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This is my best achievement of 2017

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There’s a special space in my wardrobe for the things that don’t fit, but hopefully will one day. Every now and then I’ll pull something down, try it on and declare, “Fuck it, too fat” and hastily toss it back up to join the pile.

Over the past few years that pile got bigger and bigger. Sometimes I’d think about the things in that pile; a brightly coloured skirt that I wore once and it almost cut off my circulation from being too tight. There were also jeans and other items that I would wear, one day.

Last week I pulled down that pile of clothing, looking for that brightly coloured skirt to give it a run, an annual tradition I have, in hopes that it might be time for us to be friends. I popped it on, and it fell straight down.

It was too big.

At the start of this year I made a promise to myself that I would put myself first. I made a goal, a promise and a commitment to feeling healthier and stronger. It wasn’t the standard New Year’s Resolution to become a particular size or get skinny… it was simply to get healthy and be willing to try new things to make that healthy happen.

I’d like to tell that it was a smooth trip, and it happened quickly. It didn’t. I’d like to tell you it was easy. It wasn’t.

I joined a gym. I can’t tell you how nervous I was driving to the gym that day. Actually I can tell you, and I will. I was so nervous. Heart-jumping-out-of-my-chest-nervous. I wanted to turn around and drive away the moment I pulled up into the car park. I didn’t though. I joined the gym {paying a year in advance, because commitment} and I got myself a personal trainer {an Elvis-impersonator in his spare time}. I trained twice a week, and I pushed my body. I was so proud of how my body was moving and changing, and getting stronger.

Then I joined a netball team. I used to play netball in my early teens, but joining as an adult was one of the biggest challenges I faced this year. First of all, we had to wear lycra dresses. They didn’t even make them in my size, so I had to beg for them to make one bigger {which was an embarrassing exercise in itself}. It arrived, super small still, so I ordered another one that didn’t arrive until almost the end of season. I was the biggest person in the competition, playing on a team with the oldest ladies in the competition, against teenagers and rep-players. We lost every single game, and got smashed every single week. We smiled, laughed and did our best though. At home I cried, and complained that it wasn’t for me. I wanted to give up, but I didn’t.

This past year I took small steps to getting healthier. Not just physically, but mentally. I really worked on myself. I took a weekend in a local retreat and got to know myself better. I practiced self-care. I slowly started feeling better. Then in September, after returning from Thailand where I did some filming for a travel guide, I decided I wanted to feel better about the way I looked too, as well as the insides… so I went to a local wellness clinic and talked to them about diet and health, and got a personalised plan based on my body and my blood test results.

I worked hard this year, knowing that I would have one final blood test of the year on December 8th, to find out just how my body was really doing {in regards to iron deficiency and my platelets that we’d been watching intently for years}. I smashed the blood test. Like, seriously SMASHED it. I was in the office with my Hematologist and I was high-fiveing myself silly.

I’m still a work in progress. Weight-wise, I’m halfway to where I need to be, but I’ve unleashed a whole new side of me that wears COLOUR. My wardrobe has slowly shifted from all black {not that you’d know it from the photos above!} to pops of beautiful colour. I’m loving being able to buy things that I love instead of finding clothes shopping so challenging.

This is my biggest and best achievement this year. I’m proud that I feel good, my health is so much better, and that I’m a better mum, wife and friend to be around because I’m happier and healthier. I am excited about 2018, where I’m hoping I’ll be able to run the length of the beach, and take up stand-up paddle boarding.

What’s your best achievement of 2018? What are you proud of?

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  • michelle barrington

    Well done. This is such an achievement and you look fantastic. I have a similar goal for 2018. Great job being consistent this year and admitting how terrifying it was at the start

    • Thanks Michelle. Good luck to you in 2018. You’ve had a massive year this year. I hope this next one is gentle with you. xx

  • Charlotte Gray

    Well done 👏🏻 After my father in law (diabetic, unhealthy, overweight) died suddenly of a heart attack on Christmas Eve last year I swore I would do everything I could to never put my family through that pain again. Dropped over 50kgs over this year, became “a runner”, completed a 5k run and now I’m training for a half marathon. It’s an impowering place to be so strong physically and mentally. Loving it.

    • Dom

      Wow. That’s a huge achievement!

      • Charlotte Gray

        Thankyou! 😊❤️

    • Charlotte! I saw that you mentioned that somewhere and I was like, “I want to know more!” That’s amazing. I am sorry about your father in law, but proud that it spurred you on to make those changes. xxx

      • Charlotte Gray

        Like you mentioned in your post it wasn’t easy. No quick fix, but this time around (I’ve lost and gained weight more times then I can count) I followed a low carb diet and hit the gym. Low carb has been the best diet I’ve ever been on, because despite missing bread, I don’t feel like it’s a diet. I get to eat cheese, dark chocolate & wine, so I’m good with that 👍🏻😂

  • That is THE best achievement! I think once you start loving on your body, it really loves you back! And high five on those test results! You’re so inspiring – I can’t wait to see what you’re going to achieve in 2018. I ran my eighth half marathon in Disneyland this year (although I use the term “run” loosely.) Although I’m not proud of the weight I rediscovered in 2017, I’m pleased that I’ve continued to train and even if I’m fat, I know I’m fit!

    • I love how powerful your body is and the places it takes you – I want to run like you do. I’ll get there hopefully! x

  • Suki McMaster

    Wow!! Well done! I feel you! I am at the exact stage that One-Day-I-Will-Wear-Them piles are getting bigger and bigger to the point that I don’t even want to look at them anymore. I joined the gym in October and I am very determined to get at least one size down next year. It’s not about how I look. I just feel tired and so inflexible. It was the day that I can’t bend down to touch my feet that breaks my heart. I feel like I have failed myself. Looking at the bright side, I just had a look of our business financial record, our shop has grown 202% compare to last Christmas. It’s beyond words!!

    • Well that’s a FREAKING amazing achievement for your business. Congratulations. We’ve got so much on our plates, especially running businesses. It’s a real juggle! x

  • Lynda Delaney

    Well done Chantelle, such a role model and great mum too.
    I’ve also lost weight this year, slowly and only 10kg but just buying smaller sizes is such a buzz. I’m doing LCHF and loving it as it’s a challenge for me to lose weight with having Hashimotos.
    Love reading your blog and following your travels, so looking forward to 2018…Bring it on… Xx

    • I love that 10kg makes such a big difference to your health though. I hit 20kg and was amazed at how much happier my body is. xx

  • I hear you. Feeling STRONG has also been my biggest motivator this year. Go Channy x

  • Jenni from Styling Curvy

    Ridiculously proud of you! Welness, strength and loving the way you look and feel are all fabulous wins ✔✔✔

    • Thanks lovely. Just woke to your FB message, and I laughed – because it’s something I thought of as I wrote this blog post. Thanks for being such a great cheerleader! xx

  • Rebecca

    Way to go Chantelle! I did notice recently that your profile pics were now all full of light and colour and happiness. That’s so wonderful!
    I’ve made similar changes myself this year and I feel so proud of myself. My husband and I now walk 5000 steps nearly every morning before we do anything else for the day (kids stay home with my in-house in-laws), and we’ve changed so much about the way we eat. We are both feeling so much healthier and have dropped several sizes – I am fitting into clothes I wore in my 20s!!
    Next year I’m planning to get even stronger, both inside and out.

  • Lulu

    Thanks for sharing……You’re inspiring!! I’m in the same boat & desperately need to make changes to my health & wellbeing ASAP. Well done 🙌

  • What an amazing achievement! Health and happiness has been my focus for 2017 too. Thanks for the inspo to keep that going as we head into 2018 x

  • Kathy Stern

    You look happy and believe me that’s half the battle! Good job Chantelle!

  • Dom

    You look amazing, Chantelle! I’m glad your results came back looking better. Well done xx

  • Sue

    Great job Chantelle! What an inspiration!
    I wish I would be already that far as well but it’s never too late right! 🙂

    • Never. And I had to remind myself, that you don’t only feel better when you hit your goal… those good, happy, proud feelings kick in early in the journey. 😘

  • Donna

    What an inspiration you are. Good on you. I have ummm, 50-60 kg to lose. Going from a 45 kg woman at the age of 29, to having 3 kids who mind you the youngest is 21, yes I know, ridiculous, but its bloody hard. I am now a size 26 instead of an 8!! I realise that for the past 28 years, that is the age of our oldest, I have not really lived. 2018 is MY YEAR TO GET HEALTHY. I will never be as slim as I was and I don’t particularly want to be. I want to be healthy. To be able to get on a plane and not have to ask for a seat belt extension, which is heart breaking for me.I want to travel the world with my husband of 38 years We met when we were 14 and 15. Now that we are empty nesters I don’t want excuses.I am proud of you, and I dont even know you.I hope you continue on your path to ultimate health. I will keep you posted.

  • The part I love the most about this is the healthier and happier bit. Fantastic work Chantelle. xx

  • Jen

    Wow!! Amazing, and inspiring. You look fabulous but mostly I’m happy that you feel so good. You were beautiful before too, but now glowing. ❤️

  • Sophie

    I love this so much! Well done. It all seemed to start with a decision not to put yourself last. That’s a decision I have made for myself coming into this new year too. Enjoy wearing your pops of colour!

  • Amazing! And I love how you speak about yourself in this post- no numbers, just a focus on how you feel. You should be proud x

  • Lauren Russo – Love_Live_Loz

    Congratulations Chantelle – this is so bloody wonderful! I can relate with so, so much of it. This next year I am committed to working towards a happier me. I have just recently begun seeing a councillor and am getting plenty of incidental exercise by babywearing my youngest while taking my bigs on some awesome adventures. I’d love to incorporate some actual ‘me time’ where i can get out to exercise alone a few times a week. Yesterday we went to the beach and I wore a bikini with a tank over the top…Id love to be confident enough to ditch the tank by next Christmas. Always a work in progress, but I just want to feel comfortable being me. Thanks so much for this post – it is really really lovely to see you grabbing your happiness and running with it xx

  • deb xo

    You look amazing. I’m so happy for you. I’ve also decided my NY18 resolution is look after myself. I’m not connecting it to weight or anything just to improve my health and wellbeing and to be happier mentally. You are an inspiration.

  • Reannon

    This is SO good!!! Mental & physical health are so important & when you’ve got them both going on at the same time you are unstoppable! Go you!

  • Debbie Huxstep

    Well done Chantelle, you look amazing. I seriously need to follow in your footsteps so to speak, learn to look after me, learn to eat better (I have the sweetest tooth in the whole world!!) find time to exercise this year. You are my inspiration to do this 😍😍

  • Wow Chantelle, you are looking amazing! Congratulations on making such positive changes. So glad it is working for you and your bloods are reaping the benefits. As always you are an inspiration to us all, great to see such health & vitality shining out of your face. Xx

  • Sharnee

    i love how you can really see the results when you put the before and after pictures side by side. the change is brilliant and you are smiling…

  • Meryem Celik

    You are looking amazing! Good on you for not giving up.
    This year was about a stronger me as well. Finally for the first time I did something for myself. In July mum had a heart attack while we were shopping it was a Friday and that Monday my journey to a better me began. I have a personal trainer and train 3-4 nights a week. I have lost 18 kgs and now am trying to build muscle to also look lean and a tad muscly. My focus for 2018 is to give up sugar completely and build a stronger body.

    All the best for 2018 to everyone!

  • Marnie Louanne

    My greatest achievement? Learning to live by myself and being alone, since I left my husband two years ago and moved into my new house 12 months ago…and I’ve never felt more alive! Yes, I cry, curled up in the corner of my couch now and then, but it doesn’t feel bad. I’ve laughed, I’ve loved and I’ve hurt…but now I’m ok and I’m ready to this coming year finish projects (all those half knitted/made things) and look after myself (I’ve done it before and I can do it again!).

    You’ve inspired me to book an appointment with my doctor tomorrow morning to get a fair dinkum analysis of where I’m at, including bloods, and go from there. I’m looking forward to having more energy and one of my friends suggested trying something new every week – that’s at least 52 things for the year!!! How exciting!! Craft, sports, cooking, playing guitar – who knows! I told her we’re going on a bike ride next weekend!!

    Thank you and all the best for your journey into the coming year xx

  • Marsha Bradley

    Wow! Well done Chantelle. That is such an achievement. You are so beautiful in any case but I’m glad you are wearing more colour now and feel better about your self. xx

  • Go you. What a fabulous achievement. I’m so happy for you. But just so you know, you are a beautiful person no matter what your size, your a true inspiration xx

  • Teneal Koppenol

    Amazing work! Yes I can see the wonderful change in your pictures, but reading that you are happier and feel all round better is wonderful. I need to do this too, 2018 I hope to channel some of your self care 🙂

  • Jo Alexander-Wynne

    Look at you!!!!! You are smashing it! I’m taking on the same challenge in 2018. To be happier and healthier – inside and out <3

  • Netal Singh

    Wow, Wow, Wow!!! Incredible work, gurlllll!! High-five comin’ right at ya!!! I am so proud of you and you ought to be very proud of yourself, too!! You look a picture of health and happiness. Kudos to you!! Big luv xx

  • Lianne Dawson

    you are an inspiration I am going to move more in 2018

  • Pip Tips

    This post is very inspirational for me. I’ve found that dieting alone doesn’t shift the weight but adding exercise works wonders . Great read

  • Ahhh this is such a huge achievement and so very inspiring! I’m heading on a similar life course myself in 2018, so will be checking in with you on any updates.

    Keep going, gal! Smash it again in 2018!

  • Love this post! I’m so glad you did this for you and it’s inspired me to do the same for 2018. It’s not about the size but feeling better in myself where I don’t feel exhausted by 2pm during the day. I know diet has a big part of it. And I will be heading to the doctor to get my blood looked at too. Thank you for sharing and I do hope 2018 is a brilliant year for you!!

  • Lauren Roney

    Weight is a number and so I’d dress size but seriously look at that smile, look at the way you hold yourself and your beautiful head so high!!! You are radiating health and gorgeousness .. I joined a gym a month or so ago and I’m thinking of looking into some health and wellness to work alongside the excercise now xx bring on 2018 we will smash it

  • This is fantastic. Go you, so proud! x

  • Lill

    Wow, so inspired right now. You are awesome, what an achievement. Thanks for sharing, you have given me the talk and inspiration I needed. I too am where you were at, at the beginning of 2017. This year 2018 is going to be for me (selfish aren’t I), but after the year we had I feel it is time to concentrate on some positive me time. Yep, I too will be the one procrastinating to go to the gym, telling my self all sorts of stories, sitting in the car when I get there letting my insecurities and anxieties take over, but no not this year – it will not win. Time to plan and take each challenge as it comes in my stride and with power and willingness. I applaud your courage and thank you for sharing, I look forward to your blogs and inspiration.

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