65 thoughts on “How to make your Facebook cover photo all fancy-like”

  1. Thanks for sharing i tried the Pic Monkey but then wanted to use as my cover for facebook and couldn’t get it to go there?? computer dummy…lol any input would be awesome

    • Just hover over the bottom right hand corner of your current cover photo on your Facebook page, and it will come up with ‘Change Cover’. Just upload the new photo from your computer. x

  2. Which program did you use to create the cover photo at the top of the page with all the little photos?

    • Yes, exactly, how did you make the cover photo at the top of this page here, I love all the photo squares too?!! Is that something you did in Photoshop? Love it!

      • Yes, I wrote about it in this post. I just cropped an Instagram poster that I’d made (in Printsgram) and then added the banner. So in photoshop. 🙂

        • Thanks Chantelle – I just wasn’t sure how you made the poster in the first place, now I see it. I’ve never heard of Pintsgram, you’re introducing me to a whole new world, it’s so exciting, and confusing!! I just found the site online, now to figure out how to actually make one, what size A1, A3, A4, oh the possibilities are endless – thank you for all the cool ideas, who knew all of this was out there, I love it?! <3<3<3

  3. Very cool, thanks for sharing, I have wondered how you do those pretty things. Do they work on Mac too? Or are there more super spunky apps? Ta lovely x

  4. time for an update me thinks…..i just have to say i just love that you give valuable info to us that can help us better our own pages you are such a delight…………thanks loads chantelle lisa xx

  5. I just updated my cover photo last night with a photo from our beach trip that I edited in picmonkey.
    Love yours!

  6. Thank you for inspiring me to make better use of all the photos I take. Love your blog and loving photo a day am going to attempt to do the whole month this time.

  7. I’ve just used Picasa to create a collage for my Facebook. There are quite a few settings and you can make it the size you need (850×315) by choosing the custom option. I’m trying some of the others too.

  8. Thanks Chantelle for this great post! I had a little play around today, with picmonkey, and made a new cover pic for my FB page. It’s not quite as fancy pants as i would like (I don’t have photoshop) but hopefully it’s not too bad for a first effort! xx

  9. wow!!! instagram collage fb pic is awesome idea…!!!
    i’ve changed (created) my fb cover ever but i’ll try it.
    thanks sharing great idea!!!

  10. Tried Printstagram after your last post about collages and they’re no longer free but charge to make up the posters, not just printing… or at least, I couldn’t figure out how to get me a free collage of my instagram pics. User error is always a big possibility with me :/

  11. Thanks for the info, I make my coverflow page with Instagram, they create great photos with what you have in your library.

  12. I have one for my Style profile, which is the header I use at my blog, and one for my business page which I just used the same pic as on my home page of my website and added my name next to it. I did it all in a clip art software I bought years ago. And it comes in very handy.

  13. Ohh Chantelle..I just love how you share these creative finds. Look forward to having a play…the iPhone Facebook cover app is ok…but not as great as these that you have shared. Ps…new blog page looks awesome!

  14. Oh, I love PicMonkey.

    Statigram.com has a really easy tool for making a FB cover photo… that’s what I used for my personal FB page.

  15. Could you do a tutorial on how to do the pic like the one above? The one with all the squares.

  16. Great post Chantelle 🙂
    I used PicMonkey (as I don’t have photoshop) and I now have a nice and inviting cover pic on my fb business page and my profile pic is no longer blurry! The fb pic dimensions were also a great help 🙂

  17. This is great. We just up dated our MooBear cover which we had to tweak and then realign the text so the profile pic didn’t cover it… Frustrating. I wanted to do something new and fun for my Over It! Page as she needs up dating so I’ll be calling past some of your links for sure. My profile pic is of my family running around our front yard taken by the local paper hehe… Thanks for the inspiration girl!!

    Xo Steph

  18. Thanks for the tip about Pic Monkey. Having so much fun playing around with collages of my instagram images. I can see my day will disappear fast playing with this site. Love how easy they make it!!

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