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Fashion faves: The six best plus-size jeans

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Fashion faves: The six best plus-size jeans

Yesterday I went into the shops and tried on clothes. I wheeled Lulu, who was sitting in the pram, into the change room and realised that I don’t think I’ve ever done that with her before. Shopping online has taken over my life. Plus I haven’t bought clothes in a while, full stop.

But I need jeans. I mean, we’re still in the midst of summer-type weather up here on the Gold Coast, but one day I will wear jeans again and I will REJOICE because I’m over this stinking, humid weather.

Today I’m bringing you a whole heap of plus size jeans for you to choose from for Autumn/Winter this year.


Fashion faves: The six best plus-size jeans

These are the jeans I tried on, and I really liked them. A lot. They were really comfortable. I had them just metres from the checkout and I bailed, because I thought I should wait and see. I only want to buy one pair of jeans, and I want to make the right decision {I’m budgeting, and I’m living with less}. I loved these because they were a beautiful colour {much better in person} and I know I’ve lost weight, but I had to go down two sizes. They’re pretty much jeans that gave me a compliment. I like it. SHOP THEM HERE.


Fashion faves: The six best plus-size jeans

This has always been my go-to place for denim. I love that they’re soft and have loads of styles to choose from. Plus I can buy online and I know what size I am. I’m loving the black ones. SHOP THEM HERE.


Fashion faves: The six best plus-size jeans

I like my jeans to feel like exercise pants, and not like I’m wearing something uncomfortable at all… and these look like they fit the bill. SHOP THEM HERE.


Fashion faves: The six best plus-size jeans

I’ve never been brave enough to try these. Am I too old? Elastic waist? I’m just not sure, but people who have them generally seem to rave about them {Suger Coat It, I’m looking at you!}. SHOP THEM HERE.


Fashion faves: The six best plus-size jeans

These Embody denim jeans are on the pricier side, but I’ve bought from the brand before {they used to sell their seconds on eBay for much cheaper} and they last. They’re beautiful. I love their body shape guide so you can choose jeans that best suit your style. SHOP THEM HERE.



 Fashion faves: The six best plus-size jeans

I bought these jeans last year after I saw Jenni wearing them, and I just loved them. They’re beautiful. I wish I’d gone down a size, because they’re roomy at the waist for me. They feel like quality though, which I like. SHOP THEM HERE.

There you have it! Six of my favourites, and I still can’t decide. I don’t think I can go past the Target ones. They were really comfortable.

What about you? Which do you like? Where are your favourite jeans from?