How to make a $20 bedside table

I’ve always been a hands-on handy type person. This week I fixed a whipper-snipper that we couldn’t get working, put together two bedside tables and I painted this little one for Lacey’s room. I’m in heaven. There’s not much handy-type stuff you can do in a teeny apartment, except stuff things in cupboards like you’re playing a mean game of tetris {space was seriously lacking!}. Here {in our new house}, there’s much to be done … and I like it.

Lacey and I made our way to Ikea last weekend for a spot of shopping. I always go in with a list, because I easily get distracted by all the shiny things. I counted them off in my head: spice racks, hat racks, bedside tables and pots. This little bedside table wasn’t on the list, but it came home with us anyway. It cost just $14.99 and was a bargain. I took it home, put it together and painted it. Don’t you think it looks pretty? Together with the $5 sample pot of paint I used on it, it’s a bedside table for under $20.

To make the same you’ll need:

1 x RAST bedside table from IKEA – $14.99
1 x pot of sample paint {they usually range from $5 to $12}

Just assemble the bedside table, give it two coats of paint and wait to dry. Simple.

Are you a little bit handy? Or totally hands-off?

29 thoughts on “How to make a $20 bedside table”

  1. Love it and loving the colour. Any chance you could tell me the name of the colour you choose?

  2. It looks great! I love how easily (and cheapily) you added colour to Lacey’s room. Will definitely be pinning this for when I get around to doing my son’s ‘big boy room’.

  3. Very pretty! Lacey’s room looks lovely.

    My partner is a tradie, so we tend to do stuff ourselves. I am clearly not as handy as him, but I can definitely manage flat pack furniture, lots of painting and will have a go with other things.

    Looking forward to seeing more pics of your projects at home.

  4. We just luuurrrvveee Ikea, many Ikea products have made their way into our home 🙂
    I like to try and be handy, which can occasionally result in holes in the wall… oops!

  5. Love it! I totally agree about sprucing up something from Ikea. I have a few pieces to do, just finding the time! I did up a dresser from fantastic furniture and it looks great, you would never know it didn’t cost the price of a French piece! Love the new blog look too 🙂

  6. We have that red book but it’s called “Noisy Noisy Parp” – clearly more conservative here in the UK!

  7. Cool! Love the colour. I have learnt to become handy in the last few years living on my own. I put together most of my furniture with the help of a girlfriend in some instances. All bought from Fantastic furniture that had to be pieced together. Also put together my bookcase all by myself. So yes, I’m getting there. In a few years’ time when I can afford it, I hope to be able to repaint my unit by myself.

  8. That is ADORABLE! Yes, I do believe I’m a little handy. Just this week I’ve assembled 2 shelving units and a desk! And painted a few items for decor. 🙂

  9. That’s awesome! I love it.
    living in a hotel for 6 months has me itching and gagging to get back into a house where I can do stuff like this.
    Love Lacey’s bed too!!

  10. go you! looks great. i think we all know i’m a little bit of a DIY fan! And love some aqua in a girl’s room. am hanging for layla to grow out of her pink phase…. i might be waiting a while! x

  11. we have those!! supposed to just be interim bedsides but still no real ones yet :/ thinking about putting a drawer in there somewhere 🙂

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