}. I smashed the blood test. Like, seriously SMASHED it. I was in the office with my Hematologist and I was high-fiveing myself silly.

I’m still a work in progress. Weight-wise, I’m halfway to where I need to be, but I’ve unleashed a whole new side of me that wears COLOUR. My wardrobe has slowly shifted from all black {not that you’d know it from the photos above!} to pops of beautiful colour. I’m loving being able to buy things that I love instead of finding clothes shopping so challenging.

This is my biggest and best achievement this year. I’m proud that I feel good, my health is so much better, and that I’m a better mum, wife and friend to be around because I’m happier and healthier. I am excited about 2018, where I’m hoping I’ll be able to run the length of the beach, and take up stand-up paddle boarding.

What’s your best achievement of 2018? What are you proud of?