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The Oh So Happy Mail Project / Round 2

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Oh yes! It’s time. Time for another round of Happy Mail match-ups. I had so many people miss out last time, so huge apologies for this. I cut off the intakes at 500 because it takes a crazy amount of time to match people, and deal with the emails… so I’m sure you can appreciate that. This is for adults, not kids.

I’ve also created a Facebook group, which everyone is welcome to join. It’s a great way to make new friends and hear about the match-up callouts first. Join it here.

Now onto Round 2!

If you want to be part of the Oh So Happy Mail Project, simply sign up below.

Here’s how it will work:

+ You’ll sign up with your details letting me know you want to be involved

+ I’ll partner you with someone from around the world

+ You’ll write them a letter and get a letter in return

+ You’ll feel happy!


Lastly, I just opened up a little Happy Mail shop. Pop over and have a look.

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  • Megs H

    Woohoo….signed up for round 2 🙂

  • Fenny

    Yaaayyyy, I’m not late this time ?

  • Our Rabbit Hole 11

    wooh I mad it this time 🙂

  • Barb Mallett

    I made it too!!

  • kristywithersmitchell

    Signed up! Woo! Could definitely use some happy mail at the moment. ?

  • sandra

    I signed up! 😀 So happy, because the first round I read about it before work and when I returned it was already closed. Well, I should have decided more spontanously. 😀

  • Kristy B

    If the bit to sign up is still there does that mean it’s still open?

  • Nayeli Guerrero

    I love the idea of it! I just signed up, but how does it work?

  • joy2214

    So very excited to make it in time! This is going to be great….can’t wait to make some new friends 🙂

  • littleangel

    Missed out again!!!!!

  • Deanna Ramhoff

    Wow I missed it again and the post only hit my email 3 hours ago

  • Bridget

    Missed it AGAIN!

  • Jennifer

    Darn it. I keep missing it. I never get my emails opened fast enough…LOL

  • Full already?! Oh gosh, that’s super fast!

  • Full again 🙁 Waiting for the next time yet again… Boohoo! :'(

  • Too sllloowwwww – maybe next time! You are so wonderful for doing this!

  • joy2214

    Have you already assigned us our person? I keep checking my email but haven’t seen anything. Thought I should check in case I missed your email. Thank you!

  • Sarah Swan

    I’ve joined but haven’t had my partner emailed to me 🙁 should I be worried?

  • Dee VK

    Yayy I’m super excited like a kid again ??

  • I just leave a comment here to sign-up?