43 thoughts on “Fist pump moments: what’s yours?”

  1. Hmm, one that comes to mind is when I published the first issue of *bespoke* zine – the day the print proof arrived and I got to hold it in my hands for the fist time, that was pretty frikkin exciting!

    Another recent one was when I got invited to write an article for one of my very fave magazines – yeah!! Fist pump happened then, for sure! 😀

  2. Oh I love the synchronicity of the shampoo & conditioner finishing at the same time as well!

    Also give a quiet fist pump at sleeping children (esp past 5.45am), jagging a good car park and finding the pair of shoes you have been eyeing off are heavily discounted and in your size!

  3. Pump fist when my e-mail box is sitting at 0. Having a meal pass the ok mark and even garner a great from my16 year old who eats everything but is seldom excited by anything I cook, and I gave a small pump fist when I was able to tell a friend what it means to “run around like a chook with it’s head cut off.” I’m learning Aussie from a Facebook friend. 😀 and your blog is adding to my vocabulary. I now know what the words whipper-snipper and removalist mean along with chook, of-course!

    • Katybeth, I’m in the same boat as you in terms of enjoying the chance to learn aussie terms from FB friends. Now I understand what chook is. But I haven’t yet heard of whipper snipper & removalist.

  4. wow that is one fantastic list of what you have got done! Love that you are getting into jeans once more 🙂

    Gee I cant think of anything lately where I have done a Fist Pump! Thats it – will have to try and find one in the next week!

    Would love to wear one of my jeans in my cupboard – havent worn them in ages! Would love to say we are back on the road – hope that happens soon!

    Would love to say that our flights are booked to Thailand – now that would be a HUGE fist pump! Yeah I need to find some excitment in imy life at the moment.

    Sounds like your move was the best thing ever to do!

  5. I love this post – I had a fist-pump, Rocky-mstyle music infused post just last week. My fave moment was realising there were seven cinammon donuts in my six-pack. Thanks, supermarket bakery!

    • This made me smile. I once got 7 nuggets at Maccas. I was 15 and it was like I won lotto!

  6. Great post!!! My recent fist-pump moment is that my vegetables (including tomatoes), AND flowers are all growing and thriving!! i’ve been married 9 years, and this is the FIRST time that’s happened 🙂

    • Good on you! I can’t grow a thing, and now I have a big garden that I’m in charge of. Help me!

      I hope that tomato tastes a billion times better cos you grew it {with love!}. x

  7. My last fist-pump, is when I realized, that we are actually gonna go on vacation next month. My next HUGE fist-pump will be when i graduatr frome med-school next year. Actually i think that will be a complete body-pump!

    • A full body pump – totally required for graduation! Make sure you do it on stage, and on video! x

  8. Fitting into a pair of jeans full stop would be fist pump worthy I reckon – if the waist’s right, the bum’s not, if the bum’s right, the legs aren’t, if the length’s ok, the waist’s not…this is why I don’t wear trousers! And totally agree about the shampoo and conditioner!

    • Jeans are just one of those things. I have so many pairs in my wardrobe, and only a few that I like enough to wear. x

  9. My last “fist-pump” moment, was finding out I had a stall at a fantastic craft weekend in Melbourne, UK. Made the mistake of opening the acceptance letter, whooping and fist pumping as I headed down the stairs…nearly fell over!

  10. In my house we have 2 out of 5 kids on the Autistic Spectrum, so we fist pump over things like using our words to express our feelings and getting through the day with dry undies and without a meltdown. I like your list. If I ever finish the shampoo and the conditioner at the same time I will fist pump and think of you!

    • Please do! It’s a VERY rare thing, unless you shampoo twice like the hairdressers recommend.

      I hope you have more fist pumping with the kids. x

      • I’ve missed something. How do shampoo & conditioner finish at the same time? I only know about 2 rounds of shampoo, then conditioner.

  11. 5 times a week I walk over 5k, a big deal for someone who’s morbidly obese. At about 4.5k there is a hill that feels like a mountain. Every time I get over that damn hill is a fist pump moment for me! Every. Single. Time. I seem to be having a lot of them lately. Life’s good!

  12. I want to have a fist pump over the shampoo & conditioner – I know it’s a small thing, but I’ve even tried pump packs for even dispensing!! Oh how I wish.

  13. My latest was 2 nights ago. Everything was so hectic that by the time we got around to dinner it was late and we were too tired to cook so we opted for McDonalds. I placed our order at the drive through and when I went to pay the register froze. They couldn’t fix it, so free meal for us!

  14. I got my first blog comment from a stranger *insert fist pump* YES! Someone likes what I wrote and they don’t HAVE too, woo hoo! lol

    • This is a great time for a fist pump! Hehe I want to read your blog and comment so you can do it again. I LOVE IT!

  15. The last fist pump I did was last week. My son was in for a sleep study at the kids hospital. He had been awake and I had resettled him a milliion times. I finally laid him down, tucked him in – he was still asleep. I put up the sides of the hospital cot slowly. Still asleep. Did a discreet fist pump. Then thinking how peaceful my baby looked leaned on the cot railing to blow him a kiss and the entire railing slammed down, causing my baby to wake up screaming and the sleep scientists watching through the camera to kill themselves laughing on the other side of the wall. Damn it, I fist pumped too early.

  16. I love this post- I feel like I’m lacking in marked fist pump moments lately…It’s summer here, my favorite time and I need to get my chin up, my head in the game and create some fist pump moments. Thanks for a bit of sunshine (in the form of a reminder) to seek these moments, however small, out in my life.

  17. Love it! All total fist pump moments. And I am so with you on the taxes. I would also add seeing something I have designed, beautifully merchandised in a store.

  18. I went shopping for groceries (Meat, Veg & Pantry staples) then came home and cut up the meat, labeled it and put it in the freezer in dinner sized portions. I also made 5 ‘freezer meals’ which just involved putting meat, veg and sauce/spices into the bag together then freezing. Now when I go back to work after holidays I have several meals ready to be lifted out on the morning I work, defrosted then put in a pot/wok and cooked! Fist Pump for being efficent!!!

  19. My son finally did a number 2 on the toilet and has been telling when he needs to go!!! It feels like it has been a long time coming so it was a big fist pump!

    Also, if I manage to get both kiddies down for their naps at the same time = Fist Pump!!!!

  20. Some of my colleagues and I did a charity run yesterday. I’m a serious couch potato and having trained multiple times a week for this has been a fist pump moment at the end of each run. Completing the run yesterday and collectively raising over £700 has been a massive fist pump event 🙂

  21. All 3 children sleeping through the night with nary a whimper or strangled cry for Mummmyyyyyy… FIST PUMP.
    Unrelated.. but that tile looks so familiar, it’s driving me a little crazy. Bruns Pub?

  22. My fist pump moment was last week, when I finally dropped 1kg!!! I have been trying for weeks to have any change…and then BAMM, one morning, it finally happened. Massive fist pump ensued and I was pretty “up myself” for the rest of the day. A lingering fist pump moment.

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