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Fashion faves: The six best plus-size jeans

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Fashion faves: The six best plus-size jeans

Yesterday I went into the shops and tried on clothes. I wheeled Lulu, who was sitting in the pram, into the change room and realised that I don’t think I’ve ever done that with her before. Shopping online has taken over my life. Plus I haven’t bought clothes in a while, full stop.

But I need jeans. I mean, we’re still in the midst of summer-type weather up here on the Gold Coast, but one day I will wear jeans again and I will REJOICE because I’m over this stinking, humid weather.

Today I’m bringing you a whole heap of plus size jeans for you to choose from for Autumn/Winter this year.


Fashion faves: The six best plus-size jeans

These are the jeans I tried on, and I really liked them. A lot. They were really comfortable. I had them just metres from the checkout and I bailed, because I thought I should wait and see. I only want to buy one pair of jeans, and I want to make the right decision {I’m budgeting, and I’m living with less}. I loved these because they were a beautiful colour {much better in person} and I know I’ve lost weight, but I had to go down two sizes. They’re pretty much jeans that gave me a compliment. I like it. SHOP THEM HERE.


Fashion faves: The six best plus-size jeans

This has always been my go-to place for denim. I love that they’re soft and have loads of styles to choose from. Plus I can buy online and I know what size I am. I’m loving the black ones. SHOP THEM HERE.


Fashion faves: The six best plus-size jeans

I like my jeans to feel like exercise pants, and not like I’m wearing something uncomfortable at all… and these look like they fit the bill. SHOP THEM HERE.


Fashion faves: The six best plus-size jeans

I’ve never been brave enough to try these. Am I too old? Elastic waist? I’m just not sure, but people who have them generally seem to rave about them {Suger Coat It, I’m looking at you!}. SHOP THEM HERE.


Fashion faves: The six best plus-size jeans

These Embody denim jeans are on the pricier side, but I’ve bought from the brand before {they used to sell their seconds on eBay for much cheaper} and they last. They’re beautiful. I love their body shape guide so you can choose jeans that best suit your style. SHOP THEM HERE.



 Fashion faves: The six best plus-size jeans

I bought these jeans last year after I saw Jenni wearing them, and I just loved them. They’re beautiful. I wish I’d gone down a size, because they’re roomy at the waist for me. They feel like quality though, which I like. SHOP THEM HERE.

There you have it! Six of my favourites, and I still can’t decide. I don’t think I can go past the Target ones. They were really comfortable.

What about you? Which do you like? Where are your favourite jeans from?

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  • Di

    Sara jeans at David Jones….the best! Also jeans west are my go to jeans

  • Lara Fowler

    So don’t like buying jeans on the plus-ish side! Big calves don’t help either!! I’ll check some of these brands out, great to have personal recommendation! It might just be me, conservative, mid (ahem) 40s … but the rips don’t do it for me!! ?

  • michelle barrington

    Seriously the jeans that they sell in Katies are a total game changer. I think Mrs Woogs was the person to write about them quite a while ago. I balked at Katies – felt like my mum shopped there but OMG so comfortable and with no zip or buttons they are super flattering.

  • Levis also do some killer denim in their plus size range! You can get them from Myer as well and sometimes they go on sale for 40% off which helps with the budgeting

  • Harlow jeans are the bomb as are NYDJ. Always buy super firm as within an hour they’ll be saggy and baggy. Channy, if you’re still thinking about those Target ones, you know you have to!

  • Haha. Heeeey, that’s me! And YES. I can send you one of the like eight pairs that I own if you want to try them out first. Otherwise, let’s hang out in Myer sometime and try. 😉

  • Kylie

    My Favourite jeans (which I ended up buying two of and literally live in them) are Just Jeans Amaze denim range. These ones looked like jodphers (sounds strange!) but I had so many compliments wearing them, not to mention how comfy they are. They are seriously like a glove and perfect for those who are 12-14-16. Unfortunately they only go to size 14 however they are very stretchy. Worth a try though. On the whole I absolutely loathe jeans shopping and when I find a pair, I buy 2-3 pairs. Love your selection Chantelle xx Thank you x

  • Lauren Russo – Love_Live_Loz

    Ugghh I hate jeans shopping. I remember being a teenager with an oddly shaped body and being dragged shop to shop with my mum and feeling absolutely awful in every pair, and it obviously scarred me! Now I have no more than one pair of jeans but they are SO comfortable and fit me SO well…and were $10 at BigW! I’ve always wanted a ‘nice’ pair of jeans but am still to daunted by the jeans shopping process!

  • Kate

    If you’re about a size 16 or 18, Jeans West curve embracers are great, and I recently found a really nice pair at Big W in the Lee Cooper range.